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Wildflowers & Fields Inspiration

Happy Friday friends! Are we all looking forward to the weekend? What are your plans? I am so, so excited because my little brother graduates from college tomorrow! As of tomorrow, he is officially out of school and officially an adult. Yikes! I couldn't be happier for him though and cannot wait to share more about his big day next week. I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures.

This morning I was needing a little inspiration so I started perusing through these pictures I took awhile ago. They are from the photoshoot I did with my brother and his girlfriend. The shoot was for a feature that will appear in a magazine (yep, a real print mag...eek!) so I cannot reveal too many pictures quite yet. But I did share a few sneak peeks here and today I'm going to divulge a bit more. We took the pictures in this lovely field near our home with an abundance of wildflowers. It was such a serene and untamed location. It felt like it was out of another era. I have been meaning to go back actually and just reflect. It feels like a good place to be alone with your thoughts.

So here are a few of the shots. I'll let the picture speak for themselves. Hopefully they can give you a little bit of inspiration on this Friday. And just maybe you'll be encouraged to take a walk yourself and enjoy your own local landscapes.

In the last one I'm styling my brother and getting him all ready for the photos. No I'm not chocking him.

What is a serene place that you like to escape to?

Happy weekend! 


Font Love, Vol. XXIX: Bodoni at Home

Hello friends and happy Friday! How was your week? Are you looking forward to the weekend? It looks like it is going to be stormy here in Southern California which means a lot of time indoors. This actually works out best for me since I have taxes to finish up and plenty of projects to keep me occupied. Sometimes it's nice how the weather works to your advantage, keeping you inside, keeping you busy. 

Today I want to celebrate Font Friday and share a freebie font with you, Bodoni at Home. I have always been a big fan of Bodoni Roman, its bold and classic look. Bodoni at Home pays homage to Bodoni but being a handwritten type, it feels less rigid and formal. I am always attracted to handwritten fonts so it is no surprise that this one caught my eye too. Designed by Giuseppe Salerno of Resistenza, Bodoni at Home was drawn with a stylographic, calligraphy pen which gives the edges that rough look. And I love the all-caps.

poem: The Far Field by Theodore Roethke

The pictures are from the photoshoot I did with my brother and his girlfriend last weekend. We shot in this beautiful, serene field near my home. I have shared a few teaser images on Instagram but unfortunately I cannot share the main shots quite yet. Everything turned out great though so I look forward to posting about it here when I can.

It's amazing what beauty can lie right outside our door. I didn't even know this field existed until the day before the shoot. It is quite magical don't you think? Especially with all those yellow wildflowers.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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My Week Through Instagram: Week Fourteen

Happy Monday friends, now that it's almost Tuesday. This post shows you how behind you get after a holiday weekend. Did you all have a great Easter? I planned a photoshoot with my brother and his girlfriend on Saturday and then we had our big meal afterwards. On Sunday we went hiking in the local mountains and it was an absolutely beautiful day. I couldn't have asked for a better holiday. Oh yes, and then we made yummy cookies. What special things did you do?

This week I have lots of catching up to do and already I know April is going to be packed with lots of deadlines. But now a moment of reflection and a peek into my week fourteen of 2012...

Sunday: I got this succulent plant a little more than a year ago and I have enjoyed seeing its growth. It looks so wild and untamed now. The jar cannot contain it.

Monday: At the beginning of the week I was busy styling a project in my studio which I'll share more about in the coming days. This is just a little scene I imagined for it.

Tuesday: Normally I walk in the evening but on Tuesday I walked in the morning and soaked up the sun's warm rays. The street was empty and I felt such solitude (other than Scout by my side). 

Wednesday: Our newest plant edition to the living room. It fits in nicely and it even came with the basket.

Thursday: On Thursday I drove around locally to scout some locations for our photoshoot on Saturday. These open hills totally inspired me. We didn't end up shooting here which is probably best since this was private property. The brush was actually grey in color but the Instagram filter made it look purple. Sadly no, those are not hills of lavender.

Friday: I stumbled upon these cute yellow chicks in storage. I don't normally like typical and kitschy holiday decor but these guys are pretty sweet. I think I bought them for $1 last year after Easter.

Saturday: Saturday I was busy getting the photoshoot together. My Mom spotted this amazing chair in a local antique store and bought it for only $35! We used it as a prop and the color matched the color scheme of the shoot perfectly. I cannot wait to share pictures...and video!

So that was my week fourteen. What did yours look like?

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Backyard Blooms

Southern California weather is so crazy. Yesterday rain threatened the southland and dark, gloomy clouds hung over our heads all day. Apparently it did rain closer to the coast, in San Diego and Los Angeles, but it stayed dry where I am, east of LA. And this morning I wake up and what do I see? Clear, sunny, blue skies again. You would never imagine yesterday's gloominess after today. Those of you who are getting tired of winter probably think I'm crazy. And you're right. I shouldn't complain about sunny skies.

Yesterday in my styling vignettes feature I included some fruit tree blooms from my backyard. Today I wanted to share a few pictures I captured of our blooming tree. 

For now it seems winter has passed us by and because of this fruit trees are blooming like crazy. They are so beautiful and cheerful. As I walk around my neighborhood I spot so many spring hues. You can't help but feel inspired. 

Bees were buzzing around the flowers. I was so surprised to actually catch this little guy in action. 

If you are still surrounded by winter gloom, hang in there. Spring will come. And it will be all the more wonderful when it does. 

Have a beautiful Wednesday!


Styling Vignettes: Feathers & Blooms

Hi friends! I wanted to start a new feature here on the blog that was all about styling and photography and pretty things. I am constantly inspired by the work of interior, food, and product stylists and find myself dissecting their images to figure out how they work their magic (I catalog my favorites on Pinterest here and here). How did they arrange items in relationship to each other? Where was their light source? What textures and colors did they use? Even the little details can have a big impact and can be the difference between you loving the image and you being turned off by it.

What I see inspires me to action so I would like this feature to be an opportunity to practice my own styling and photography skills and just be a fun outlet. I will be featuring little vignettes or moments that tell a story or convey an idea or theme. I want to focus on simple and natural beauty. Today the theme is feathers and blooms and I arranged a small collection of items, mostly natural elements from my own backyard.

The whimsical 'I Love You' print is from the talented Carolyn Suzuki. I stopped by her booth at Renegade in December and just couldn't pass up this feather illustration. The colors in the print compliment my blooming branch quite perfectly. I love how that worked out.

Do you swoon over styling just like me?