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New Discovery: Dear Photograph

Hi blog friends! How are you all doing on this Tuesday? I have some new inspiration to share today, a blog I stumbled upon a few weeks ago called Dear Photograph. Have you heard of it?

Dear Photograph
It was 70 years ago when my mother dipped her toes in Lake Cavloc, Switzerland along side her father and sister. Beauty was all around them and so were the echoes of youth. My mother’s view has changed now that she lives in a nursing home. Wouldn’t it have been something if the waters they had danced in had washed the fountain of youth over them… Peter

This project was started by Canadian artist Taylor Jones as a way to remember and pay homage to the past through old photographs. The challenge is 'to take a picture of a picture from the past, in the present.' Originally Taylor was posting his own family photographs but soon he was receiving submissions from all around the world. The photographs are undeniably powerful but each photo also has a corresponding caption that can be just as moving. The author addresses the picture, beginning with 'Dear Photograph' as they recount humorous moments, reminisce about loved ones or even express their own hopes and dreams. 

Eight years ago our world rejoiced when we said “I do”. This year, my first without you here, I know the heavens rejoiced too. I’m so glad I had those seven years with you because those seven years will define who I am for the rest of my life.
Miss and Love You Always, Brandi

This is such an inspirational project and a meaningful way to connect with millions of people all over the world. I have always enjoyed going through old family pictures myself, actually it is quite a pastime of mine. My family, on both sides, is lucky to have old pictures and memorabilia. I count these keepsakes as some of our most important treasures. I had family that was from the Chicago area and also family from Pennsylvania and when I see those old neighborhoods and family houses, I long to visit them. See how things have changed. See how things are the same. Just standing in a spot that a relative once stood in, taking in a scene that someone else did years ago, is such a powerful thing. And this project proves just that.

My father was born and raised in this house in 1946. On his wedding day, in 1971, he bought the house from his parents to marry my mother and raise my sister and I. With hammer and nail, he altered every room to meet all of our needs and wishes. This past September he died at the age of 65 and now the house and his lifework are for sale.


There is something so universal about this idea. Something in all of us is curious about the past. Something intrigues us all about our histories, about the people who are responsible for us being here. I think this is why it resonates with me and with the millions of others who have visited and contributed to the blog. 

Be sure to visit the Dear Photograph blog and see more of the submissions. Each one is special and so personal. And because the blog has been such a success (blogs really do change the world!), there is now a Dear Photograph book. So fantastic and such a deserving project! I look forward to following along to see how Taylor's idea continues to grow and inspire us.


New Discovery: Red Stripe Waxed Paper

Happy Wednesday everyone! We are half-way through the week. How is it going for you? My to-do list is still pretty large but I'm making really good progress on all my wedding crafts. Yesterday I got a big chunk of the programs done (I shared this sneak peek on Instagram) and I'll share more official pictures on the blog soon. So I'm feeling good there. But once that is done (hopefully by this weekend) it will feel so good to devote a little more time to blog posts and DIY projects. And hopefully incorporate a few fun photography projects in there too. A few days of rest are definitely needed.

The other day I was styling and shooting a few packaging projects in my studio and in the process I made up this paper pouf gift topper with some fabulous red stripe waxed paper. I bought this material awhile ago and kind of forgot about it. 

It was the perfect material for these poufs because it is thicker than tissue paper but light and airy and still easy to fluff up the fringe. You might remember the black stripe pouf I made for Whisker Graphics a few months ago. I made that out of a Bitty Bag which is a lot like a glassine bag which is essentially waxed paper so these two poufs are similar in material. Check out the tutorial on the WG blog to see how to make these poufs yourself. They are so easy! You just need three components.

I am pretty excited about creating some other things with this waxed paper. I think it is technically meant for wrapping up sandwiches and foodstuffs. It would be a fun accent at parties to wrap up treats in. But I can imagine other innovative ways to use it too. The red stripe is so simple and definitely the thing that attracted me to it at the craft store. I bought it at my local Michaels in the packaging area (it's by the brand Celebrate It) but I also found this sweet paper goods and party supply shop Hooray Design Co. that also carries it online.

What would you make with this waxed paper? Or what would you like to see make with it?

Did you like that font I used? It is called Jacques and Gilles and it's my new favorite thing.

Do you like that cute little squiggly arrow you see? That's a free (and awesome!) download from Ez of Creature Comforts. It is a set of arrow brushes that you can download and load into Photoshop for personal use. So fun!


Font Love, Vol. XXX: Jacques and Gilles

Happy Friday everyone! I am so excited for today's post because I have found one of the most lovely fonts to grace my computer screen + be available for download + be reasonably priced. I wasn't even planning on a Font Love post today but this news was too good to pass up and I just had to share it. If anyone is DIY-ing their wedding invitations soon, this font would be a great alternative to paying for custom calligraphy. So let me introduce you to Jacques and Gilles... 

Are you impressed? Did your heart skip a beat like mine did?! Jacques and Gilles is the latest from calligraphy pro Emily Conners of Emily Lime Design. Miss Emily is responsible for other personal favorites like Carolyna and Peoni. The curls and swashes are always so romantic and feminine but I love the modern take on hand-lettering with this new one. And like all of Emily's fonts, Jacques and Gilles looks so custom.

Emily describes her new font as having a "split personality." She says, "Jacques’ persona comes to life when typing in all lowercase letters. And Gilles’ when using all uppercase." And then of course you can use them together so there are all kinds of possibilities here. I have already had a little fun with J&G but am looking forward to exploring all the 300+ glyphs this weekend.

And now for the exciting news! Jacques and Gilles will normally be priced at $34 (still well worth it in my opinion) but since it's a new release, you can get it for only $17 until May 7th. Hard to pass up 50% off isn't it?

So have you fallen in love with this font yet? I might sound a bit obsessed but I can't stop staring. I want to write it all over everything. It is my new favorite thing. 

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Do you have anything fun planned this weekend? My aunt is out visiting so I've been catching up with her and enjoying family time. Just more of that planned for me. I wish you all lovely weekends!


New Discovery: Wayfare Magazine

Happy Monday friends! Did you all have a nice weekend? I must admit something here today. My wanderlust is a bit out of control. I am constantly dreaming about new places, mainly returning to Italy (where I lived for half a year) and taking up residence in European cities that I fell in love with on that trip. And you know what doesn't help? Sites like Pinterest and other cool blogs where people share their expat adventures. Yep, those only fuel my fire. Oh yes and I watch House Hunters International like it's my religion. Am I alone in this? I am slight crazed, or passionate as I like to think of it, but I am so inspired by those who wander and discover and live this passion. I hope that one day my life will reflect this but until then, a girl can dream.

This weekend I discovered a new e-mag called Wayfare Magazine which is going to be a great new source of travel inspiration for me. It is a beautiful publication and I devoured its pages, soaking up every picture and all the information. 

I love the mission that Wayfare has for itself which states,

'We recognize that travel is not defined by how many miles you cover. It’s about finding inspiration along the way and celebrating the everyday moments. It’s about the spirit of discovery.'

For me that mission could not have been more clear after reading their pilot edition. As a travel magazine you may expect large pictures of exotic far away places. And you definitely get that with Wayfare (gorgeous pictures in fact) but you also get a lot more. The talented team behind the magazine also wants to highlight the journey, the small moments, the people behind our travels. 

We travel not just to see pretty things but to also to interact and experience adventure with others. The strongest memories from my travels are not those singular moments with me and a place. They are about how I experienced that place with my friends. That interaction can make a place even more meaningful. And I think that is why Wayfare struck such a cord with me. The magazine did such a great job of capturing that.

Nothing was expected either and Wayfare emphasized places like Burundi, Africa, Oregon and Ontario, Canada as well as more mainstream attractions like Paris, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Large or small, the locales featured were enjoyable to read about.

Have you checked out Wayfare Magazine yet? What do you think? I highly recommend it for you travel enthusiasts out there. It will have you planning your next big trip. I know I've started to plan mine already.

Do you agree that the moments spent with loved ones and the interactions with a local culture are sometimes more memorable than the actual destination itself? What are your strongest travel memories? 

*images are screenshots from Wayfare Magazine


Tips & Tricks: Crediting Images Properly

Happy Tuesday blog friends! Today I want to share a little trick I just discovered that will make the lives of us bloggers and Pinterest users easier. This trick is a simple way to find credit and sources for images that have been improperly linked. It happens all the time, right? You see it on Pinterest but also very commonly on Tumblr and We Heart It. I think it is great that images and inspirations are so readily available on these sites but I also believe that with these tools, we as users should be acting responsibly. For me, pinning responsibly means crediting images properly. Someone worked hard taking the pictures, styling them, creating the projects you see in them...those people deserve a shout-out and a link back. As a blogger and creative myself, I feel I need to give others the respect they deserve and put in a little effort on my end to credit correctly.  

So lets say you're browsing Pinterest and you come across the coolest image ever. You're in love instantly and are desperate to know who created such a masterpiece. But you click on the link and Pinterest directs you to a Tumblr account or a broken url or somewhere equally frustrating. You have no idea where this cool image came from. Now what? For this example I've taken my own image from my Vintage Book Frames DIY to help demonstrate what to do next (this image is linked properly but lets pretend it isn't). Not all hope is lost. This is what you do... 

First, you'll want to open up Google Images in a separate tab in your internet browser. Then go back to the image on Pinterest. Position your cursor over the image and hold the left-click button down. You'll have grabbed onto the image so then drag it upward toward your Google Images tab.

Your browser automatically moves the image from the Pinterest tab over to the Google Images tab. Remember, you're still holding the left-click button down during all of this. Move the image down to the search bar, drop it there, and let go of the left-click button. Google will then start searching.

And then check your results. The first result may not be the source url so you may need to check a couple of the links. You might not find the actual source either but there is a good chance you will find someone who does know the proper credit for the image. I have had good luck searching images so far but occasionally there is an image that appears to have no crediting anywhere.

Another neat thing that Google does is suggest images that are visually similar. You'll find these at the bottom of the page. The pictures above are just some that Google thought were like my book frames image. Cool, right? This would be a neat way to build color boards and find all kinds of new inspiration.

So that's the new trick. Pretty nifty huh? I think it is so important to link and credit properly. On my Pinterest account I have been trying really hard to do this and have even gone back to old pins to update their links. You have the ability to 'edit' any image you pin so go back and correct a few of the links or add credits when you can. Sometimes it can take a few minutes to do this but as I said before, this is all about being a responsible pinner and blogger. I would want someone to credit my work and so I feel I can do the same for others. It's only right.

I hope this trick is new to some of you and serves as a nice reminder for all of us to be responsible in using the awesome, new technology we have available to us. For me, it's all about fueling a pleasant blogging community. We can all do a little to help keep it that way.