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My Week Through Instagram: Week Twenty-Seven & Twenty-Eight

Here is post two today: this time I'm recapping weeks twenty-seven and twenty-eight of my Instagram photos. I am so excited to be more than half-way through this project of a photo a day. And I haven't missed a day yet so I'm proud of my progress. Are you doing any kind of daily photography project? How is it going so far?

Sunday: These pink blooms are prospering this summer. The trees are all around my neighborhood and a few are in our backyard. It's like springtime in summer.

Monday: A morning cup of chai tea. Yum.

Tuesday: I go through cycles of what I enjoy for breakfast. Right now I'm loving vanilla greek yogurt and granola. The cute Anthro bowls make it even more enjoyable. 

Wednesday: I shared this DIY project on the blog, a how-to for making your own gold air plant terrarium.  It is super simple and air plants are the easiest things to care for.

Thursday: We watched fireworks from our house this year. One show we could see from our front yard, another show from our deck in the back. I liked this shot of a single firework with the street lamps.

Friday: Spent the evening catching up with an old friend that I haven't seen in years. This included live music at a local outdoor music festival. It was my kind of evening.

Saturday: Someone has a sweet, old yellow Volkswagen in my town. Lucky!

And now for week twenty-eight:

Sunday: My teacup when it's all gone.

Monday: I love our local library. Actually I'm quite partial to all libraries. They are so special to me. And I love the smell of old books. Is that weird?

Tuesday: I picked up the classic Walden at the library. I have never read it. So far the pages are enlightening and quite the inspiration for a simple and natural life.

Wednesday: My Mom found this set of notebooks with this cute leaf graphic and she let me have one. I will always take a fresh, new notebook. I am a bit of a notebook hoarder actually. I have a handful in my desk that have yet to be used. A crisp, new notebook holds such possibilities don't you think? It's kind of magical. It is just waiting for you to fill it up with treasures.

Thursday: Brother came home for a few days. Whenever he is here the house is filled with music: he sings, plays guitar, standup base and piano. It is beautiful and comforting. I like having him home even if it is just for a bit.

Friday: Washi tape! This is just a small part of my ever-growing collection. My friend Nic just recently discovered how fabulous it is and now he knows how addicting it can be. Do we need to form a washi support group?

Saturday: I visited Unique LA's summer show yesterday in Santa Monica (fantastic show as usual!) and then got an early dinner with David (brother) in Silverlake. He is looking for an apartment out there currently. We stopped in at Food+Lab on Sunset. Perfect restaurant, my kind of place. Simple design with some industrial details, welcoming vibe and delicious food. Be sure to visit if you're in the area.

So that concludes my month-long recap for today and now I'm all caught up.

Like my pictures? Want to follow me on Instagram? My username is laurenelisecrafted. Or see all of my pictures on the computer through Followgram. 


New to the Shop: Embroidered Heart Moleskine Notebooks

I am slowly (it truly feels ever-so-slowly sometimes) taking pictures and uploading items to my Etsy shop, items that had their debut at the Sew Funky Market in October.  I am really excited to finally get everything in the shop and see how my new work is received.  Getting decent pictures, editing those images, and actually uploading to Etsy (and figuring out wording to describe items) actually takes awhile and so sadly this is still a work in progress.  But progress is being made so...focusing on that positive there.  

Today I wanted to highlight a few recently added items to my shop, my Embroidered Heart Moleskine Notebooks.  They were a big hit with people at the fair and I think they are about the cutest thing ever.  They combine two of my most favorite things: little notebooks and embroidery!

I have talked about my notebook love-obsession before and the truth is that I can never have too many notebooks.  I use them constantly and am always on the look-out for new blank ones to jot my ideas into.  If you're like this or know someone like this, these notebooks would make the perfect little gift or stocking stuffer for the holidays.  I have made a few of these for myself and am already filling them up with my inspirations.  And they are Moleskine cahier notebooks so of course they have great design and quality.  They are pocket-sized so perfect for throwing in your bag and taking with you on the go.  

I have seven fun, retro colors in my shop currently {yellow, brown, grey, teal, magenta, seafoam, and white} but I can take custom orders and embroider any color you like.  Each notebook is $6.  If you mention you're a blog reader at checkout I will waive shipping costs, even for orders with multiple or custom notebooks.  I love my blog readers!

A little bit about how I make each of these notebooks: I pre-punch the holes in the shape of the desired design (I create a template beforehand for easy punching).  I then cross stitch the design into the paper, just like you would cross stitch on fabric.  Embroidery is such a beautiful art and I really enjoy doing it and making it feel contemporary.  I especially like it when unexpected materials are used in replace of fabric, like the paper I used here.  

So how do you like my embroidered heart notebooks?  Are you a fan of embroidery in nontraditional materials like me?  Be sure to visit my shop to see all of my new creations as I post them.  And remember, blog readers get shipping waived this holiday season so shop away if you like.  Thanks for stopping by today friends!  Happy Tuesday!    


Whisker Graphics October DIY + A Giveaway

It's the middle of October and that means I get to share my October Whisker Graphics DIY with you today.  Plus I get to announce another giveaway!  Yep, that's right, another giveaway especially for my readers.  October is sure turning into one fun month here on the blog.  But first, lets take a look at the project I came up with and get creative.

I am a big fan of the Bitty Bags and Little Bitty Bags that Whisker Graphics offers.  The prints are really fun and perfect for party favors.  And for those of us who like to keep it simple, there is a whole new line of plain kraft and glassine bags.  Basically Whisker Graphics has created packaging heaven!  I knew I wanted to highlight the Bitty Bags in my project this month but I had already done a treat bag DIY.  I wanted to do something different and rethink how to use a typical bag.  I have seen people make cards out of paper lunch sacks before and so I worked that idea into making a mini notebook from this red polka dot bag.

I am a collector of little notebooks and have a stash of them in my desk.  I carry them around constantly and find them useful to jot down inspirations and ideas when I come up with something on the go.  This DIY would be perfect for just that, an easy way to make your own little book of inspiration.  Or if you have kids, have it as a doodle pad for when they get bored.  This is an easy and inexpensive little option for those of you who can't get enough paper goods like me.

Another great thing about using the Bitty Bags as notebook covers, you get a built in little pocket where you can stash pictures or pens or paper keepsakes.  Moleskine notebooks have pockets built in and I absolutely love that feature.  It was a happy accident that my version turned out to have them as well.  

If you want to see more pictures and the supplies I used to make this project, head over to the Whisker Graphics blog.

And now that we've had our daily dose of crafty, we can get to the giveaway!  Whisker Graphics is offering a $15 gift certificate to one of my lucky readers.  This is good for anything in their shop, Divine Twine, Bitty Bags, stickers, calendars, etc.  The hard part will be deciding what to buy but I think you guys are up to the challenge.

Enter the giveaway by following Whisker Graphics on their blog or by liking them on Facebook.  After following them, let me know by leaving a comment on this post.  You can enter the giveaway starting today (10/20) and ending next Wednesday (10/26).  I will pick a winner Thursday morning and announce it that day.  I'll then get in touch with the winner through email so be sure to leave me an email where I can reach you.  Good luck everyone!


Anthropologie Finds: Paper Goods

Yesterday I did some browsing in Anthropologie, specifically focusing on cute paper goods.  Anthro collaborates with some really great artists so you can find beautiful work for a much more reasonable price.  For example, I love the work of artist Anna Bond, the mastermind behind Rifle Paper Company.  I have been admiring her work for ages now and would love to one day get invitations or calling cards personally illustrated by her.  A girl can dream!  But for now, I am able to enjoy Anna's work through Anthropologie.  She has a handful of different cards and card sets available in stores and online and like all of her work, they are just lovely.  I think I may buy a set for my holiday cards this year!  But yesterday I finally bought these illustrated recipe cards which I have been eyeing for ages.

So, so pretty!  And her packaging is spot on with the simple details.  This would make a great gift for the cook in your family.  

I also found these great illustrated cards by artist Jacqueline Schmidt of Screech Owl Design.  There is this playful and fun quality to her illustrations that really draws me to them.  There is also humor to her work and I love the juxtaposition of all the different animals.  She mostly draws birds but there are cards with polar bears, deer, and even a llama (considered buying that for Elysse).  Anthropologie only had a few of her cards but definitely check out her website for all her other designs.  My trick with little cards like this is to actually use them as mini artwork.  Cards are usually cheaper than prints so you can collect a whole bunch of little cards to compile for an art wall.  I'm saving up art like this for my own little collection.  

This next item combines two of my favorite things: letterpress and notebooks!  One can never have too many notebooks (my philosophy) and I have a bunch of Moleskines, wire-bound notebooks, and sketch pads lying all around my room and studio.  You never know when a great idea will pop into your head so I like to be ready.  Albertine Press created these simple little notebooks that have letterpress designs stamped into the front.  Letterpress is such an amazing art form and something that has been letterpressed feels so special to me.  I love the colors of these notebooks and the designs on them (especially the vintage typewriter!!).  I will cherish these babies and fill them with lovely ideas!

Finally, I have two Paris themed finds!  The first is a notepad by Parisian artist Nathalie Lete.  Her illustrations are really fun and have such a joyful quality to them.  The notepad I bought is an Eiffel Tower collage with photography, painting, and sewn details.  She actually has done a lot of work for Anthropologie, including plates, artwork, and rugs (just search her name on Anthro's website to see more of her amazing stuff).  

The second Paris item is this set of 80 decorated labels sold by Galison New York.  The illustrations were done by artist Jillian Phillips and they are the epitome of cute and sweet!  I think it's the little dogs and cat wearing French berets that won me over.  I cannot wait to use these for gift packaging this year.  They will look great on my presents in combination with red and white bakers twine.  

All of these items are bordering in the zone of being "too cute to use!"  I commonly buy things like this and then just want to stare at them and marvel in their beauty instead of actually using them.  But I must use them...it would be a waste not to!

Do you love paper goods as much as me?  Seriously, I'm addicted and have a problem.  I would buy everything in my path if I could.              


Internet Exposure, a Great Target Find, Snail Mail, & my Dog!

Today's post is going to be filled with a bunch of randoms...well, random for you anyway, not for me.  But tomorrow's post is going to be a fun & ridiculously easy DIY so bare with me on the haphazard nature of this one.

First off, I'd like to give a shout out and a BIG thank you to Grey Likes Weddings for posting pictures of my Bridesmaid Hankie tutorial that went live on Oh, Hello Friend yesterday.  I was so pleasantly surprised to see it!  I'm so stocked that everyone liked the idea of incorporating the vintage hankies and knick-knacks into a gift for bridesmaids.  Of course I personally loved the idea (duh, I came up with it) but it's nice to read that others appreciate it as well.  Thank you everyone for the kind words! 

Head on over to Grey Likes Weddings to see the post here.

Secondly, I wanted to thank Target for selling some of the cutest things around.  I went in yesterday to purchase a few necessities (of course I left with so much more) and discovered some adorable recycled notebooks.  I love all things paper and whole-heartedly believe that one can never have too many notebooks for jotting down ideas.  I like that these notebooks are recycled but mostly I just love the little owls and birds on the front.  Cute!

Thirdly, I got a letter in the mail today from my bestie Elysse!  And it wasn't just any letter, it was a letterpress card from Dutch Door Press!  And not only was it from Elysse and letterpress but it had the sweetest message inside.  Elysse wrote it for me last week when I was feeling blue.  I had vented to her (like I always do) and although that made me feel good, this made me feel even better.  Thank you Elysse for just being awesome!  I don't know what I'd do without you. :)

And finally, to end this lovely, random post, I have some precious pictures of my dog Scout!  She is super hard to take pictures of...very camera shy...so this is the best I could do.  I think it's the noise my camera makes when the shutter closes (too high pitched I guess).  But despite her diva tendencies, her adorableness shines through, or at least in my opinion it does! 

Clearly she loves toys!

Until tomorrow friends!  As long as I blog tomorrow (which I vow to do) I will have posted something everyday this week.  I deserve a medal.