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Watercolor Inspiration

Tuesday is upon us, a rather boring day of the week I'm afraid, but to keep things beautiful around here I have some watercolor inspiration to share. Yesterday I got the chance to sit in my studio and watercolor. It was muggy and cold outside but that bleak palette didn't stop me from painting some cheerful pink ombre tones. 

The painting is actually for an upcoming wedding project. I am brainstorming ideas for a bride and trying to demonstrate that watercolor might be a nice touch to her place cards. We'll see if she likes the idea. Even if she doesn't, I must say I've enjoyed painting again. The last time I did it was years ago so it has been fun practicing. 

Painting isn't in my future but I like getting color inspiration from it and creating pretty washes on paper. I love my little pocket paint kit. My aunt gave it to me, it was hers when she was younger, before I studied abroad in Europe. 

Practicing lettering in paint.

I need to get some different brushes for the lettering but I love the light gradient of color with the bold contrast of the letters. I think all the guest's names handpainted on place cards would be lovely and romantic looking so I'm hoping I can move forward with this idea and perfect it. What do you think?

Do you paint at all? Is it part of your inspiration proecess? I think it is something I should get back into because it is really peaceful and relaxing. I guess all I have to do to have a therapeutic afternoon is light a candle, turn on some music, and watercolor. 

Have a good day friends!