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My Week Through Instagram: Week Twenty & Twenty-One

I am playing catch-up here on the blog again late at night. I did say that May was going to be a whirlwind for me and I was pretty right about that. The blog has definitely suffered because of it. Feeling good about June though and hoping to get back into the swing of things. But tonight I want to recap my last two weeks through Instagram.

Week Twenty

Sunday: I had to wrap up a present for some family so I decided to use this adorable heart paper I bought awhile ago. Isn't it adorable?! A navy bow and tag were just the right touch for an adornment.

Monday: Chalkboard and jute twine...just a little peak into the DIY project I was finishing up. I'll share more this week.

Tuesday: My brother and his band left on their summer music tour on Sunday and I couldn't let him leave without giving him a few rolls of film. He has taken up photography and is quite the talented fellow. I cannot wait to see what he captures.

Wednesday: I was perfecting these little fringe flowers which became my May DIY for Whisker Graphics.

Thursday: The finished product, a simple branch with my handmade fringe flowers. I used the fabulous products from Whisker Graphics for this craft. See how I made it and view more pretty pictures here.

Friday: This long week called for a little treat...some Pinkberry. Confession: I would eat this everyday if I could, especially in the summertime. It is so refreshing.

Saturday: A quick trip to the antique store (originally to check out an old typewriter) yielded these vintage portraits instead. I am super inspired by these characters and the type and graphics at the bottom of the frames. Looking forward to doing something with them.

And now for a recap of Week Twenty-One.

Sunday: A little vignette I styled awhile ago but am still loving. Amazing stamp from my friend Tristan of Besotted Brand.

Monday: Working on my next DIY for Houzz. A friend commented that it looked very hardcore but I assure you it is actually pretty simple.

Tuesday: Paint splatters. It might not be intentional art but it is beautiful just the same.

Wednesday: I sat at my computer all day, glued to the screen. It was crunch-time finishing up a project for a client. I worked into the wee hours.

Thursday: This cheerful pink flower is blooming all over my neighborhood right now. I love how it is thriving. We finally discovered that it is called Mexican Primrose. We actually bought some at Home Depot to grow in our own front yard.

Friday: And of course we came away from Home Depot with a succulent too. One can never have enough.

Saturday: After work, I tried on a few new items at Anthropologie including this color-blocked beauty (the dress does not appear to be online...weird since it is pretty new to our store). I'm pretty in love with it, the cut and color are quite perfect. So far I'm resisting it but we'll see how long that lasts. ;)

So that was week twenty and twenty-one for me. What did yours look like?

Follow me on Instagram if you like. My username is laurenelisecrafted. Or see all of my pictures on the computer through Followgram.


Houzz March Ideabook: Watercolors in the Home

On this lovely morning I'd like to share my March ideabook that I put together for Houzz. Being spring, I am so inspired by colors right now and I wanted this curated gallery to be a reflection of that. If you follow along here regularly you also know that I have been doing a lot of watercolors lately, using it personally as well as in a few projects for clients. I decided to go on a search for homegoods that were not only colorful but also evocative of watercolors, brush strokes, and paint washes.

handpainted light blue wash pillow { ABC Home }  

watercolor paints { photo by me }

I found some gorgeous products from both handmade, independent artisans as well as big brand shops. I think all of the items have great textural qualities and would be a perfect infusion of color into any home. If you are a fan of watercolor, might I recommend these twenty finds:


You can visit my Houzz profile at Lauren Elise Crafted to see more of my ideabooks. Houzz is an amazing resource for those wanting to gather home inspiration for remodels or projects. Not only can you search products like the ones I've featured here but also thousands of pictures of real homes in different cities and different styles. It is visual cataloging, similar to Pinterest, but the searching is so much more specific and defined. So check it out, sign up, and start creating your own galleries for your upcoming home projects. 

I hope you enjoyed the color inspiration today. Happy Wednesday!


Gold Stripe Mason Jar DIY

Happy Monday friends! I'm a bit late on getting this post up but that's because I was snapping pictures this morning. It was overcast and rainy yesterday and I just couldn't get the right shots. But I'm finally getting it posted and I'm so excited about it too. Not only is it a DIY post but it also involves gold (!!) and mason jars. How can you go wrong with these babies? 

By far one of my post popular posts has been my Silhouette Mason Jar tutorial. Lately I've been thinking about that post and what makes it so popular and how I can try and recreate that again. Clearly everyone loves a good mason jar project because the jars are inexpensive but also vintage looking. What I want to try and do is a monthly feature that involves mason jars. They are so versatile and I really want to explore (and share with you) cool, new ways to dress them up and make them special. So here is my project for January. I think the gold is cheerful and reminiscent of warm weather, don't you? If you're struggling through the winter months and dreaming of warm days ahead, I think these jars will at least spice up your decor a bit.

This project is easy and you can make up the jars quickly. All you need is mason jars (any sizes), painters tape, and metallic spray paint...oh and some paper to cover your work area while spraying. I wrapped the jars in the painters tape, varying the widths of the stripes. Remember the tape covers the part that will remain unpainted. Don't hold the paint can too close to the jar while spraying. You want to lightly mist the jars. When you spray the paint too close to the jar there is more chance for globing and for paint to seep under the tape and run. Once sprayed, I carefully removed the tape right away. The paint dries pretty instantly although you should technically let the jars sit for awhile before handling. And that's that!

I stored some pencils in one jar and potted a little succulent in the other. Fills these with any kind of goodies and make it the perfect hostess gift. Or line up a bunch on a shelf to hold pencils and craft supplies. I wouldn't risk drinking out of them since spray paint is toxic unless you were super careful not to let any paint get into the mouth of the jar. These could work as a simple table setting at home or for a party or wedding even.

Have you tried painting mason jars? What are some of your tricks? Getting that clean edge is always hard. The OCD person in me always wants these things to be perfect but honestly, you don't really notice the slight imperfections once they're in use. The stripes on these jars are a bit wonky and not really that straight but I think it adds to the character of the jars. And once they're filled up with stuff you don't notice either. In DIYing and crafting, you have to let those things go sometimes. Perfection is overrated anyway.  

So here's to a great week everyone! I hope you all enjoyed my gold stripe DIY today and it gave you some lovely inspiration for the week ahead. 


Crafted DIY: Silhouette Mason Jars

I love mason jars!  They have such an old-fashioned feel to them and they represent a past era, a time when we canned all of our food (why can't we go back to this?).  Mason jars are making a comeback and they are commonly seen as decor at weddings and events.  I cannot get enough of this trend.  I quickly get tired of seeing things like mustaches on a stick at weddings (really this is the best we can come up with people?) but not mason jars...they are timeless to me.  I decided to incorporate used mason jars into a project for a DIY Contest posted on Ruffled.  To make the jars more unique, I painted silhouettes on them.  There are endless decor possibilities with these painted jars and I believe they make a beautiful, yet simple, statement.  Also, they are relatively easy to achieve (no special skills required).  Here is how you can make your own painted mason jars:


What you'll need:

- mason jars

- paint (I got sample sizes at Home Depot of the Behr Coy Pink 140A-2 and Behr Botanical Tint 480A-2 )

- paint sponges and/or brushes

- Avery sticker project paper

- printer paper & double stick tape (if you don't have Avery sticker paper)

- x-acto knife or scissors

- multiple types of ribbon and lace for decorating

- tags for labeling and decorating



Step 1: Figure out which images or text you plan on painting onto your mason jars and graphically arrange them on your computer using Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, etc.  Measure your mason jars and size your images/text accordingly.  I tried to not exceed 2”-3” (length & width) but it all depends on the size of your mason jars and the look you want to achieve.

Step 2: Print out your images/text onto Avery sticker project paper.  If you don’t have this paper, you can print on regular printer paper and just double-stick tape the image to the jars.  Cut out your images/text either as a silhouette or as a stencil.  I used an x-acto knife because it works better with finer details but scissors would work also.  Stick the image/text onto the jars.

Step 3: Paint the mason jars and allow them to properly dry.  I let them sit overnight.  You may decide to paint a second coat.

Step 4: Once the jars are completely dry, remove the stickers.  If some of the paint has seeped in under the edges of the sticker and dried, just use the x-acto knife to scrape away at the paint.  I had to clean up a few edges but the knife quickly does the job.

Step 5: Adorn your jars with ribbons or lace.  I added round tags for the names.  You could accessorize your jars in numerous ways, in whatever colors or themes go with your event.


Here are some pictures showing the painting process:



I had a lot of fun with this project and I loved how my jars turned out.  I decided to do a little styled photoshoot to show off my work.  Here are some of those pictures:


And this is a save-the-date idea.  How cute would it be to receive this in the mail filled with some little treats?  


Later today I will be posting more photos from the mason jar shoot.