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Ball Mason Jar Wrapping Paper

With copies of Mason Jar Crafts officially being mailed out now, this week marks the start of a lot of promotions, giveaways, and features to help promote the book and get people exciting to start crafting with canning jars. I have been hard at work helping to plan a lot of special features across a variety of blogs. Along with that I have been putting together new content to share with everyone, specifically brand new DIYs that are inspired by Mason jars. These DIYs are meant to give everyone a feel for the 30 projects that I created in my book. 

Today on Paper Pastries, Margaret invited me over to share this wrapping paper DIY that pays homage to the classic Ball label. Ball and Kerr are two logos that are still printed on Mason jars today. Both have that timeless appeal and I wanted to let that part of the jar really shine. I carved my own custom stamp from a template (which I provide over on Paper Pastries) which will allow me to stamp a variety of materials over and over again. I would recommend simple kraft paper or masking paper (like I used in this example) for an easy option. And a few simple adornments, like washi tape and twine, are all you really need to complete this look.


Photography and Styling: Lauren Donaldson  /  Camera: Nikon D40x


Airmail Inspiration

Today I have thrown together some lovely inspiration involving airmail!  Yes those red and white striped envelopes that, to me, are the epitome of vintage, French, crafty goodness.  All mail (including domestic) should be sent in such fun packaging.  Maybe we would dread bills less if airmail envelopes were the standard (ok even airmail isn't that great...bills are the worst!).

To begin, I must share with you the greatest find I have yet to come across...AIRMAIL BAKERS TWINE!

Yes, it's true!  It does exist.  I never thought normal bakers twine could get any cuter but boy was I wrong.  Mix the red, blue, and white together and you have something so magnificent that the whole world should just stop for a moment and marvel at it.  Marvel people, marvel!  Are you needing it in your life like me?

I found these images at Divine Twine where you can also purchase the airmail version (along with all the other amazing bakers twine colors) for $15.  If for some reason you need it in smaller quantities (trust me, you'll use all 240 yards that Divine Twine gives you) you can search Etsy for 'airmail bakers twine' and find other vendors who sell it.

Now onto more inspiration:

Twine not enough?  Then go for the washi tape!  This French Airmail tape is a part of my personal craft collection and I couldn't be happier.  Since purchasing it, I have the urge to stick it on everything I touch.  Everything!  It is the perfect added detail, especially for packaging.  I bought my tape from Cute Tape and recommend them highly.  They have great service and so many tape options.  They also carry other irresistible finds like rubber stamps and cotton tape!

I found this little pouch via Oh, Hello Friend but it was made by a designer called Small Adventure on Etsy.  It appears that they don't make it anymore.  Isn't it cute though?  If you happened to exchange snail mail with friends (who does that anymore!?) it would be fun to keep all of your personal letters in a pouch like this for safe keeping.

This set comes from a favorite designer of mine who I have mentioned before, Paper Pastries!  This is a great little set if you're looking to send out some snail mail.  The kit comes with a pad of paper and envelopes as well as a Le Pen...fabulous!

These airmail tags are by Paper Tags Business on Etsy.  These would be great for a travel-themed wedding.  I would use them as favor tags or even as escort cards...or as a save-the-date!  The ideas are endless.

This color board was found via Pinterest from Decor8.  What a fabulous collection of paper ephemera!  This board would be perfect to use as wedding inspiration.  With just a quick glance, I've already come up with a handful of ideas that could be translated into a picnic, farm, rustic, crafty wedding.

I just like this picture and the hint of airmail you see.  I wish I could get this much mail everyday.  Image found via Pinterest from Oh, Hello Friend.  

I actually bought some of this ribbon from RetroNaNa, a wonderful fabric shop on Etsy, awhile ago but haven't used it yet.  But I think I have something in the works that it will be perfect for. *wink, wink, hint, hint*  This shop is filled with so many great things.  I spent forever searching on it and finally had to decide on two items (for now).  

Another great airmail note set from Simply B on Etsy.  This shop is filled a bunch of cute paper goodies not just of the airmail variety.

Obsessed with airmail?  Have I converted you yet?  I am working on a project right now that is inspired by airmail so it has been on my mind lately.  Look for that soon...very soon! :)

Happy Wednesday! 


Renegade Craft Fair, Los Angeles, 2010

I am so excited about this post and I have been anticipating it for awhile now.  The Renegade Craft Fair was this last weekend and yesterday my Mom and I (and my dog) went to check it out.  I have had this event marked in my calendar for months now, I mentioned it on this blog awhile ago, and now finally I have been able to experience this great handmade festival.  And it was just as good as I expected it to be.  I loved seeing all of the work from the different artists (over 250 vendors were there) and I particularly enjoyed chatting with the few that I met.  I recognized a handful of artists just from my own web searching/stalking.  The venue was great too.  It was held at the Los Angeles State Historic Park and, despite being a little warm and dusty, I really liked the urban feel of the place.  I can't wait for next year's fair and I would love to travel to Brooklyn, Chicago, Austin, or San Francisco where other Renegade fairs are held.


Our first craft fair!!

Like I said, it was a little warm so shade breaks were definitely needed.  Scout (my dog) was constantly in search of patches of shade under the vendor's tents and display tables.  There were a lot of other dogs there but Scout behaved really well and even got a few compliments on her calm demeanor...and on how cute she is! 


A few shots of the Los Angeles Renegade Craft Fair 2010:

Etsy was a sponsor of the event and many of the artists there have their work on the site...but not all.


Here are our goodies!

I loved all of the kraft bags that the artists packaged their work in, especially that pink one.  It was also super fun to see the displays in each of the tents.  Some of the vendors had some really unique ways of displaying their crafts.  One of my favorites was a little air stream trailer made out of plywood that displayed cute stuffed animals.

Relaxing in the shade after a successful day of shopping:

Clearly we are obsessed with our dog and take her everywhere with us.  I love how my Mom is forcing her to look at the camera...she is kind of camera shy.

And this is Scout doing whatever this is.  She does it all the time.  She rolls on her back and bites at her leash.  She looks a little crazy!

Here are my Renegade finds the next day.  I collected a lot of business cards which are so cute that they are kind of like a gift all on their own.

I love this print that I got from artist Jen Hewett (who I got to meet and who was super sweet).  I really love the colors in her work and her sketches are just so fun.  I was particularly drawn to this print of Parisian doors because it is more architectural.  She told me that she studied abroad in Paris and made these sketches while there.  One of the doors was the door to her apartment in Paris and the others were along her street.  I can totally relate to having this type of connection because I really remember the buildings and architecture in my neighborhood in Como, Italy (where I studied abroad) and it meant a lot to me while I was there. 

I am in love with all things stamped and so of course I had to buy a few items from Paper Pastries.  They have such sweet paper goods.  This was just one of my purchases; the others I cannot show because they are gifts.  I am dying to own a vintage typewriter (yes, even if it is just for decoration) so this little print will keep me satisfied until I can purchase one.  The color is great too.  

The thing I was most excited to get was this necklace from Oh Hello Friend.  I have been eyeing this jewelry for awhile and trying to decide which piece I had to have.  I ultimately decided on this cute little watch necklace (which works by the way!!) with the camera charm.  I got to meet Danni, the artist and blogger of Oh Hello Friend (I love this blog...it is a favorite for sure!), and she was so sweet.  It was such a delight to meet these artists in person.  It makes you feel good about what you're buying. 


I also got a poster from The Poster List.  I got one called "The City" which is an aerial view of New York City and Central Park.  A lot of these posters are super fun.  I really like the designs and colors.

I also bought something from Redstar Ink but this is also a gift and so I can't show it at this time. 

I love Renegade (even more so than I did before) and I can't wait for the next show.  I will start counting down the days (365 to go)!