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New Discovery: Red Stripe Waxed Paper

Happy Wednesday everyone! We are half-way through the week. How is it going for you? My to-do list is still pretty large but I'm making really good progress on all my wedding crafts. Yesterday I got a big chunk of the programs done (I shared this sneak peek on Instagram) and I'll share more official pictures on the blog soon. So I'm feeling good there. But once that is done (hopefully by this weekend) it will feel so good to devote a little more time to blog posts and DIY projects. And hopefully incorporate a few fun photography projects in there too. A few days of rest are definitely needed.

The other day I was styling and shooting a few packaging projects in my studio and in the process I made up this paper pouf gift topper with some fabulous red stripe waxed paper. I bought this material awhile ago and kind of forgot about it. 

It was the perfect material for these poufs because it is thicker than tissue paper but light and airy and still easy to fluff up the fringe. You might remember the black stripe pouf I made for Whisker Graphics a few months ago. I made that out of a Bitty Bag which is a lot like a glassine bag which is essentially waxed paper so these two poufs are similar in material. Check out the tutorial on the WG blog to see how to make these poufs yourself. They are so easy! You just need three components.

I am pretty excited about creating some other things with this waxed paper. I think it is technically meant for wrapping up sandwiches and foodstuffs. It would be a fun accent at parties to wrap up treats in. But I can imagine other innovative ways to use it too. The red stripe is so simple and definitely the thing that attracted me to it at the craft store. I bought it at my local Michaels in the packaging area (it's by the brand Celebrate It) but I also found this sweet paper goods and party supply shop Hooray Design Co. that also carries it online.

What would you make with this waxed paper? Or what would you like to see make with it?

Did you like that font I used? It is called Jacques and Gilles and it's my new favorite thing.

Do you like that cute little squiggly arrow you see? That's a free (and awesome!) download from Ez of Creature Comforts. It is a set of arrow brushes that you can download and load into Photoshop for personal use. So fun!


Ombré Pennant Flag DIY

Happy Friday blog friends! Are we all excited for the weekend? The last one before April comes along. To kick off this lovely Friday I have a party DIY to share (the end of the week feels like a party so it's appropriate). I'm going to show you an easy way to dye an ombré effect on muslin which you can then transform into pennant flags. Pick spring time hues to make Easter party decor or match wedding or party colors and make up an extra treat for guests. Flags are fun to wave around and kids especially enjoy them. And they make for some fun pictures!

When coloring fabric you officially should use fabric dye but I'm going to make it even easier...and cheaper. Actually all the materials in this project are very inexpensive. This is what you need: muslin, scissors, a pencil and ruler, BBQ skewers, ribbons or twine, a mason jar, water, watercolor paints, and a brush. 

Fill some water in a mason jar and start mixing some of your watercolors in until you get the right hue. Usually you would use this water to clean the brush and then dump down the sink but for this project, it becomes our dye. Cut out fabric strips from your muslin. I cut mine about 12" x 2" but any size works and being super exact isn't even necessary. The fabric edges fray a bit and I think this just adds to the charm. Then dip your strips into the mason jars and submerge part of the fabric in the dye. Let them sit for awhile. This time might vary depending on how deep of hue you desire.

Remove the strips from the mason jar and lay them flat on a protected surface. The color is fairly light so I brushed some of the pigment directly onto the bottom of the strips. This gives it the deep color. I brushed the color along the strip to spread it out and give it the effect of ombré. Then let it dry. I let mine sit overnight.

I bought BBQ skewers from the grocery store and then secured the fabric strips to the skewers with the ribbon. Tie in a double knot. The ribbon allows you to bring in a contrasting color which makes it more fun. Now all that's left is to fly your flags proudly!

Using official fabric dyes works too and will provide a more even wash. I discovered this idea by experimenting and at the time, I didn't have any dye on hand. I figure a lot of us have watercolors or can easily obtain them from grocery stores or office supply stores (if I craft store isn't near). You can come up with some great ideas when you improvise.

With Easter drawing near, are you planning on DIYing any decor elements? Would little flags be something fun you'd consider adding to your Easter table?

Have a great weekend everyone and happy crafting!


Whisker Graphics March DIY

Happy Thursday friendlies! How is it Thursday already? How is it April (almost) already?! Time flies when you're busy and have lots on the horizon I guess. I am going to enjoy these last few moments of March since they are slipping away fast.

Today I want to share my monthly Whisker Graphics project. I create a monthly project for their blog using the fabulous WG products, Divine Twine, Bitty Bags...check out all that their store has to offer. It's a lot of fun and I'm joined by other talented bloggers who contribute their own projects on a regular basis too. See all of the creative projects over on the Whisker Graphics blog. For March I made up some Mod-inspired party flags using Bitty Bags.

This is a quick and easy project that can be pulled together right before a party. The colors are bright and cheerful and will instantly spruce up your party decor. And these flags would work for both adult and children's events. The mod style feels more mature but the colors keep it youthful. To see the materials I used, visit the post on Whisker Graphics, browse around, and say hi to the WG team. 

Thanks for visiting Lauren Elise Crafted today. Have a great day!


Birthday Party Roundup

How is your Thursday going friends? I have a busy and long day ahead of me which includes my brother's big show tonight. I'm so excited for him and can't wait to hear him and his band play their new songs live. Live is always better. Any LA locals looking for something to do tonight? You should stop by!

It's my 2nd blog birthday, which I've been celebrating this week, and with birthdays come birthday parties. Unfortunately we can't all get together for one big party since blogging takes place in a virtual world but that can't stop us from celebrating. Today I want to throw a virtual party of sorts and highlight a few favorite decor elements which I am currently loving. This way we can all be involved and have mini parties with ourselves in front of our computer screens. Not quite the same but I think all of these goodies will put you in the birthday mood anyway...

Rifle Paper Company


Banter Banner

Potter & Butler

Bake It Pretty

Mademoiselle Chipotte

This would be such a lovely party to attend. Everything is so cheerful. What items would you have at your virtual party?


All-Hallow's Eve Inspiration

Happy Halloween and happy new week to everyone!  Do we have some big Halloween lovers out there?  I sadly must report that this isn't really my holiday.  I don't even remember the last time I dressed up, probably when I was in high school.  I think it's a fun day for kids but as an adult, it's just not for me.  If you love Halloween, I hope you have a spooktacular day but if you're more like me, let's hold out for Thanksgiving (just 24 more days).  My friend Pat already informed me earlier this morning that I'm lame for not appreciating this holiday (he loves this day dearly) and I'm well aware I'm probably in the minority here.  Oh well.  

Most Halloween decor is too over the top for my taste but I've rounded up a few bits of inspiration that are simple and perfect for the quasi-Halloweener like me.  If I was throwing a party, these are some options that I would consider.

I absolutely love this simple and modern take on Halloween put together by my talented friends Sofia and André of Brancoprata.  The little pops of orange and yellow are perfect among the grey and white palette.  So refreshing!  This tablescape would actually be perfect for any fall party.  The paper rosettes are a great detail but definitely not overpowering, keeping the main focus on the party itself.  

I have seen crocheted doilies hung in embroidery hoops before and this crafty take on a spider web is quite cute.  Nothing too scary.  And when Halloween is over you can just remove the spider.  Now pumpkins I really love (we have a small collection growing on our front porch) and I love seeing all the unique ways to decorate them.  This graphic pumpkin was covered in paper using a découpage technique.  The illustrations are photocopies from Pictorial Webster's.  Dictionary pages, old music sheets, or maps would also give a cool effect.  

Another unique pumpkin, this one wrapped in black lace for a dramatic yet sophisticated look.  I would like to try painting a pumpkin black and then wrapping it in white lace to get the inverse.  And nothing beats simple white pumpkins.  They look really great paired with this rustic chair.

photo credits:

one { Brancoprata }

two { Betz White }

three { Country Living }

four { Better Homes & Gardens }

five { i heart shabby chic }

What does Halloween look like for you?  Are you totally into it?  The scary?  The dressing up?  The candy?  How are you spending your night?