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What I Am Passionate About...

Each capture is a snapshot into someone else’s world. And it’s powerful, to hold the very things in your hands that someone else once cherished. Moments, people, great loves, celebrations, the little pieces that make up someone’s life. The privilege of granting you access into these lives is not one that should be taken lightly. Or at least I don’t think it is. You become a keeper of these moments, even though they were not originally yours, and as keeper your responsibility is consideration. Who were these people? Where was this landscape? Why was this moment so special to someone? Because the people of the past are just like you...they were people. They had a home, they loved someone, they had friends, they had favorite things to do on weekends. To me, these old photographs are a reminder that life is simple and the things that are truly important are universal to us all. So I take a minute to stop and consider the lady in the floral dress or the picturesque lake that someone captured so pristinely. They will live on a bit through me and as I consider them, hopefully it will remind me to take better notice of those around me in the present. 

The Blogging Your Way Bootcamp e-course presented me with the question: What are you passionate about? I decided to tackle the question in a post and share one of my many passions. Photographs are some of my most cherished possessions including vintage ones of people I don't know and places I've never been. I scrounge antique stores for them. I dig out old family albums for them. They inspire me. They make me think about the past and history and how things from long ago can still be relevant in my life, in everyone's lives. What are you passionate about? Does history inspire your creative spirit just like me? Do you also collect old photographs of people you don't know and places you've never been?


Love: Pictures of My Brother and Me

Hi blog friends! Sorry for the late, late post today. This morning I watched a live webisode with Guy Kawasaki on Chase Jarvis Live. I just happened to see a tweet about it and thought it might be interesting to see Guy talk. Guy is a best selling author but also a small business, creative business, and entrepreneurial guru. The webisode was packed with a ton of helpful and inspiring advice and I feel like I got a lot out of it that I can then apply to my own business. If you're interested in watching you can still view it over on Chase's site.

Since I didn't have time to throw together a real post, I thought I would just share something that makes me happy. My brother and I took these Instax pictures of each other while we were in Downtown LA a few weeks ago. Obviously I always enjoy spending time with my brother but to me what these pictures really represent are excitement and passion and big hopes for the future. As we wandered LA, David and I talked a lot about the things we're attempting to create, big and small and the things we want to be a part of. We both have some crazy dreams but I think that mentality in both of us is so motivating. I'm inspired by his passion (music) and hopefully he's inspired by mine. In Guy's discussion this morning he talked a lot about the importance of loving your work and having exquisite quality. And it makes sense. As I start to develop my business more, start to define myself more, I become more content and just plain happy.

Trust me, I have a long way to go. I want a steady paycheck, a home, to expand the scope of my business. All of these are things I need to see happen. But even now without those things I am happy because I know I'm moving in the right direction. These pictures remind me of that feeling. I plan to cherish these pictures as a reminder. Hopefully one day David and I can look back at them and be like, 'That's when it all started.' 

Keeping dreaming. Find your happiness.