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Wildflowers & Fields Inspiration

Happy Friday friends! Are we all looking forward to the weekend? What are your plans? I am so, so excited because my little brother graduates from college tomorrow! As of tomorrow, he is officially out of school and officially an adult. Yikes! I couldn't be happier for him though and cannot wait to share more about his big day next week. I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures.

This morning I was needing a little inspiration so I started perusing through these pictures I took awhile ago. They are from the photoshoot I did with my brother and his girlfriend. The shoot was for a feature that will appear in a magazine (yep, a real print mag...eek!) so I cannot reveal too many pictures quite yet. But I did share a few sneak peeks here and today I'm going to divulge a bit more. We took the pictures in this lovely field near our home with an abundance of wildflowers. It was such a serene and untamed location. It felt like it was out of another era. I have been meaning to go back actually and just reflect. It feels like a good place to be alone with your thoughts.

So here are a few of the shots. I'll let the picture speak for themselves. Hopefully they can give you a little bit of inspiration on this Friday. And just maybe you'll be encouraged to take a walk yourself and enjoy your own local landscapes.

In the last one I'm styling my brother and getting him all ready for the photos. No I'm not chocking him.

What is a serene place that you like to escape to?

Happy weekend! 


My Week Through Instagram: Week Fifteen

I totally failed on posting my Instagram recap this weekend so I thought I would make it up today. Last week was the fifteenth in 2012. Hard to believe since the days are flying by. April in particular is moving quite quickly but I think that's because I have a lot of deadlines and much to accomplish this month. Has April been busy for you?

Sunday: I did a photoshoot with my brother and his girlfriend the day before and this tree is where we did it. It was this beautiful, open field with tons of mustard wildflowers. The space was so calming and rural feeling (even though houses weren't far away). I shared a few pictures but more will be coming later. 

Monday: This mountain picture was actually taken on Easter Sunday. We celebrated the holiday by hiking in the local mountains. It was the perfect day. Clear and beautiful, warm, but a nice breeze. Spending the day with family (and the dog) is a good day indeed. I shared a few pictures that I took with my Instax camera.

Tuesday: Another sneak peek from the photoshoot. My brother wore these awesome cowboy boots for a California bohemian vibe. Did I mention my brother was the model?! He did a great job.

Wednesday: Our Easter flowers in the dining room. The white blooms are spider mums and I love how long they last. They provided pretty inspiration all week.

Thursday: I spotted some awesome clouds on the way to work.

Friday: Assembly line, working on some handmade items for an upcoming wedding. The pretty, pink string is going to be a lovely detail to the programs I've designed. Can't wait to share. 

Saturday: Scout and I had a lazy Saturday morning. Got a few things done but mostly rested since I felt a bit under the weather.

So that was my week fifteen. What did yours look like?

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Font Love, Vol. XXIX: Bodoni at Home

Hello friends and happy Friday! How was your week? Are you looking forward to the weekend? It looks like it is going to be stormy here in Southern California which means a lot of time indoors. This actually works out best for me since I have taxes to finish up and plenty of projects to keep me occupied. Sometimes it's nice how the weather works to your advantage, keeping you inside, keeping you busy. 

Today I want to celebrate Font Friday and share a freebie font with you, Bodoni at Home. I have always been a big fan of Bodoni Roman, its bold and classic look. Bodoni at Home pays homage to Bodoni but being a handwritten type, it feels less rigid and formal. I am always attracted to handwritten fonts so it is no surprise that this one caught my eye too. Designed by Giuseppe Salerno of Resistenza, Bodoni at Home was drawn with a stylographic, calligraphy pen which gives the edges that rough look. And I love the all-caps.

poem: The Far Field by Theodore Roethke

The pictures are from the photoshoot I did with my brother and his girlfriend last weekend. We shot in this beautiful, serene field near my home. I have shared a few teaser images on Instagram but unfortunately I cannot share the main shots quite yet. Everything turned out great though so I look forward to posting about it here when I can.

It's amazing what beauty can lie right outside our door. I didn't even know this field existed until the day before the shoot. It is quite magical don't you think? Especially with all those yellow wildflowers.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Behind the Scenes: Mini Studio Setup

Happy Thursday friends! Yesterday I was shooting pictures for my February Whisker Graphics DIY (which I will share soon). It was cloudy and rainy all day and trying to find good natural light to shoot in was a challenge. I had to create a make-shift studio on the fly to capture my images. I decided to snap a few images of my setup and then share them here so that you could see how I deal with challenging light situations. As you will see, my setup is very primitive, nothing professional and I use whatever materials I can find on hand. 

I find that natural light is really the key. I always want to shoot in it. Pictures just look better (in my opinion). Like I said, it was very dark yesterday and all the ambient light was streaming in through this large window. I knew I wanted to shoot on this desk because it was near the light. In my experience light-colored surfaces photograph better too so that was another reason for picking the desk. Finally, I propped up two foamcore boards to bounce light from the window back onto the subject, my craft I was styling. Without the foamcore to reflect light, the subject would have a really bright side (the side closest to the window) and a heavily shadowed side. Sometimes you want a moody picture with that harsh contrast between light and dark but that was not my vision for this shot. The foamcore boards bounce the light and eliminate shadow.

The Key to Better Product Shots:

{1} natural light

{2} white foamcore to bounce light & eliminate shadow -

could also use a white sheet or large white posterboard, anything large & white

{3} light-colored surface - helps in bouncing the light

These are the three keys to my product photography and I implement each one in every shoot. I am still learning and with each picture I take I learn a bit more about lighting and styling and photography. I find these work the best for me. They are also cheap options. Foamcore is super inexpensive and you can use the same boards over and over again. Natural light is free! And light colored surfaces aren't too hard to find either. I have a few favorite go-tos in my home.

Do you setup mini studios for your product shots? What are some of your techniques for capturing light and making your subject look great? I would love to hear tricks of the trade that other photographers have picked up. 


Behind the Scenes for Emmaline Bride

A few weeks ago I posted this bunting favors DIY that I shared over on Emmaline Bride.  Today I wanted to show a few behind the scenes pictures of my setup for capturing that particular project.  For the most part, I try and put a lot of effort into styling my work in order to present it in the best possible light.  The outcome doesn't always match the original vision but I am proud of what I put together and I learn new things from each and every shoot (it's a huge learning process).  Because I am always fascinated in how other people create their images, I would like to feature what I did today in hopes that someone else might find it interesting.  I am far from any kind of styling, photographing expert but I do the best with the materials that I have.  

For this DIY, I wanted to really highlight the favor itself and have a pretty zoomed-in perspective on those little details.  I also wanted to place the muslin bag on some interesting textures to coordinate with my creation.  Looking for something rustic and made of wood, I ultimately settled on this old drawer which I turned upside down.  I also found this vintage tablecloth and used it because of the bright pop of blue and yellow color.  Everything was shot on the concrete floor in my studio.

As is typical, Scout found it necessary to wander through my setup and investigate everything.  She found the baby succulent particularly intriguing and since she has a history of destroying innocent plants, I made sure to watch her carefully.  With each set of pictures I take there seem to be a handful of Scout shots.  Maybe she likes getting her picture taken after all?

I envisioned this shot of me standing in the confetti (why are shoe shots so fun?) in heels but before capturing a good one, I took a few duds like the picture above.  And because Scout was around, I tried her out with a foot shot of her own...

She was squirming a bit so I couldn't really get her paws in focus.

You would never know from the final pictures (thank goodness) but I looked like a mess that day too.  I guess that is the beauty of photo shoots.  Behind the scenes can be chaos but as long as you don't know from the final result, everything is good.  I was basically in pajamas but then teetering along on my very high heels.  A hilarious sight to be seen I'm sure.  But despite the above non-beauty, the final pictures were pretty lovely...

Although I must say that my muslin favor bags kind of blended in with the vintage tablecloth...so if I could go back I would change that a bit and make the favors stand out more on their own.  So another lesson learned with another set of great DIY pictures of my projects.  

So there is a little sneak peek into the magic of my pictures...or complete non-magic as these pictures clearly point out.  Do you enjoy styling and putting together little photo shoots?  The term photo shoot implies something so glamorous but I am afraid mine are far from it.  But maybe this is the norm.  Do your glamorous photo shoots include pajamas and plant-hungry dogs?  Jealous?