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Featured: Postcards & Pretties DIY : Dessert Table Backdrop

Hi everyone!  Today I am sharing a super romantic and whimsical dessert table backdrop that I created for Chris of Postcards & Pretties.  Chris has been on vacation and she asked me, along with a bunch of other talented bloggers (see all of the posts here), to come up with a unique DIY for her readers as a guest post.  I was more than happy to oblige since I am such a P&P fan and I just so happened to have a little project in the works that I knew would be perfect.  So last week the dessert table backdrop that I came up with was revealed.

I have been wanting to do my own take on a dessert table backdrop for awhile now and this idea of hanging fabric circles is one my mind has been pondering.  So I decided to combine the two ideas together and I think the result is simple (it won't draw all of the attention away from your yummy desserts) but still dreamy and light and whimsical...all things I love.  

And it is hard to hate this backdrop when that delightful gold-sprinkled cake is sitting right in front of it.  Oh my, this cake was sure yummy!  I won't lie to you all, it was seriously $3 at Albertsons with some grocery store icing thrown on top of it.  But clearly $3 is the magic number because it was dang good (super moist).  My family and I feasted on it for a few days.

This DIY may seem complicated (someone commented that it looked tedious) and yes, it wasn't a quick project but the effect is definitely worth the time you put into it.  DIY doesn't always mean "quick" and if you are making some special handmade elements for your wedding, I recommend spending the time to get things beautiful and just right.  I am definitely a believer in details and having good craft.  In my own experience, when I put a little more time and effort into things, I usually like the outcome a whole lot better.  What about you?  When you see DIY do you expect it to be something you can finish in a flash?

Head over to Postcards & Pretties to see more pictures and a detailed description of how I made this dessert backdrop.  Also, check out my mason jar save the date that was also featured on P&P at the beginning of this year.  Does anyone remember this baby?!

I hope you all enjoy the DIY today.  Happy Tuesday!  


Postcards & Pretties Guest Post

Hi friends!

Sorry I've been a little MIA this week.  I am busy working on save the dates for my best friend's wedding (I'm her maid of honor) in September.  I have been addressing envelopes like crazy because these babies need to go out soon!  I will probably show pictures later this week once things are organized and I can take nice pictures of my work. I think they turned out lovely!

Last week something really excited happened for me...I did a guest post on Postcards & Pretties!  I have been a huge fan of this wedding inspiration blog for awhile now (you must check it out if you haven't already) so I was ecstatic when Chris asked me to create a unique DIY for her readers.  And she gave me free reign to do anything I wanted which was even better.  I'm kind of in save-the-date mode (clearly since I'm doing my best friend's) so I figured I would role with that.  I am a huge fan of mason jars so I decided to incorporate them into my design...except make them more crafty!

So I designed embroidered mason jar ornaments that guests can hang to remind them of your special day!  See the full post here with the full tutorial.

Chris told me that the post was a popular one so clearly, I'm not the only mason jar lover out there (yes, I've converted you all!).  Would you make something like this for your save the dates?  I think these mason jars could be used for many things, not just for wedding-related purposes.  Some people suggested them as cute gifts for kids.  Or maybe making it for special someones on Valentine's!  Another person commented that they would make adorable Christmas ornaments...maybe like an advent calendar.  The rolled up notes could be sweet messages for each day of December.  

I realize that this save-the-date is a bit labor-intensive.  But the handmade touch is so special and unique and I think guests would really appreciate something like this.  Sometimes it is important to put a little time and energy into things.  This is a motto that I definitely live by.  There is so much value in the things that we make by hand.

Happy Tuesday night everyone!   


Top 100 Wedding Blogs  

I just wanted to do a quick little shout-out tonight before I headed off to bed and to get my post in for the day.  Earlier this week Bride Tide released their list of the top 100 wedding blogs of 2011.  I was so excited to see so many familiar faces and friends who made the list.  I am honored to know and work with some of these talented people!  Two great ladies that I have the pleasure of working with regularly are:

Emma from Emmaline Bride

Alison from The Knotty Bride

Aleah and Nick from Valley and Co also made the list!  I have had the pleasure of working with them {and meeting them!} before on DIYs and I hope to work with them in the near future.  

Other friends that I have gotten to know and who made the list are:

Sofia and André from Branco Prata

And Chris from Postcards & Pretties

Congrats everyone!  You guys all rock mucho!

To see all of the 100 blogs that made the list, check out the link here.  And definitely check out Bride Tide as well.  It is such a great resource.  All of the best wedding posts from around the web can all be found right here in one place.  Perfect!

Good night!