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Unique LA Local Love Event

On Sunday I was lucky enough to go to my first Unique LA show with friends. I am such a fan of Renegade (I've talked about it countless times here on the blog) and shopping from local, independent artists so I knew I would enjoy Unique just as much. This weekend was the first 'Local Love' event which featured LA area vendors only. The show was smaller than normal and I must say I liked the size. It felt very manageable and I was able to see all the artists without having to rush. I saw a few familiar booths but a lot of new vendors too. I was impressed with everything I saw and only wish I had more money to spend on nifty handmade finds.

Unique is held inside, in a loft-warehouse space. It is on the 13th floor with windows all around the perimeter so you get a great view of Downtown LA. Similar to Renegade, the rows of vendor booths are the main focus but Unique also had a DIY station, a photobooth, lounge areas with chairs, a DJ, and plenty of food vendors offering free samples. The food and wine samples were quite the treat. My brother came along, his first LA craft fair experience, and each time I looked up he was at a different vendor partaking in the tasty samples. He came hungry.

It was a cloudy day in LA but we still enjoyed the Downtown views.

David checking out Pocket Square bowties. They had a beautiful collection with a great mix of fabrics and textures. On the right is a sampling of the vintage-inspired, pocket watch necklaces by Love Nail Tree. I've seen them at Renegade before. They have some watches where you can see the gears and internal mechanisms moving. Very cool! Kind of steampunk. I like it.

A wide array of posters from The Poster List. I've bought things from them before at Renegade. I love all the color.

The tins on the right are all candles from the Topanga Candle Company. This company repurposes vintage tins, containers, boxes, crates, kitchen accessories (anything really) into new candles. I'm a big fan of finding new uses for old things so this booth was fascinating.

There were cute decals up all over the walls, including this pink one in the elevator.

It was such a fun show and I was so glad to make it. Sadly I got called away sooner than planned so I didn't spend as much time there as I wanted. But I think they do another show in the spring so hopefully I don't have to wait too long to return. I purchased a really cute scarf that I'll share in a Crafted Fashion post soon. It was such a good find.

I still love Renegade but Unique is a fabulous show too. They are different but I think there is a place for both shows in LA. I look forward to future craft and handmade fairs, including Unique and Renegade and any other new ones that happen to pop up! 


The Best Illustration EVER

Hi friends! Just a quick post today since I'm busy trying to get a couple things done this week. I wanted to share a couple of finds from my Renegade visit in December. I mostly bought paper products this time around, including the two lovelies I'm going to share today from talented local illustrator Nan Lawson. Her style is so quirky and fun and I definitely recommend checking out her Etsy shop stocked full of her unique prints. There are a couple others I have my eye on too...I just don't think I can live without them. But among Nan's large collection of illustrations, I found the absolute best print I have EVER seen. And I bought it. And it makes me so happy.

Now to some of you this may just be a man with a mustache eating bacon and eggs. But to me this man is Ron Swanson, the meat-loving parks department director in the show Parks and Recreation. This show is a favorite of mine (I never miss it) and Ron has to be one of the best comedic characters ever written. His dry sense of humor is quite perfect. Does anyone else watch Parks and Rec? Does anyone else love Ron Swanson as much as me?

I was overjoyed to see that Nan commemorated Ron in such a great way, with his bacon and eggs. She has done other movie and tv show characters also, like Harry Potter characters, Harold & Maude, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, and others that you can find in her shop.  

On a different note, I also found this print from Nan which is much more sweet and girly...

She draws all of her people with rosy cheeks which I think is adorable. Even Ron Swanson got rosy cheeks. 

Just a few pictures today friends. Happy Wednesday!


It's That Time of Year

Hi friends! It's that time of year and boy am I excited for this weekend. Of course I mean that it's time for Renegade, holiday version. I went last year (which is where I took the above picture) and am so looking forward to a Los Angeles-bound weekend mixed with handmade crafts (plus friends and good food and possibly the Rose Bowl flea market!). All kinds of goodness packed into a few days. Renegade is reason enough to celebrate but Saturday is also my birthday so hence the reason for combining all of my favorite elements into one weekend. 

Who is in the LA area and will be attending? I would love to see blog friends and other local creatives so let me know if you'll be there. Right now I'm planning to attend on Saturday since the Rose Bowl flea market is Sunday. If you have never been to Renegade I highly recommend it. There is so much good stuff and you can get Christmas shopping done while also supporting local and independent handmade businesses. And it's free to get in! In fact, I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday weekend.


Renegade Finds: Sass & Peril Screenprinting

Happy Wednesday blog world!  I wanted to share another artist with you that I discovered at Renegade this summer...see, slowly but surely I am getting around to featuring all the cool artists that I found (see the first feature on Shannon Gerard).  Today I want to introduce the lovely work of Shannon Kennedy (another talented Shannon) and her shop Sass & Peril.  Sass & Peril specializes in screenprinted paper and textiles, all unique and handmade.  Her booth definitely caught my eye at the fair because of her use of bold colors and geometric shapes.  Her work definitely has a youthful spirit to it and as she says on her website, she designs for "both kids and kids at heart."  I must be a kid at heart then because Shannon's booth was a favorite of mine at the fair.  It was hard for me to choose a single print but I ultimately settled on this "Love Above All" design:

The font lover in me was super happy with this choice.  What I love about this print is the simple design, great colors, and the strong message.  Artwork at its best!  

Along with a bunch of prints (some printed on paper, others printed on wood), the Sass & Peril shop sells screenprinted cards, journals, pillows, totes, and baby onesies.  Here are a few of my favorite designs:

The animal prints would be so perfect as baby shower gifts.  And or gifts for myself...that yellow lion tote is awesome.  The heart print reminds me of the snowflake craft you learn in elementary school.  The one where you fold paper a couple times, cut out some shapes in the middle, and when you open it up it looks like a snowflake.  Do we all remember doing those in school?!

Screenprinting is a really fascinating art to me, one which I don't know much about yet.  I would love to learn more eventually and try my hand at it.  If you are interested in the process like me, I think you will enjoy this photo series on Shannon's Flickr, showing the various steps in the screenprinting process.  See the full set here.  

I love when artists share the process that goes on behind the scenes.  It reminds me just how special my print is...how it is completely unique and that Shannon put a lot of time and love into each piece.  This is the reason for shopping handmade.

I hope you enjoyed seeing Sass & Peril's fabulous work today.  Please visit their site and blog to see more.

Sass & Peril :: blog :: shop :: Facebook :: Twitter

I adore my new piece of artwork.  I really need to work on hanging all my stuff.  I have so many pieces propped up around my room, waiting patiently to get a spot on my wall.  Am I alone in this?  Why does it take forever to hang stuff?  

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Renegade Finds: Shannon Gerard & Plants You Can't Kill

Over the next couple of weeks I will spend a few posts sharing my Renegade Craft Fair finds and highlighting the artists that are behind those fabulous handmade products.  There were tons of more amazing artisans at Renegade and sadly my wallet forced me to walk out of too many booths empty handed.  I think I would have bought something from everyone if I could have...there were just that many talented people there.  Today I want to highlight Shannon Gerard and her incredible Plants You Can't Kill.

Shannon is an illustrator but also a talented crochet artist.  Her Plants You Can't Kill series was the highlight of her booth at Renegade this year.  This mini cactus might have been the first purchase I made that day actually.  I spotted it right away and knew I couldn't walk away without purchasing one.  Although I have managed to keep a handful of succulents and aloe plants alive, I appreciate Shannon's attempt to provide sustainable greenery for those of us not horitculturally-inclined.  Everyone deserves a bit of greenery in their lives, even if the greenery is made up of yarn.  

Crochet is a particular interest of mine right now too.  I bought a how-to book and kit awhile ago and have been trying to teach myself.  I have to admit that crochet is not the easiest thing to pick up.  I have been combining the book directions with youTube videos but so far I can only make little blobs.  And not the best looking blobs either.  Shannon's work just blows my mind because it is hard for me to imagine making the intricate shapes she does.

Here are a few more pictures of Shannon's plants from her Tumblr blog & taken by her:

This is what she has to say about them:

"These pretty little cacti, aloe plants, flowering pots, ferns and other botanicals look darling on the windowsill but are particularly resonant with those of us who can’t keep the real thing alive.  After dozens of failed attempts at indoor gardening, I just decided to crochet plants my own damn self."

What I also appreciate about Shannon's work is that she uses her crochet to bring attention to important causes.  For example her Boobs & Dinks project was an educational exhibit, which included test kits, meant to inform the public about the importance of early cancer detection.  In a similar style, her Playing Doctor kits were a non-traditional but fun alternative to sex education.  I love the idea of spreading the word through crochet art and encourage the practice of educating the public through art.  I would love to see more projects like this.

Aren't the crochet plants great?  They would make a fabulous house warming gift.  I am going to pot a few mini succulents to display next to my little cactus and place them all on my windowsill.  

Want to see more of Shannon Gerard's work?  Visit her here: website : blog : tumblr : shop