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What I Want...Friday, June 11th

It's Friday again!!  I've had my eyes set on a few cool things this last week and I'm excited to share them here.  Here is what I'm loving and wanting right now:


What I want to { do } :: watch World Cup soccer in South Africa

World Cup 2010 started today and this morning I got to watch Uruguay versus France.  It was kind of a boring game (tied 0-0 at the end) but Uruguay's defense was awesome and they totally prevented France from getting any real looks.  I can imagine they are proud of themselves because they went into the game as the underdogs.  I'm not particularly invested in either of those two teams.  I hope to catch Italy, Spain, and USA games.  Apparently Argentina is going to be great so I'll try and watch them.  Even though I am a soccer fan and I played it growing up, watching it on tv is kind of boring.  But watching it in person is amazing.  While in Europe I was fortunate enough to see two professional soccer games, AS Roma and Real Madrid.  European soccer fans are crazy (they put any US fans to shame, seriously!) and the energy in the stadium totally pumps you up.  Seeing these World Cup games in person would be so cool.  And this new stadium they built is beautiful.  With basketball winding down (go Lakers!!) it will be fun to invest myself in another sport.  The only downside is that a lot of the games air on ESPN in the morning, like 7am or earlier even.  Bloody time change!

Photo: FIFA


Where I want to { go } :: Renegade Craft Fair

The Renegade Craft Fair will be in Los Angeles July 24th and 25th and I couldn't be more excited.  Renegade is a large-scale fair put on in cities around the country that feature independent and local artists and crafters.  I see it as "Etsy + real life shopping."  Like Etsy, Renegade encourages all things handmade.  I love supporting independent artists and crafters myself and it is so encouraging that so many others feel the same way and that it has become a trend in our society.  The fair originally started in Chicago in 2003 but since then fairs have been held in Brooklyn, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and now Austin.  The only problem I foresee with this place is that I will leave with no money in my bank account because I will literally want to buy everything I see.  And there will be about 250 vendors there so all the more reason for my bank account to start crying now.  Admission is free so everyone should go because it will definitely be full of visual delights!

Photo: Renegade Craft Fair Flickr group 


What I want to { buy } :: Japanese washi tape

OMG!  Keep me away from this tape...I literally want every color, every pattern.  I don't know exactly what makes this tape so special or different from other tape but the colors and patterns are just heaven.  Just type "washi tape" or "Japanese washi tape" into Flickr (example here) and you'll see all the cute things people do with it.  It is a particularly great alternative to wrapping paper and traditional packaging.  I have always been a sucker for paper goods/office supplies kind of stuff and this tape is no exception.  I have been restraining myself from buying any because I'm afraid to walk away with 50 rolls of tape (once again my bank account weeps) but I don't think I can resist much longer.  This stuff is almost too good to be true. 

Photo: Cute Tape


What I want to { eat } :: Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches

There are a couple of reasons why I need to try Coolhaus.  (1) The company was started by two young architecture students who wanted to combine their love of food and architecture.  Architecture plays an equally large role as the ice cream treats in their company.  Their desserts are even named after famous architecture icons (ex: Frank Behry [Frank Gehry], Mintimalism [Minimalism], Mies Vanilla Rohe [Mies van der Rohe], Richard Meyer Lemon Ginger [Richard Meier], and Oatmeal Cinnamoneo [Rafael Moneo]).  (2) They don't have a store but instead a trendy, converted postal van that they cruise around LA in, Twittering their location to their customers.  And (3), these desserts look absolutely freakin' amazing!  I think the marketing behind this company is spectacular and as an architecture student myself, I appreciate the unique use of their degrees.  If I was getting married or having an event I would totally hire these guys to come out and I think I would probably have to try every flavor.  I also love that the desserts come wrapped in custom edible wrappers.  In the future they want to introduce edible spoons so that no waste will be produced.  Ingenious...and yummy!

Photo: Dwell article about Coolhaus   


What I want to { read } :: Pia Jane Bijkerk's blog and Paris: Made By Hand

There is a book called Paris: Made By Hand that I have been wanting to buy for awhile.  The book was written by Pia Jane Bijkerk, a stylist, photographer, and author.  I recently discovered her beautiful blog and have gotten addicted.  Every single picture and post is just lovely and I instantly want to transform myself into her world.  She lives and works and splits her time between Paris, Amsterdam, and Sydney (lucky, lucky, lucky!!).  While in Amsterdam, she lives on a houseboat (so cool, although I kind of hate boats, but in the calm, Amsterdam canals, I think I would be ok).  Her most recent book Amsterdam: Made By Hand just came out (I will also need to get this) and she is working on a third book.  Right now I am just excited to peruse her blog and soak up all the beauty.  I want this girl's life...it is like my dream future!

Photo: Pia Jane Bijkerk blog 


What I want to { watch } :: The Pacific

History was probably my favorite subject in school and even now, I love reading historical fiction or non-fiction books and watching historically accurate movies.  I have always been drawn to stories centered around the Civil War, WWI, and WWII.  Band of Brothers still remains one of the best war movies I have ever seen so I was super excited when I heard about The Pacific (to be completely honest, part of the love is because Tom Hanks is associated with the project...I love him!).  I got to watch the first part of The Pacific recently and I can't wait to see the rest.  It seems like it is the same caliber as Band of Brothers.  I commend Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg for honoring the soldiers in the Pacific theater as well. 

Photo: HBO The Pacific

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