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Houzz Feature: Retro-Style Hanging Map DIY

I am so excited to finally share this DIY with you readers. I created this project for Houzz but knew you guys would like it because of the vintage style and travel theme. This paper project is a great weekend craft and an easy way to spruce up your walls with some handmade artwork quickly and cheaply. I was inspired by those retro school maps, the ones that used to hang above the chalkboard of classrooms. You still see them occasionally but they are definitely a product of a bygone era. I love travel themed decor, especially when someone personalizes it to their own adventures, and this map is definitely something you could make to reflect a special trip.

Check out the materials list and directions for making your own retro-inspired map. You only need a handful of items and then you are only a few steps away from displaying your new creation on your walls.

School Yourself in Making a Retro-Style Hanging Map

Do you like travel-themed decor? Do you display special mementos from your own journeys? I like having my collected things out since it reminds me of good times with friends and family and of unique moments in lovely places. To me, things like this make your space feel like home.

Enjoy the DIY! I hope it encourages you to get crafty.  


Font Love, Vol. XX

Happy Font Friday everyone!  I am experiencing some wanderlust this morning, something which is pretty typical for me.  I am always thinking about travel.  But ever since I found this video earlier in the week, my mind has been on Paris.  I decided to have this week's font post be inspired by vintage Paris.  So first I have the adorable video and then I have a {free} retro font to share.

Swoon-tastic video awaits you...

EF - Live The Language - Paris from Albin Holmqvist on Vimeo.

Not only does this video depict such a fun and romantic little adventure but the fonts are just fabulous.  I wish I knew what they all were.  Does anyone recognize some of them?  A few look familiar but I am bad at remembering names.  This video is a part of a set of commercials for EF International Language Centers.  They were directed by Gustav Johansson and the incredible typography was done by Albin Holmqvist.  There are also videos depicting Barcelona, Beijing, and London.  See them all here.  All four have great fonts that really represent each city.  

And now for my font freebie...Anchor Jack...

Anchor Jack is designed by AJ Paglia who has designed some other great freebies (see them all on the website).  The fat, bold letters are great for signage and there is a hint of a vintage feel which I really like.  A free font is such a good way to end the week!

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What does the weekend hold for you?  I will be slaving away (but still having fun) on projects for upcoming weddings and also for my first craft show.  Yesterday I did some scouting for materials for a backdrop at Home Depot.  I want to build something out of wood.  I'll definitely share some process pictures once I actually get it started.  In my head it all shouldn't be too challenging but we'll see how quickly that changes.  Fingers crossed I actually can construct something that stands up.  Happy weekend all!