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Font Love, Vol. XXVIII: Hlmt Rounded

Happy Friday blog friends! It's been a busy week here and so I decided to do a quick Font Friday post because it's been awhile since I shared a type favorite. Also I sadly don't have time to post something more extensive today. I apologize and will make up for it next week. Promise!

I just discovered this sweet hand-drawn font by Heather T. on DaFont called Hlmt Rounded. It's a great freebie, skinny text (my favorite) and very legible. Check it out. What do you think?

My favorite detail, by far, is the lowercase 't.' Isn't that great?! Hlmt Rounded is just a basic sans serif but I think it is good to always have a few of these in your arsenal. I have a few favorites and I swap them out occasionally to graphically change up the look. This one is a new favorite and you'll be seeing it more around here now.

And I'll leave you with a pretty bit of inspiration to start your weekend. I love this quote by Roald Dahl. What a nice reminder to cherish those 'unlikely places' in life. I definitely don't do it enough. Hopefully we can all remember this and enjoy the little things this weekend.

Happy Friday!