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Featured: The Knotty Bride DIY : Matchbook Save the Date

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I loved reading all of your feedback about Pinterest yesterday.  Clearly I am not the only one that is in love with this new blogging tool and I'm happy to see so many readers using the platform.  Being able to follow some of my favorite artists and see what is personally inspiring them is fun and almost like having your own window into their world.  So happy pinning!

I hope we're all in a crafty mood because today I am sharing some DIY save the date inspiration.  Awhile ago I created this project for The Knotty Bride and just haven't gotten a chance to share about it here on the blog.  So today I am sharing my matchbook save the dates.  A lot of my projects incorporate vintage elements or give new materials that vintage-feel but this project is modern, with clean lines and bold colors.  Design-wise, it was a nice change for me because I appreciate working on all kinds of styles.  But if you're wanting something vintage, this DIY could be altered to satisfy any wedding colors or theme.  

One of the reasons why I love this project so much is because it incorporates a few of my favorite crafting techniques, all which involve a sewing machine.  Although it has been done before, I have just discovered the beauty of stitching paper and I must admit, I want to stitch everything now.  I'm a bit obsessed but in my defense, it is an easy way to add a simple detail.  And it has a bit of a 'wow' factor!

Recognize the blue dot paper?  I used some leftover scraps from the bridesmaid booklets I made for my friend's wedding.  The paper is from Paper Source and it is this gorgeous Japanese decorative paper.  Paper Source sells a whole bunch of them.  It is a little pricey but the colors and patterns are so gorgeous and I definitely recommend them for wedding invitations, envelope liners, and book making.

The card rips out like a ticket stub so guests can pin them to bulletin boards or refrigerators as reminders.  I used the sewing machine to create the perforated tear-line.  See the tutorial for tips on how to do this and I'll plan to post a how-to about that specific technique sometime in the near future.  Because it's an awesome technique!

See the full post, with the tutorial and all the pictures at The Knotty Bride.

Happy mid-week friends!  I hope you enjoyed this DIY today.  I have more fun DIYs to share in the near future so stay tuned. 


Best Friend Save the Dates

Today I am SO excited to share the save the dates that I designed and packaged for my best friend Ashley's upcoming wedding!  Maybe you remember the bridesmaid booklets that I put together for her girls (including myself)?  The save the dates actually came before the booklets and they turned out really fabulous.  We decided to do a postcard style card (printed by Overnight Prints) which included pictures from Ashley and Scott's engagement session with photography by Stephany Fashempour

But it was just too boring to mail out a single postcard in an envelope so I put my crafty twist on things.  Each postcard got packaged in a glassine bag and tied with twine in Ashley's wedding colors, wine and royal blue.  For a decorative flourish I added some circle tags cut out of decorative paper.  These simple details gave the save the dates a little something extra and according to Ashley and her family, everything has been a big hit with all the guests.  Ya! 

So what do you guys think?  Do you like how everything turned out, including my crafty flair with the packaging?        


Rustic Woodsy Save the Date

So remember when I created this woodland inspired DIY for The Knotty Bride?  You do!  Well, that forest/mushroom/deer tablescape inspired me to create something else within the rustic, woodland theme.  I settled on save the dates because it is sort of "save the date season" right now with all the summer weddings in the works.  

Bunting + wood details + painted deer = yeah, I'm kind of in love with this!  What I really love about the project, is that when you paint the dark brown acrylic paint on the wood, it almost looks natural, like you etched in the names or burnt them into the wood.  

And yes, I included a little deer again!  The deer-craze continues.  But I definitely don't plan to have more anytime soon so soak up the deer goodness now...you won't appreciate them until they're gone.

See the full tutorial and all of the pictures on The Knotty Bride

Have you been eyeing all of the cute wood pieces, like the birch slices and little stand that I propped the save the date up on?  Wanting to get your hands on those babies and craft some woodsy projects yourself?  I bought these items from The Vermont Branch Company.  They have a fabulous little shop on Etsy filled with all kinds of great woodsy-ness.  They have a bunch of great decor items for weddings so if you're planning a rustic event, be sure and stop by.  They have great prices and their customer services is amazing.  I even asked for a few little adjustments on my order and they were completely willing to make what I wanted.  Buying from a family company like this is so much easier than cutting your own wood slices, right? 

I even bought this little tree that I'm using as decor in my studio:

It makes me happy with its adorableness!

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I hope you all enjoy this crafty DIY.


Postcards & Pretties Guest Post

Hi friends!

Sorry I've been a little MIA this week.  I am busy working on save the dates for my best friend's wedding (I'm her maid of honor) in September.  I have been addressing envelopes like crazy because these babies need to go out soon!  I will probably show pictures later this week once things are organized and I can take nice pictures of my work. I think they turned out lovely!

Last week something really excited happened for me...I did a guest post on Postcards & Pretties!  I have been a huge fan of this wedding inspiration blog for awhile now (you must check it out if you haven't already) so I was ecstatic when Chris asked me to create a unique DIY for her readers.  And she gave me free reign to do anything I wanted which was even better.  I'm kind of in save-the-date mode (clearly since I'm doing my best friend's) so I figured I would role with that.  I am a huge fan of mason jars so I decided to incorporate them into my design...except make them more crafty!

So I designed embroidered mason jar ornaments that guests can hang to remind them of your special day!  See the full post here with the full tutorial.

Chris told me that the post was a popular one so clearly, I'm not the only mason jar lover out there (yes, I've converted you all!).  Would you make something like this for your save the dates?  I think these mason jars could be used for many things, not just for wedding-related purposes.  Some people suggested them as cute gifts for kids.  Or maybe making it for special someones on Valentine's!  Another person commented that they would make adorable Christmas ornaments...maybe like an advent calendar.  The rolled up notes could be sweet messages for each day of December.  

I realize that this save-the-date is a bit labor-intensive.  But the handmade touch is so special and unique and I think guests would really appreciate something like this.  Sometimes it is important to put a little time and energy into things.  This is a motto that I definitely live by.  There is so much value in the things that we make by hand.

Happy Tuesday night everyone!   


Airmail DIY

So remember when I did a post on airmail inspiration?  Ya, that post wasn't totally random.  I had an airmail-inspired project in the works and I was collecting images that were influencing me and helping me with my design.  Last week I shared the DIY on Emmaline Bride and today I'm sharing it here with you!

I am such a fan of stitching/embroidery details (can you tell by now?) and I liked using it here in order to give the airmail more of a three-dimensional look.  I used drill fabric which is such a great staple (I recommend having it around for all kinds of crafty projects) and it helps to give the project a rustic feel.  I printed the calendar directly on the drill fabric.  Yes, you can do that!  With a normal printer too, it's seriously amazing.  I'm going to print everything on fabric now!

This DIY would pair perfectly with a vintage, travel-themed wedding.  I envision tons of old postcards, maps, globes, paper airplanes, and suitcases.  I am such a fan of these old-time European details.

Are you interested in the other items in these pictures?  For styling purposes, I included paper pinwheels, old maps, and antique postcards.  The postcards and lace doily came from a local antique store.  The map paper is from an old atlas book also found at a local antique store.  The atlas was an amazing purchase because it is filled with maps from around the world.  I just cut out another page whenever I need.  I've used it for a bunch of projects so it was totally worth what I paid for it.  The pinwheels were also made with pages from that atlas (from the index in the back) and you can find the tutorial of how to make them on The Knotty Bride.  I used airmail washi tape that I purchased from Cute Tape (love their shop!).  And the airmail ribbon is from the Retro NaNa shop on Etsy.  The drill fabric is from Joanns but you can find it at any fabric store.  

See the full tutorial with all the pictures and detailed instructions on Emmaline Bride.

Happy Wednesday!