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Houzz Feature: Simple Screenprint Cloud Pillows

Hi readers! How has your week been going so far? Today I want to share a DIY that involves one of my favorite crafting techniques. I have heard it called 'Poor Man's Screenprinting' before and I love that title because it really is the cheapest, easiest way to pull off the screenprinting technique. Real printing is an elaborate and beautiful process (I wrote about one of my favorite print shops Sass & Peril last year...be sure to check out all of Shannon's beautiful work) and the real thing definitely puts this technique to shame. But this way does help get crisp, clean paint lines when you are painting on fabric.

I created this DIY for Houzz and demonstrated a step-by-step tutorial on making your own cloud pillow using this screenprinting process.

With just a few materials you can make this design or something similar in a few hours on a weekend or in the evening after work. To see what you need to make this DIY and to follow along with all the steps, visit the article I wrote on Houzz: Punch Up a Pillow With an Easy Stenciling Project.

Do you recognize that calligraphy? It's my new favorite Jacques and Gilles which I've mentioned a few times on here now. Part of the script was done using the screenprinting technique but I also had to freehand some of it (where the lines get really skinny). 

Have you ever tried this craft technique yourself? What did you make and how did it turn out? I have used it multiple times and have been very happy with the results. 

Happy Wednesday everyone!


For You // For Home, Volume II

Happy Wednesday friends! It's half-way through the week and I have some super fun neon inspiration to share today. I spotted these fabulous neon shoes on Pinterest the other day and couldn't resist posting about them. The color and texture make for the perfect combination, don't you agree? These would, for sure, be in my closet if it weren't for the $195 price tag. I can't quite justify that much for flats (unfortunately). I decided to pair these dream shoes with a neon print in this edition of For You // For Home.

for you { shoes by Rebecca Minkoff, sold by Piperlime }

for home { print by Shop Ampersand via Etsy }

Also take a browse through the Shop Ampersand virtual storefront. Everything is so colorful, cheerful and modern. They have a lot of prints but also some melamine platters which would make for the perfect hostess gift...or gift for yourself (lets be honest). 

Are you enjoying the neon trend? I like little hints of it, especially when paired with neutrals that tone it down. How would you use neon in your home?


Renegade Finds: Sass & Peril Screenprinting

Happy Wednesday blog world!  I wanted to share another artist with you that I discovered at Renegade this summer...see, slowly but surely I am getting around to featuring all the cool artists that I found (see the first feature on Shannon Gerard).  Today I want to introduce the lovely work of Shannon Kennedy (another talented Shannon) and her shop Sass & Peril.  Sass & Peril specializes in screenprinted paper and textiles, all unique and handmade.  Her booth definitely caught my eye at the fair because of her use of bold colors and geometric shapes.  Her work definitely has a youthful spirit to it and as she says on her website, she designs for "both kids and kids at heart."  I must be a kid at heart then because Shannon's booth was a favorite of mine at the fair.  It was hard for me to choose a single print but I ultimately settled on this "Love Above All" design:

The font lover in me was super happy with this choice.  What I love about this print is the simple design, great colors, and the strong message.  Artwork at its best!  

Along with a bunch of prints (some printed on paper, others printed on wood), the Sass & Peril shop sells screenprinted cards, journals, pillows, totes, and baby onesies.  Here are a few of my favorite designs:

The animal prints would be so perfect as baby shower gifts.  And or gifts for myself...that yellow lion tote is awesome.  The heart print reminds me of the snowflake craft you learn in elementary school.  The one where you fold paper a couple times, cut out some shapes in the middle, and when you open it up it looks like a snowflake.  Do we all remember doing those in school?!

Screenprinting is a really fascinating art to me, one which I don't know much about yet.  I would love to learn more eventually and try my hand at it.  If you are interested in the process like me, I think you will enjoy this photo series on Shannon's Flickr, showing the various steps in the screenprinting process.  See the full set here.  

I love when artists share the process that goes on behind the scenes.  It reminds me just how special my print is...how it is completely unique and that Shannon put a lot of time and love into each piece.  This is the reason for shopping handmade.

I hope you enjoyed seeing Sass & Peril's fabulous work today.  Please visit their site and blog to see more.

Sass & Peril :: blog :: shop :: Facebook :: Twitter

I adore my new piece of artwork.  I really need to work on hanging all my stuff.  I have so many pieces propped up around my room, waiting patiently to get a spot on my wall.  Am I alone in this?  Why does it take forever to hang stuff?  

Happy Wednesday everyone!