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For You // For Home, Volume II

Happy Wednesday friends! It's half-way through the week and I have some super fun neon inspiration to share today. I spotted these fabulous neon shoes on Pinterest the other day and couldn't resist posting about them. The color and texture make for the perfect combination, don't you agree? These would, for sure, be in my closet if it weren't for the $195 price tag. I can't quite justify that much for flats (unfortunately). I decided to pair these dream shoes with a neon print in this edition of For You // For Home.

for you { shoes by Rebecca Minkoff, sold by Piperlime }

for home { print by Shop Ampersand via Etsy }

Also take a browse through the Shop Ampersand virtual storefront. Everything is so colorful, cheerful and modern. They have a lot of prints but also some melamine platters which would make for the perfect hostess gift...or gift for yourself (lets be honest). 

Are you enjoying the neon trend? I like little hints of it, especially when paired with neutrals that tone it down. How would you use neon in your home?


For You // For Home, Volume I

Hi friends! Today I'm starting a new inspirational series similar to my Fashion & Florals post. Coming from an architecture background, I am still constantly inspired by interiors and beautiful home styling. And I am a firm believer that a well designed, well lit space can make all the difference. This series will be a juxtaposition between spaces and interiors, for home, and shoes and accessories, for you.

Today I'm inspired by the color mustard and I have paired some strappy sandals with an elegant and grand bedroom. 

for you {Anthropologie, shoes by Seychelles}

for home {Mel Yates Photography via This is Glamorous}

I am swooning over those shoes. I am currently looking for some new sandals too and this pair is definitely a contender. The colorblocking feels modern but the t-strap shape is very vintage. They come in two other cute colors as well. The green and nude version is so cheerful and appropriate for the upcoming spring season.

Are you starting to shop for spring? Bought any cute sandals yet? Has anyone bought Seychelles before? They look comfy but you can never tell with shoes. Online shopping is always a gamble but these shoes just might be worth it for me.

Have a great Tuesday.


My Week Through Instagram: Week Eight

Happy weekend friends! Is everyone having a nice, relaxing few days? I'm just popping in to share my week of Instagram pictures. I had family out this week so it was a little quiet and now I'm trying to play catch up on a few projects. We also had a week of incredibly nice weather and I spent a lot of lunches and early evenings outside in my yard. Very enjoyable! Here is what my week looked like, week eight of 2012...

Sunday: I took a nice long walk with family and then we got caught up on the patio. The blue skies were beautiful.

Monday: One of my goals was to start a Facebook page for Lauren Elise Crafted and I finally did just that! I am looking forward to sharing my projects there and connecting with readers. Follow me on FB by clicking the 'like' button which you can find on the right-hand side of my blog.

Tuesday: My dog Scout has a plethora of toys (she's quite spoiled!) but this polar bear is her most recent acquisition. She is in the honeymoon stage now and very partial to him.

Wednesday: I love these classic Vans sneakers of mine. They are perfect when I have to run around and do craft errands.

Thursday: I'm a big fan of the tilt-shift feature in Instagram and on Thursday I posted a tutorial about how to do tilt-shift in Photoshop. In just a few steps you can make these cool effects yourself.

Friday: I spent lunchtime outside, munching on some yummy Trader Joe's cookies and reading a book.

Saturday: I had embroidery work to do yesterday but to change it up, I opted to sit by the pool. With a refreshing drink it was the perfect environment for working.

So that was my week. What did yours look like?

Follow me on instagram if you like. My username is laurenelisecrafted. Or see all of my pictures on the computer through Followgram. 


Crafted Fashion: Pink Pleated Skirt

Hi friends! It's a fashionable Tuesday here on the blog because today I am highlighting the pleated skirt.

Pleats are back! How do I know this? Because they keep popping up all over Pinterest that's how. I've been seeing so many cute pleated skirts there lately. Pleats can look heavy depending on the fabric but what I've been seeing is a lot of light, airy, moveable pleats which feel like the perfect modern take on a classic style. And they have that vintage quality to them too, don't they? You don't even need to scrounge through countless second-hand stores in order to pull off that vintage chic look. Marvelous! Because vintage shopping can be a challenge, especially when you aren't size tiny and petite.

I found my skirt a few months ago in the fall. I had been wanting to add some pleats to my wardrobe and was lucky to find this one. Not only does it have the pleats but also the ruffle edges which are the perfect feminine detail. But I don't feel too overly girly in it either...which definitely isn't my style. I usually pair it with more casual pieces, like this striped top or a blazer so I think those elements help to tone down the girly and make it feel more 'me.' Pink isn't necessarily my color either (this might be the only pink thing I have in my closet) but instead of pink, I like to think of it as antique rose so it's acceptable. I guess a girl has to give in and have one pink thing.

pleated skirt: Anthropologie (that's the actual link to the skirt with the style number - it's not online but you could possibly search stores to find it)

stripe top: H&M (they still have the shirt but not in the brown stripe)

belt: Anthropologie

shoes: Target (I guess Target still has them? Crazy, I bought these awhile ago)

gold bracelets: vintage, from my family

brown woven clutch: vintage that I got from my friend Rachel (thanks Rachel!!)

So what do you think of pleats? Do you have any in your closet? I am quite in love with this skirt. It is so flowy and fun. How do you style yours? Any tips? The length of this skirt probably isn't the best for me and I actually think it looks best when paired with heels but sadly, I never wear heels. Usually I wear my oxfords with this skirt and I like that combo because the shoes add to the vintage vibe. Maybe one day I'll find a true vintage pleat for me.

Happy Tuesday friends!


Behind the Scenes for Emmaline Bride

A few weeks ago I posted this bunting favors DIY that I shared over on Emmaline Bride.  Today I wanted to show a few behind the scenes pictures of my setup for capturing that particular project.  For the most part, I try and put a lot of effort into styling my work in order to present it in the best possible light.  The outcome doesn't always match the original vision but I am proud of what I put together and I learn new things from each and every shoot (it's a huge learning process).  Because I am always fascinated in how other people create their images, I would like to feature what I did today in hopes that someone else might find it interesting.  I am far from any kind of styling, photographing expert but I do the best with the materials that I have.  

For this DIY, I wanted to really highlight the favor itself and have a pretty zoomed-in perspective on those little details.  I also wanted to place the muslin bag on some interesting textures to coordinate with my creation.  Looking for something rustic and made of wood, I ultimately settled on this old drawer which I turned upside down.  I also found this vintage tablecloth and used it because of the bright pop of blue and yellow color.  Everything was shot on the concrete floor in my studio.

As is typical, Scout found it necessary to wander through my setup and investigate everything.  She found the baby succulent particularly intriguing and since she has a history of destroying innocent plants, I made sure to watch her carefully.  With each set of pictures I take there seem to be a handful of Scout shots.  Maybe she likes getting her picture taken after all?

I envisioned this shot of me standing in the confetti (why are shoe shots so fun?) in heels but before capturing a good one, I took a few duds like the picture above.  And because Scout was around, I tried her out with a foot shot of her own...

She was squirming a bit so I couldn't really get her paws in focus.

You would never know from the final pictures (thank goodness) but I looked like a mess that day too.  I guess that is the beauty of photo shoots.  Behind the scenes can be chaos but as long as you don't know from the final result, everything is good.  I was basically in pajamas but then teetering along on my very high heels.  A hilarious sight to be seen I'm sure.  But despite the above non-beauty, the final pictures were pretty lovely...

Although I must say that my muslin favor bags kind of blended in with the vintage tablecloth...so if I could go back I would change that a bit and make the favors stand out more on their own.  So another lesson learned with another set of great DIY pictures of my projects.  

So there is a little sneak peek into the magic of my pictures...or complete non-magic as these pictures clearly point out.  Do you enjoy styling and putting together little photo shoots?  The term photo shoot implies something so glamorous but I am afraid mine are far from it.  But maybe this is the norm.  Do your glamorous photo shoots include pajamas and plant-hungry dogs?  Jealous?