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My Week Through Instagram: Week Twenty-Seven & Twenty-Eight

Here is post two today: this time I'm recapping weeks twenty-seven and twenty-eight of my Instagram photos. I am so excited to be more than half-way through this project of a photo a day. And I haven't missed a day yet so I'm proud of my progress. Are you doing any kind of daily photography project? How is it going so far?

Sunday: These pink blooms are prospering this summer. The trees are all around my neighborhood and a few are in our backyard. It's like springtime in summer.

Monday: A morning cup of chai tea. Yum.

Tuesday: I go through cycles of what I enjoy for breakfast. Right now I'm loving vanilla greek yogurt and granola. The cute Anthro bowls make it even more enjoyable. 

Wednesday: I shared this DIY project on the blog, a how-to for making your own gold air plant terrarium.  It is super simple and air plants are the easiest things to care for.

Thursday: We watched fireworks from our house this year. One show we could see from our front yard, another show from our deck in the back. I liked this shot of a single firework with the street lamps.

Friday: Spent the evening catching up with an old friend that I haven't seen in years. This included live music at a local outdoor music festival. It was my kind of evening.

Saturday: Someone has a sweet, old yellow Volkswagen in my town. Lucky!

And now for week twenty-eight:

Sunday: My teacup when it's all gone.

Monday: I love our local library. Actually I'm quite partial to all libraries. They are so special to me. And I love the smell of old books. Is that weird?

Tuesday: I picked up the classic Walden at the library. I have never read it. So far the pages are enlightening and quite the inspiration for a simple and natural life.

Wednesday: My Mom found this set of notebooks with this cute leaf graphic and she let me have one. I will always take a fresh, new notebook. I am a bit of a notebook hoarder actually. I have a handful in my desk that have yet to be used. A crisp, new notebook holds such possibilities don't you think? It's kind of magical. It is just waiting for you to fill it up with treasures.

Thursday: Brother came home for a few days. Whenever he is here the house is filled with music: he sings, plays guitar, standup base and piano. It is beautiful and comforting. I like having him home even if it is just for a bit.

Friday: Washi tape! This is just a small part of my ever-growing collection. My friend Nic just recently discovered how fabulous it is and now he knows how addicting it can be. Do we need to form a washi support group?

Saturday: I visited Unique LA's summer show yesterday in Santa Monica (fantastic show as usual!) and then got an early dinner with David (brother) in Silverlake. He is looking for an apartment out there currently. We stopped in at Food+Lab on Sunset. Perfect restaurant, my kind of place. Simple design with some industrial details, welcoming vibe and delicious food. Be sure to visit if you're in the area.

So that concludes my month-long recap for today and now I'm all caught up.

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Los Angeles Local Music Event: Mojo Stone in Silverlake

Hi everyone! This is my first of two posts this morning and right now I'd like to take the opportunity to let any Los Angeles locals know about a great show that will be taking place in Silverlake on March 15th. Being the proud sister that I am, I can't help but share about my brother and his talented band Mojo Stone and the record release party they will be having at the Bootleg Theater. Their second album Strange Honey will debut that night and Mojo will put on a spectacular performance (they always do) along with Downtown Train, Dustbowl Revival, and The Wind and Rain.

I am lucky enough to have heard the album (perks!) and I am blown away. Mojo Stone has put together a beautiful collection and to me, it's so apparent how much they have grown as musicians and as a group. According to David, my brother, the band feels this album is more a reflection of their style and I couldn't agree more. I think you hear that in the songs.

So if you're in the area, stop on by. I'll be there, supporting of course. If you aren't in LA, I will share links to the songs when they get posted and eventually they will have the album up on iTunes to download. So everyone can get a listen, local and non-local alike. Also Mojo is going on tour this summer, all across the country and they might be stopping in your city. I'll share more details about that tour as they come. 

Check out more about Mojo Stone. Find them here:

Tumblr l Website l Facebook l Twitter

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