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My Week Through Instagram: Week Twenty-Three

Hi everyone! I'm a little late to start off this week. Yesterday was nonstop finishing up a couple of projects. But I'm getting back into blogging today by recapping last week. Last week was number twenty-three of 2012! Can you believe it? We are almost halfway through the year. At the beginning of this year I set a little goal for myself which was to post a picture (at least one) to Instagram each day. I haven't missed a day yet and I am so proud I've come this far. I think it will be so fun to look back at the entire year in December through my pictures. Are you working on a daily project this year? How is it coming? Have you set goals like this for yourself in the past and how did they turn out?


Sunday: While my brother is away on tour, all his stuff is getting stored here at home including his fabulous Mac computer. This computer is amazing (and it runs so much quicker than mine) but the thing I'm really jealous of is this gigantic screen. Oh my! It makes working in Photoshop so easy. At least I have it all to myself until he gets back.

Monday: I spent the day styling and shooting a little gardening scene and this is a snapshot of the work in progress.

Tuesday: It has been awhile but I finally sent out some snail mail. I packaged up a couple of sweet goodies to loved ones using my favorites: glassine bags, tags and twine.

Wednesday: This shot is from my daily walk with Scout. This is a small private orange grove along one of our routes. I just like the old wood sign. It says, "Please - No Bikes."

Thursday: The weather is getting warmer which means shorts are starting to make an appearance. I rediscovered my dragonfly bloomers and wore them to work paired with a grey blazer. I couldn't resist pairing them with my oxfords.

Friday: All the jacaranda trees are going crazy in our neighborhood right now. They have the most vibrant purple flowers. They might be super messy but when they drop all of their violet blooms it is so magical. Like a carpet of purple.

Saturday: I had an early shift at Anthropologie on Saturday and as I waited to go in, I noticed these neat door handles. Quite the whimsical detail. It pairs perfectly with the salvaged wood doors.

So that was a peek into my week twenty-three. What did yours look like?

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My Week Through Instagram: Week Twenty-Two

Happy weekend friends! Are you having a nice one so far? I have to say mine has been quite lovely. I have read, I wrote a couple letters yesterday (something I haven't done in SO long), I ate a yummy meal with my family last night. I'll be picking up my camera today and taking photographs. All the things that make for a nice few days. What have you been up to?

Here is my Instagram recap of last week, which was week twenty-two of 2012.

Sunday: These are some filler flowers that we picked up from Trader Joe's. I like filler flowers by themselves so these got put on display in a mason jar. They were a little messy and had a very Dr. Seuss quality to them.

Monday: We also scored these peonies from Trader Joe's, the last bunch. We just finally had to throw them away but these flowers were so beautiful all week. I was seriously captivated by them and how they changed colors and transitioned from closed-up buds to magnificent blooms. I took a bunch of pictures to capture the different stages and I'll be sharing them this week.

Tuesday: I did a DIY project this weekend and used electrical tape for the first time. I really liked it! These orange and purple colors were unexpected and I might try them out in my packaging more often.

Wednesday: Home Depot was actually selling flowers in these vintage-looking crates. This one is a welcome addition to our front porch.

Thursday: I sat outside in my backyard two days this week. It was rather warm but better in the shade and it just felt good to get out and see some sun. I worked and sketched out new ideas for upcoming projects. This old chair of ours is my favorite piece of patio furniture. It was my grandmother's and I remember it from her house when I was little.

Friday: I made up some scrambled eggs in the morning and was surprised to see this batch all stamped. An unexpected detail.

Saturday: I devoted some time to writing letters, something that I've been 'meaning to do' for far too long. It felt good to sit at my desk and just write. The only writing I do normally is on the computer. I used this old typewriter paper that has this amazing texture and these neat red lines at the margins. Now if only I could get my typewriter working then I'd really be set.

So that was a peek into my week twenty-two. What did yours look like?

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Font Love, Vol. XXV: Roskrift Clean

Happy Friday friends! The second week in January is coming to a close. Can you believe it? It's been awhile since I shared a Font Love post (since December) so here we go with our first pick of 2012. It's another freebie (for personal use) because a gratis font is oh, so nice. Today I want to highlight Roskrift Clean by designer Måns Grebäck. Grebäck is actually the designer behind a bunch of favorites including Feathergraphy, Channel, and Espesor Olas Half. Browse all of his free fonts here on FontSpace.

Roskrift Clean is actually the cleaner version (hence the title) of the original Roskrift which has a sketchy look. I like both versions but this one is newer and Roskrift has been a Font Friday favorite before. The reason why I was drawn to Roskrift Clean today was because it is a handwritten font (I dream about having calligraphy skills like that) and this week is Universal Letter Writing Week. On Tuesday blog friend Lisa shared this with me and now I'm encouraged to get a few letters out. Yes the week is almost over but any encouragement to send out snail mail is welcome. It would be so lovely if my handwriting would look like Roskrift here but sadly it does not. I guess my mail recipients will have to settle for my script instead. 

So if you have a little free time this weekend, take a few moments and write someone special a handwritten letter. It's little things like this that mean so much to friends and family. Or as an alternative, type out a letter using Roskrift and pop it in the mail.

I have a super cool DIY planned for Monday. I'm going to be experimenting today and hopefully achieving some super awesome results. I cannot wait to share it. Spoiler alert: it involves mason jars. Yep, get excited! Happy weekend friends!

image credit: me! 

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Whisker Graphics July DIY

Just last week I (excitedly) made the announcement that I was a part of the Whisker Graphics Design Team and would be doing a monthly project over on the Whisker Graphics blog.  Today (even more excited) I get to show you my first DIY that got posted earlier in the day.

I decided to start this thing off using one of my latest craft obsessions, airmail bakers twine.  I have gushed about my love affair with it before and in no way is the love lessening.  It is a packaging essential to me, especially when paired with airmail washi tape (yum!) like I did in this project.  

The inspiration behind this was to encourage all of us (me included) to create our own cards and write more hand-written notes to loved ones.  This DIY is proof that you can make something quickly that is still cute and has great design and you definitely don't need to spend a fortune doing it either.  I made this card in about 10 minutes.  I wanted manila colored paper so I actually just cut up an old filing folder (recycling).  I punched a few indents in the paper with a hole punch and wrapped the twine around.  A rubber stamp set was used to customize the card with a message.  And...that's it!  Fill out the back with a quick note and pop in the mail.  Whoever receives it will feel so special.  

Receiving little notes that let you know someone is thinking about you are so important.  I remember there were a few times when my Mom taped a note to the bathroom mirror or wrote something and left it in my lunch box when I was little.  Those are the best!  Thanks Mom!  Do you leave little notes or messages to loved ones?  If not, hopefully this post will encourage you to make a few cards.  I write this as a reminder mostly for myself...I always intend to write more letters but I get distracted and busy and then I don't do it.  I need to change this.

See my full post up on the Whisker Graphics blog.

Happy Thursday!  


Airmail Inspiration

Today I have thrown together some lovely inspiration involving airmail!  Yes those red and white striped envelopes that, to me, are the epitome of vintage, French, crafty goodness.  All mail (including domestic) should be sent in such fun packaging.  Maybe we would dread bills less if airmail envelopes were the standard (ok even airmail isn't that great...bills are the worst!).

To begin, I must share with you the greatest find I have yet to come across...AIRMAIL BAKERS TWINE!

Yes, it's true!  It does exist.  I never thought normal bakers twine could get any cuter but boy was I wrong.  Mix the red, blue, and white together and you have something so magnificent that the whole world should just stop for a moment and marvel at it.  Marvel people, marvel!  Are you needing it in your life like me?

I found these images at Divine Twine where you can also purchase the airmail version (along with all the other amazing bakers twine colors) for $15.  If for some reason you need it in smaller quantities (trust me, you'll use all 240 yards that Divine Twine gives you) you can search Etsy for 'airmail bakers twine' and find other vendors who sell it.

Now onto more inspiration:

Twine not enough?  Then go for the washi tape!  This French Airmail tape is a part of my personal craft collection and I couldn't be happier.  Since purchasing it, I have the urge to stick it on everything I touch.  Everything!  It is the perfect added detail, especially for packaging.  I bought my tape from Cute Tape and recommend them highly.  They have great service and so many tape options.  They also carry other irresistible finds like rubber stamps and cotton tape!

I found this little pouch via Oh, Hello Friend but it was made by a designer called Small Adventure on Etsy.  It appears that they don't make it anymore.  Isn't it cute though?  If you happened to exchange snail mail with friends (who does that anymore!?) it would be fun to keep all of your personal letters in a pouch like this for safe keeping.

This set comes from a favorite designer of mine who I have mentioned before, Paper Pastries!  This is a great little set if you're looking to send out some snail mail.  The kit comes with a pad of paper and envelopes as well as a Le Pen...fabulous!

These airmail tags are by Paper Tags Business on Etsy.  These would be great for a travel-themed wedding.  I would use them as favor tags or even as escort cards...or as a save-the-date!  The ideas are endless.

This color board was found via Pinterest from Decor8.  What a fabulous collection of paper ephemera!  This board would be perfect to use as wedding inspiration.  With just a quick glance, I've already come up with a handful of ideas that could be translated into a picnic, farm, rustic, crafty wedding.

I just like this picture and the hint of airmail you see.  I wish I could get this much mail everyday.  Image found via Pinterest from Oh, Hello Friend.  

I actually bought some of this ribbon from RetroNaNa, a wonderful fabric shop on Etsy, awhile ago but haven't used it yet.  But I think I have something in the works that it will be perfect for. *wink, wink, hint, hint*  This shop is filled with so many great things.  I spent forever searching on it and finally had to decide on two items (for now).  

Another great airmail note set from Simply B on Etsy.  This shop is filled a bunch of cute paper goodies not just of the airmail variety.

Obsessed with airmail?  Have I converted you yet?  I am working on a project right now that is inspired by airmail so it has been on my mind lately.  Look for that soon...very soon! :)

Happy Wednesday!