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Pinterest Picks, Vol. VI Shop Love

Hi readers! I am blogging two days in a row now so I am a bit excited. Tomorrow I plan to blog too and go for three days in a row. I haven't had that kind of consistency in a few weeks. Eek! It's the little things.

Today I have a roundup of some recent pins for another installment Pinterest Picks. This time I've created a theme of 'shop love' and all these pictures are snapshots into the world of small, independent boutique stores. Small shops, especially local ones, have such charm and can hold so much more meaning than big chains. The shops I highlighted for today all have a beautiful and simple aesthetic which is so pleasing to me. Simple design, neutral colors, unique details. We'll start off with a shop in Barcelona:

Cup & Cake

Barcelona, Spain

This bakery looks like the perfect retreat since the interior is so light and airy. The wood floors and counter tops are the perfect compliment to the white and neutral color palette. But my favorite detail just might be that outdoor window seat with the pillows. They have created a peaceful oasis in the middle of lively and spirited Barcelona.

Mungo & Maud

London, England

image via Remodelista

When I first pinned this image, I just noticed the beautiful bowls at the bottom and assumed it was a pottery shop. But then the dog bone-stamped bags confused me and called for further investigation. Mungo and Maud appears to be the most hip, chic dog supply store out there. The contents may be for pets but the environment catches the attention of the owners. It appears the tabletops and shelving are made from reclaimed wood and those imperfections give it a hint of rustic charm.

Pizzeria Farina

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

image via Scout Magazine

It is hard to go wrong with kraft paper, especially one that is conveniently hanging from a rolling dispenser. I have seen this detail as a menu in a few restaurants now but it has yet to get old. It seems so ingenious to me. The handwriting is personal and the opportunity to switch out the menu easily when it changes is just practical. I also like the hanging crates on the wall of Pizzeria Farina which appear to hold glasses and jars of sauce.

Makr Carry Goods

Winter Park, Florida, USA

image via Grain and Gram

I just discovered these beautiful and simple products by Makr but am even more captivated by the brand now that I've seen their amazing workspace. It looks like such a collaborative environment with big, open tables where people are shown working together. And just a wealth of inspiration, shelves and pictures frames appear to be full of curiosities. 

Do you have any local shops that inspire you? I must say I wish these four were in my neighborhood. I would be a regular.


Anthropologie in the Spring

Hi everyone! It's time for a super late post on this Thursday evening. How was your day now that it's almost over? The last few days I've been busy helping out the visual team at my Anthropologie. I work there part-time, just as a sales associate, but occasionally they call me in to help with visuals. It's fun, creative work (but hard work) and it's nice switching up the job description every once in awhile. The store is going through a lot of changes for spring and not only are we getting in fresh, new apparel and home decor but also changing up the displays and concepts. It's exciting! I snapped a few iPhone pictures and thought I would share some of the spaces at my Anthro. Each store is different so if you go into your local store, you'll find new designs and interpretations. Here is what spring is looking like...

The lamps in the bottom picture just got installed and I love the character they have. They remind me of the Pixar lamp. Even though they are stationary, they convey a sense of movement which I like. This concrete-looking slab thing in the bottom picture is actually a headboard for a bed display. That cubby is quite ingenious, don't you think? I wouldn't mind having something like that beside my bed for my little odds and ends.

Those ceramic juicers in the top picture are my new favorite thing. We have an electrical orange juicer at home which is quite convenient and easy but nothing can beat the look of these hand painted ones. The store is always stocked with fresh plants and flowers but recently we've been putting out a lot of cacti and succulents. Being a succulent aficionado, I of course approve of this decision. Actually if you look at those plants on that top shelf, there are two on the left that have long tendrils hanging down. The one on the right is not a real plant. It's made out of braided/twisted yarn and rope. Now that's a plant you can't kill.

Those green lily pad looking things hanging in the top picture are made out of wax. I helped make and install them. You dip a water balloon in hot wax which is how they get their shape. They are like those chocolate bowls that I have been seeing all over Pinterest. They aren't easy to make though and it definitely takes some time to master the skill. 

Mostly I'm just really excited about all the color we're seeing in the store. It is very fun after all the muted tones and neutrals that you see at winter. What are some of your favorite design details at Anthropologie?

If you don't have an Anthro nearby, check out their Flickr stream anthropologie+you for ideas and inspiration. 


Lauren Elise Crafted Shop at The Wedding Pantry

Thank you so much to everyone that left kind comments on my last post about my first DIY class.  I'm so glad everyone enjoyed the pictures.  I had such a blast teaching it and I cannot wait to hold another one.  My next class is in the works so if anyone has any suggestions for which weekend I should hold it, please feel free to let me know.  I want to meet all of you!

Today I get to share some more exciting news...you can now find my handmade goodies at The Wedding Pantry!  That's right, Lauren Elise Crafted is no longer just an Etsy store and I've set up shop in a physical location.  So if you're in the Orange County area, drop by and take a look and peruse all the goodies that The Wedding Pantry has to offer.   

But for those of you that aren't located in SoCal, I have some awesome pictures to share so you can get the full experience from the comfort of your home.  Welcome to my first shop space! 

I brought in a small antique desk and a few fun props to display my handmade goodies.  

I found this toy sewing machine at a local antique shop and it's pretty much the best thing EVER.  I'm obsessed with it.  It was a little pricey but I just had to have it for my display and so I think the investment was worth it.  The shipping tag that is hanging from the sewing machine lists all my design services and contact information.  And to the right we have my business cards.  I've been using small shipping tags with washi tape for awhile now but I decided to place each one into a glassine bag and then stitch it shut.  I think this little bit of added detail makes them special.  My friend Elysse mentioned that one would have to potentially ruin it by ripping the bag open to get the card out.  Whatever...I'm more focused on the first impression.  

Some of my love message spools are for sale and embroidery hoop artwork.  I love the cross-stitch silhouettes, which I can customize for couples.  Some of my flower pins are on the right.  I used an old drawer (shown on the left) that I found at an antique store as a display element to hold my work.  The pins are displayed on a standard picture frame.  I just removed the glass and replaced it with some cork. 

Of course I brought in books for the display.  I love using books to add height and depth to tablescapes.  These books were actually cover-less because I had used the covers for my Papernstitch DIY.  So in the end, everything got used and had a purpose...nothing went to waste.  

Embroidery artwork, inspired by E. E. Cummings' poem.  I think this would be a perfect gift for a newly married couple.

I also had to include some of my heart photobooth props.  I love the light pink and turquoise colors.

Me setting up and clearly excited about my little shop!  Thank you Elysse for this picture and the next.

Me and Elysse, the bestie!  Not only did she attend my class and craft up some loveliness but she also stayed afterward and helped me clean up and setup my display.  Love ya friend!  I will never be able to thank you for all the support you've given me over the years.  Hugs!

After all that work of the class and setting up the display, this is what I felt like the next morning:

Yes, all my labors even exhausted my dog.  I didn't get much sleep Friday night because I was trying to finish everything (I had a huge checklist) so I must admit that on Saturday night, I was out.  Exhausted but oh so happy!  

Oh also, before I end this post...someone asked about the striped bags I used for the class.  These:

I got them on Etsy from a shop called In The Clear.  I bought these bags which are the yellow stripe and 10x14.  I needed the bags to be large so that they would hold all of the supplies for the DIYs.  Aren't they cute?  This shop has a bunch of other bag size options too so if you need something smaller, take a look.  Feel free to ask me about any of the other supplies are display items I used.  I am happy to answer any questions.  


Anthropologie Summer Display

Last week I was given the opportunity to help the display team at the Rancho Cucamonga Anthropologie (the store that I just started working for).  Of course, I jumped at the opportunity!!  It was so much fun meeting and getting to know the display team (which consists of a display coordinator, the job I want, a visual manager, and a merchandiser).  Everyone was so nice and great to work with.  I helped cut pieces for this sculptural curtain that would then hang from the ceiling.  The display coordinator chose all these fabulous materials that had different colors and textures and I think the final outcome is absolutely beautiful.  Once again, the Anthropologie display team has done a great job.  Here is the art that I helped make that is now adorning our store:

(these pictures were not taken with my DSLR so they aren't perfect but they give you an idea of what the store looks like)


I really love a lot of the other displays in our store right now.  Everything looks really fantastic.  My favorite is this corner of the store:

This display concept was inspired by Maxime de la Falaise, a fashion icon and model in the 1950s.  Once I saw pictures of her New York apartment I understood how she inspired this space.  I'm not sure what I love more: the framed bookcases or the huge wood cabinet.  I also love the eclectic, random mirrors at the top too.  If this little corner could transport itself into my bedroom I would be 100% happy.  One big problem would be that cabinet, which is a "found" object and for sale in the store.  Yeah, it's $26,000!  I'm sure it is from somewhere cool though and it is definitely beautiful.  Here are a few more shots of my favorite space:

I really love how the shelves are contained inside of the old frame and then at the bottom they created a little desk.  What a unique idea!  


I found some pictures of Maxime de la Falaise's NY apartment and, like I said, Anthropologie did a great job of interpreting the spirit of Maxime's space.  This woman clearly lived a very interesting life and her apartment was filled with amazing treasures.  I do not know how one becomes a "fashion muse" but I think everyone can agree that this woman was living the good life.  Here is Maxime's world:

Photos: Desire to Inspire

Ok, these pictures are straight out of an Anthro catalog, no joke.  This is one of those spaces with clutter but AMAZING clutter!  Normally, clutter reminds you of Hoarders but this is bohemian, artsy chic.  All of the great finds remind me of a flea market.  Maxime, you were one lucky woman.


Working at Anthropologie!!

Recently I was given the opportunity to work at Anthropologie and since it is one of my favorite stores, I am ecstatic about this job.  I really admire this company and their mission and appreciate the fact that design is such a key element in their stores.  I am always visually inspired when I go in and over the years, I have seen some amazing creations come to life.  I am starting out as a sales associate now but eventually I would love to see myself grow within the company and be a part of the display team (the people that make all of the awesome window and store displays).  It is such a creative environment and that is exactly the right place for me.  


Anthropologie is obviously known for their displays.  Here are some of my favorites:

This puffy skirt was made out of wrapped tissue paper (I believe) that was then dyed blue.  I think this is a beautiful interpretation of a flowy skirt.  I love the texture.  It reminds me of waves crashing on the beach, especially with that piece of driftwood in there.  And the blue + orange combo = LOVE!

I think these plant leaves are painted paper mache.  This is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland...or maybe Honey I Shrunk the Kids.  Something where humans shrink in size and then plants appear to be enormous.  This is a simple display but I really like the bold colors.

Ok, this display is super awesome.  Those flowers were made out of plastic water bottles that were cut up and then painted.  Displays like this are my favorite because (1) it is recycling and (2) it is turning trash into treasure.  From far away you would never know that this display was made of plastic bottles.  The beautiful colors and the art-like quality of the window display is the only thing you notice.  Recycling should always be this lovely!

Once again this winter display is a lot of recycled items.  I see plastic cups, plastic wrapping supplies, and even those plastic soda wrapper things (those things you are supposed to cut so that ducks don't get their heads stuck in them).  I'm a huge fan of how they have used the light in this window.  The materials are translucent so the filtered light has this dreamy/sleepy quality to it.  And even though the materials are mostly plastic, the whole scene appears to be soft and I kind of want to lie down in it.  This window is in its own world.

And even more creativeness!!  I love the little boat, so cute.  It would be a great toy for kids to play with.  My brother and I would have loved to make-believe in that boat.  And the basket weave stuff on the right is really cool.  It is sort of reminiscent of the Anthropologie beehive displays a while back. 


I'm honored to be a part of the Anthropologie team and excited for what my future holds with this creative and innovative company. 


All of the pictures are from the anthropologie+you Flickr photostream.