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My Week Through Instagram: Week Twenty-Five & Twenty-Six

This Sunday I have a lot of recapping to do so bare with me! This year I challenged myself to post a picture a day on Instagram, a personal project to document my life and the things that inspire me on a daily basis. If you follow along here you've probably already seen my weekly recap posts. This summer has not been the most productive in terms of blogging (I'm sorry to say...life is keeping me busy) and I haven't shared a recap post here on the blog in four weeks. That's an entire month! Today I am going to get back on track and share my Instagram photos from the last month, weeks twenty-five to twenty-eight.

I'll start if off with week twenty-five:

Sunday: Cute red & white checkered packaging on my sandwich.

Monday: Summer started to finally heat up and we had our fans on full-bore.

Tuesday: This marked the first day of our road trip. We vacationed in Denver for a few days, stopping in St. George, Utah and Grand Junction, Colorado along the way. We pulled over in Vegas for a quick break and I snapped this shot of the sunset and skyline.

Wednesday: Somewhere in Utah on day two of our road trip. The rock formations in Utah were gorgeous. It was such a site to see and definitely something different from the scenery in Southern California.

Thursday: Who knew I was to find my dream home in Grand Junction, Colorado? We took an evening stroll through this historic downtown neighborhood and it was full of charm. Not only is this house mint in color but it has that lovely scalloped woodworking detail.

Friday: Spent the late morning and lunchtime meandering through Washington Park. This is a great neighborhood in Denver with a lot of historic homes and shady overgrown trees. It reminded me of some of our old streets at home. There were quite a few geese and ducks sleeping in the shade and getting cool in the lakes. The temperatures were pretty high.

Saturday: Took a quick jaunt to Boulder, CO to see an art market put on by my friend Nic. Found this inspiring tile floor while waiting for lunch.

And now for a roundup of week twenty-six:

Sunday: A favorite stop along the road was Frisco, Colorado. It was small but it had a charming downtown that ended in a scenic marina and lake. It clearly was a destination for vacationers looking to escape the Denver heat. We stopped there on the way to Denver but then returned on the way back because we enjoyed it so much.

Monday: Another capture of the impressive rocks in Utah. It was incredibly windy at this rest stop.

Tuesday: We made it home on Tuesday but these violet flowers were a sweet surprise I found while in Frisco.

Wednesday: In the evening I visited a local wine bar with a friend I haven't seen in awhile. Nothing beats sharing a glass of red with good friends.

Thursday: I picked up some strawberries at the grocery to try out a strawberry margarita recipe. They were perfect and sweet, just like they should be.

Friday: My family clearly couldn't get enough strawberries so we opted for the three-carton bundle to get us through the weekend.

Saturday: Revisiting pictures from Denver. This one was taken along the river at the new park there. Those colors in that sunset are something.

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What I Want...Friday, April 23rd

It's Friday again and I have a whole new list of things for my dream weekend.  Of course, not all of these things will be my reality but this week, most of the items are pretty reasonable.  But this is a fantasy and as such, my list must comprise of some things that are slightly beyond my reach.  It just wouldn't be a fantasy without some fantasy!


Where I want to { go } :: Carlsbad Strawberry Company, Carlsbad, CA

This farm in Carlsbad, the Carlsbad Strawberry Company, allows you to pick your own strawberries and while some may see this as manual labor, I see it as old-fashioned fun!  I want to pick all of my own strawberries because those store packs just don't cut it...so many of them are bruised and gross.  Unfortunately Carlsbad is not super close to where I live so it is hard to justify the entire trip just for some strawberries but I'll need to figure out some other reasons to go and make a trip of it.  It's spring and strawberries just sound so yummy!  As you will see, they are kind of the theme for this week.

Photos: A Field Journal (this is the best blog ever by the way...each picture I look at I say, "I want to exist in that world!")


What I want to { do } :: bake White Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake

I found this recipe (plus an adorable styled photoshoot) on the blog Grey Likes Nesting.  First of all, this recipe calls for strawberries so that automatically got me excited.  Second, white chocolate is used and they get turned into these delicious-looking scone/biscuit things so that is another good sign right there.  I really like the fact that this is something everyone has heard of but it is being done in a different way.  I haven't baked a ton in my life but I've done some lately and I really enjoy it.  I'm just following recipes so I'm no Julia Child yet (I never will be either) but it has been fun to try out some new things.  

Photo: Grey Likes Nesting (also check out the companion blogs, Grey Likes Weddings and Grey Likes Baby...they are filled with awesome images), styled by Amy Boyd and Summer Watkins


What I want to { eat } :: White Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake

Well, if I'm going to be making the strawberry shortcake then I need to be excited to eat it also.  Doesn't it just look delicious?

Photos: Grey Likes Nesting


What I want to { buy } :: Otchipotchi Porcelain Swallows

These awesome little porcelain birdies are made by Otchipotchi and I just love their simplicity.  I discovered them while blog searching the other day and I can't stop thinking about them.  I can envision so many ways to style them and incorporate them into decor.  I don't know how much longer I will be able to resist getting a few of these guys.  And I need a flock, not just one.

Photo: Otchipotchi blog 


What I want to { hear } :: Catch the Wind & Hurdy Gurdy Man, Donovan

I've rediscovered Donovan and I'm lovin' it!  "Catch the Wind" is such an awesome song.  It is very Bob Dylan which is probably why I'm drawn to it (don't even get me started on how much I love Dylan).  I downloaded the songs from iTunes today and they've been on constant repeat.  I am definitely one to repeat a new song a thousand times before I move on to something else.  Thankfully I'm listening on my headphones so no one has to get annoyed.

Photo: Donovan website


What I want to { watch } :: Young Victoria

A period piece set in England...I'm sold!  Even if this had horrible reviews I'd probably still want to watch it.  The Regency and Victorian time periods in England are just fascinating to me...probably because everything is GORGEOUS! (or at least the movies always portray them as gorgeous)  And I love Emily Blunt...double win!  I rented the movie so I definitely will be watching this (maybe even tonight).  The DVD also contains a lot of special features, like historical information, costumes design/details, etc., so I definitely look forward to that stuff too. 

Photo: All Movie Photo


Time to commence "dream" weekend...starting now!