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Styling Vignettes: Garden Roses

Even though we're moving into summer, flowers are very much in bloom here in Southern California. I still see a lot of varieties on my daily walks. We have a few flowering plants in our own garden but nothing too extensive, and most of them were planted by the previous owners. Our garden additions have mostly been succulents for their easy maintenance (our track record with flowers isn't the greatest). We do have a large rose bush in our backyard, it sits right outside my window actually. I like it when it grows wildly and doesn't get trimmed. Blush pink and magenta buds bloom all over it. We occasionally snip a few and bring them inside. Last month I collected a few of these springtime roses and had to document their beauty before putting them in a vase.

This vintage wood caddy was something I found while antiquing and I used it as a display piece for my craft fair last year (that seems like ages ago now). Normally it is in my studio holding crafting supplies but it seemed like the perfect flower carry-all. I love the wood tones mixed with the pink and green hues in these shots.

I hope this provides you with a little inspiration on this Wednesday. Have a lovely day!


Discarded but Still Beautiful

Hi friends! This week is still a little quiet here on the blog and for that I apologize. I am trying to be better but it is definitely a busy time with lots to do. I did not think May would be quite so crazy. Is your May like this too?

Today I wanted to share a few pictures I took while I was styling my Mother's Day polka dot vase last week. I picked flowers from our rose bush in the backyard. The light pink hues were the perfect compliment to the kraft paper and white polka dots and it was a sweet and easy DIY project.

Whenever you work with flowers, there are always discarded pieces that don't quite make the cut. You pick away leaves and wilting blooms so that the best specimens make the final arrangement. But these rejected scraps are still beautiful and last week I took a moment to appreciate the leftovers.

Sweet baby rose.

Even the discarded parts of life can be beautiful.

I think that is an important sentiment to remember as we hustle and hurry through life. Don't you? It is natural to discard and forget things but even then there is a lovely simplicity that we should all try and appreciate from time to time. The little things can sometimes be so big.

I hope this gives you a bit of pretty inspiration on this Wednesday. Happy day to you!


Mother's Day Polka Dot Vase DIY

Happy Friday friends! I have been so absent from the blog this week and for that I am sorry. I feel like everything is happening all at once right now: deadlines, family stuff, work. Do you ever feel like that? When it rains, it pours! But blogging will be back on track next week and today I have a lovely Mother's Day DIY to share with you. Of course Mother's Day is falling during this crazy time so I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do for my Mom on Sunday but the good thing is that my brother and I will both get to see her, give her a big hug and thank her for all that she does for us. 

And you can't go wrong with a few flowers. Flowers for Mom is a pretty traditional gift but that doesn't mean you have to present them in a traditional manner. I came up with this project that is simple but still sweet and a lovely way to show your appreciation for your own Mom on Sunday. 



  • green bottle
  • white paint pen
  • kraft paper
  • washi tape
  • flowers
  • scissors
  • cotton twine
  • shipping tag

Recycle a used glass bottle for this project. Apple cider bottles, sparkling water bottles and wine bottles are all possibilities.

Soak the bottle in hot water for ten minutes. This will saturate the glue and label and make removal easier. After soaking, tear away the label and scrub the bottle with a washcloth to remove glue residue. Dry the bottle.

Cut out a square of kraft paper that is big enough to wrap around the bottle. 

Use the paint pen to dab on the paper, making a white polka dot pattern. Let dry.

Wrap the bottle with the polka dot kraft paper and adhere with washi tape.

Embellish with some cotton twine and a stamped shipping tag for an extra personalized detail. Fill with Mom’s favorite flowers and some water and gift to her on Mother’s Day.

This is a pretty effortless project. The materials are either recyclable or easily found at your local craft store. And even a small bouquet from your own garden can be the unique touch that Mom will love.

What are your plans for Mother's Day? How do you tell your Mom how special she is? 

Happy weekend! {especially to all you beautiful Moms out there}



Styling Vignettes: Yellow Wildflowers

Happy Monday and new week to you all! Today kicks off a busy few days for me as I get moving on this big wedding deadline I have coming up. I'll be sharing some more sneak peeks this week of all the wedding details I've designed but I occasionally snap photos and post them on Instagram so you can follow along there too. Everything is soft pink with burlap details, quite feminine and romantic. Although I will be busy, the work is quite enjoyable so I think it will feel less like work and more like play. Well, hopefully at least.

I want to kick off this Monday with something cheerful and beautiful and since it is spring, this floral inspiration is just the thing. Flowers seem to be everywhere right now so on a recent walk, I started collecting some of the pieces that really spoke to me. Mustard flowers and yellow wildflowers are springing up all over the place in Southern California so I let those blooms be the focus to my assortment.

I paired the yellow with grey and nude tones that take a backseat to the flowers while still providing a great textural quality to the collection. I love the prickly looking stem on the far left. 

I found all these pieces along the side of the road and some are probably considered weeds. But even weeds, these accidents of the plant world so to speak, can have such impressive little qualities. Like the grey plant with those cottony poofs? It reminds me of some wacky Dr. Seuss tree. And the big, yellow bloom is almost like a mini sunflower.

Although I usually walk for exercise, I love taking leisurely strolls and finding the time to appreciate some of these small but lovely details. They are all around. Like most busy people, I don't always notice but when I do it is worth the extra time.

What little things are you noticing and appreciating this spring? 


Mood Board Inspiration

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I want to share a blog post that really struck a cord with me personally and that got me inspired as a creative. Last week the lovely Holly of Decor8 talked about the practice of making physical mood boards in her post Mood Board Books to Inspire. Like a journal of sorts, Holly has been creating these inspiration boards since she was a kid, collecting little odds and ends that struck her fancy and then arranging them into physical, tangible boards. She described using them for not only work purposes but for personal reasons as well and a board might capture her specific feelings at a certain point in her life. Not only were these boards providing her with inspiration in the present but she could open old books and be inspired by past collages as well. What a lovely thought! Her words inspired me to act and create my own board.

I have been working with this cerulean blue color this week and this beautiful hue has made such an impression. I think of Mediterranean waters and Greek islands when I see it. As I was working away I noticed other treasured items around my studio that all felt like they belonged together. I started compiling them on my desktop. I remembered Holly's words and felt good infusing new life into these pieces. Not all are necessarily worth keeping (some might even be considered trash) but for whatever reason I kept them because they spoke to me. Instead of stuffing things into drawers, I like the much more creative alternative of mood boards.

Holly then went on to say, "I believe that the more you either write down or visually share with yourself and/or others, the more you capture your imagination in a sense and freeze it,  perhaps it helps put you on your way to gaining a bit more clarity as you make your way through life." I thought that was so beautifully put and I definitely agree. My dreams don't always feel real until I verbally express them to myself or my loved ones and I think making these mood boards is a great exercise in getting better at expressing one's creativity. I get a lot of ideas but many don't get translated to paper and I quickly forget. If I could have flushed out these ideas and started to physically represent them, who knows how much they could have inspired me.

I definitely recommend reading Holly's post and looking at her beautiful boards because she has shared quite a few pictures. As a creative person I think it will give you just the right amount of encouragement. It has for me. Obviously tools like Pinterest allow us to make mood boards efficiently and quickly all the time but there is something so great about tangible items. They have a texture and spirit to them that can't be conveyed over the internet. 

Holly challenged her readers to make more of these personal boards over the next year and see if they help in gaining a better sense of self. I am looking forward to taking up this challenge but more importantly learning how to better articulate my ideas by visually describing them. 

Do you create mood or color boards like this? For you, what is the most effective process for expressing your ideas?