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Book Review: Handmade Weddings

If you peruse the wedding blogosphere frequently (like me!) than you have probably heard about Handmade Weddings.  And if you have heard about it than this post will be old news.  But for those that haven't heard or for those still aching to get a copy, well this post will surely spark your fancy.  I couldn't resist any longer and yesterday I picked up my own copy of Handmade Weddings.

This book is the definition of beauty and inspiration is just gushing out of it (the cover image alone makes me giddy with excitement)!  Of course I had seen a handful of teaser pictures but now that I have the whole thing to myself, I can see what all the talk was about.  Not only has each project been crafted to perfection but the styling and photography that goes along with it are stunning!  I want to curl up and flip through this book over and over and just soak up all the gorgeousness.  

And the best part is that you don't have to be planning a wedding to appreciate this book.  Any handmade craft lover will appreciate the projects and can use the ideas as inspiration for parties or just for beautifying your everyday life.  For me, this book is a must-have and I know that I will be referring to it for years to come.  Here are a few pictures to get you excited!

{image found via Oh Joy!; photography by Joseph De Leo}

{image found via Design Sponge; photography by Joseph De Leo

{image found via 100 Layer Cake; photography by Joseph De Leo}

Have you dropped everything and ran out to buy it yet?  The book is published by Chronicle Books and you can buy it on their website, as well as a bunch of other places.  

There are a couple of reasons why this book is so utterly fabulous, one of them being that the girls from Hello!Lucky (Eunice & Sabrina Moyle) and Shana Faust collaborated on it.  If you haven't heard of Shana Faust yet (she is a stylist and former editor of Martha Stewart Weddings) than spend some time checking out her website.  Her work is so beautiful it practically brings me to tears.  Seriously, I have an emotional reaction to it.  Her work inspires me so much!  

Other than all the beauty that the photographs provide, there are a few logistical things that make the book really work.  First, I like how the book is organized by wedding styles.  So certain projects are recommended for certain weddings, the six styles being: Retro Homespun, Girly Romantic, Happy Graphic, Organic Minimal, Modern Classic, and Found.  Obviously you can mix and match but it was a nice way to organize ideas and make it easier for the reader.  Second, the girls offer advice on variations to each project so you can execute things a bit differently if need be.  And finally, they highlight the fonts they use in each project!  Now this feature I absolutely loved.  Many times I find myself wondering about a particular font that I've come across.  Here there was no wondering because they list them under "materials and tools."  I was thrilled to see Nelly Flourish and Strangelove Text highlighted (two fonts that me and my font buddies have highlighted in these past few weeks here and here).

So what are your thoughts on Handmade Weddings?  Do you have the book yet?  Are you as excited about it as me?   


Feather Love for the Non-Feather Lover

This Tuesday, I'm devoting the entire post to feathers.  Normally, I am not a feather-loving gal.  I know there are some amazing dresses, clutches, shoes, and hair accessories adorned in beautiful, dreamy feathers but for me personally, they just don't work as clothing items.  They are a little too glam for my wardrobe, my closet is much more simple.  But if you're fabulous enough to pull off feathers, then all the more power to you...I think it's a gift! 

But clearly I am willing to make feather-exceptions, as demonstrated yesterday when I found this gorgeous print at the fabric store.

I just couldn't walk away from it.  The simple feather drawings and the soft blue colors...this fabric actually inspired me!  I am not quite sure what I will make with it yet but I have high hopes.  Maybe it will inspire some new save the dates or stationary.  Feathers weren't really on my craft radar before but after this purchase, I'm rethinking all of that. 

The fabric is from Joanns and it says that it was designed exclusively for the store.  Sadly, I cannot find the print online though so its availability probably varies from store to store.  And just in case the 'I Love You' ceramic bowl grabbed more of your attention, it can be found here from an adorable Etsy shop called Love Grows By Giving.

With feathers on the brain, I decided to fill this post with a bunch of inspiration to highlight the decor possibilities that feathers provide.  If you're like me and not one to wear your feathers on your body, you can style your home with them instead!  All of these images were found via Pinterest (one of the most amazing image catalogs EVER).

{image ♥ via Pinterest}

{image ♥ via Pinterest}

{image ♥ via Pinterest

{image ♥ via Pinterest}

These feather ornaments would be fabulous wedding and party decor!  Even though they are ornaments, they do not look particularly Christmasy. 

{image ♥ via Pinterest}

{image ♥ via Pinterest}

This apartment is fabulous!  Check out the other pictures from Freunde von Freunden.

{image ♥ via Pinterest}

{via Pinterest here and here...I don't know the original source}

These feathers in test tubes would make great wedding favors or escort cards.  The bird tags are super adorable too.  This would be an easy feather DIY!

{The last three images are from Stephanie Congdon Barnes}

If you're wanting more wedding-specific feather inspiration, check out this great post by my friend Chris of Postcards & Pretties on pheasant feathers.  It's lovely!

What are your thoughts on feathers?  For the body, for decor, never, always? 

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