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Lauren Elise Crafted Turns 2!

Happy Friday dear friends! I totally had something else planned but late last night I discovered that today, March 9th was an important event. And I had to make note of it here since it concerns the blog. Exactly two years ago today I started Lauren Elise Crafted. Yep, it's my birthday!

I won't lie, this birthday snuck up on me a bit. I kept assuming it was sometime next week. But according to my calendar March 9, 2010 was the day Lauren Elise Crafted got started. I read my first post ever last night and couldn't believe how my reasons for starting this blog then and my reasons for continuing to blog now are still very similar. I was super excited about beginning my journey into blogging. I am still just as thrilled to be here. I continue to see new things, create new things, meet new people that makes this whole journey completely worthwhile.

Two years ago I was looking for a place to share my ideas and inspirations publicly and to connect with people through this creativity. That is still my goal today. My favorite part about blogging is sharing my projects with you all and talking about it and learning from each other and inspiring each other. That is why I am here.

As I reflect today, I am amazed by all that has changed and yet equally amazed by the similarities between Lauren Elise Crafted on day one and Lauren Elise Crafted now on day 732. These two years have been good to me and I mostly have you wonderful readers to thank for that. I appreciate you all visiting, for commenting, for pinning my images, for collaborating with me, for liking me on Facebook, for having me make something for you...for following along with my journey. No matter how small, the interactions are meaningful to me.

So happy birthday to me, to this blog! The next two years excite me like no other and I cannot wait to continue doing the things I started out doing in March 2010. Thank you again for being a part of it. Next week will be Birthday Week on the blog and I'll be recapping my year (see my first year recap here) and doing some other fun DIYs and celebratory things. So do check back to enjoy the fun. Happy weekend to you all!


Back From Thanksgiving, Goals Accomplished

Hi everyone!  I'm excited to be back today after the busy holiday last week (Thanksgiving if you are here in the US) and my lack of blogging.  Because this weekend was big for retail (Black Friday) I was swamped with work at Anthropologie.  I didn't do much shopping of my own, I am not one for the crazy hustle and bustle of holiday shopping.  Are you?  Did you find any great deals?  

But the time I got to spend appreciating the holiday and my family was just perfect.  We had a very small gathering this year at my house because some of our Arizona family was unable to come.  We missed them dearly but my holiday was just lovely and I wouldn't change anything about it.  My brother brought his girlfriend along and it was so nice to get and spend more quality time with her.  We took a walk together (with Scout) and talked about art, being creative, our futures...it was such an inspiring walk.  We all helped my Mom in the kitchen throughout the day, we snuggled under comfy sweaters and sat by a fire outside, had a yummy dinner, chatted, and finally ended the night watching one of my favorite movies Rear Window.  Simple and easy but perfect.

Another reason why the day was such a success was because I officially completed one of my Twelve by 2012 goals...I made an apple pie!  Well actually my brother, his girlfriend, and I all worked on the pie together but that made it way more fun.  The recipe is actually called an apple tart but it was basically a pie with an open top.  The recipe I followed was this one from Sprinkle Bakes.  This tart is hailed as the 'easiest ever' and I can say, it was a pretty simple recipe, even when you make your own dough like we did.  We were so excited making it because it was a first-time pie for all three of us.  It seemed like a ton of butter going into the pie in the beginning (we felt like we were doing some Paula Deen cooking) but in the end it didn't taste overly buttery.  It turned out so good...perfect warm {or cold} with a little vanilla ice cream.  It tasted so fresh, the apples were still crisp and had so much flavor.  I am so proud of my little pie and also finally accomplishing one of my goals.  I'll soon be accomplishing a few more so I guess I'm on a role now.

The messier the work station, the better the pie...this must be cooking law right?

Look at all that butter!  A lot is even hidden from view in this shot and of course a bunch went into the dough itself.

I guess I didn't take any post-baking shots with my camera but that is because we were too busy eating it and marveling at how delicious it was.  It was a beautiful golden brown.  I am very tempted to bake a second one (because the first one is gone) so maybe then I can try snapping a few shots of the completed pie.

And finally, just a few shots of our Thanksgiving.  My family, Mom and brother and I, on the right getting ready to eat.  I love this picture even though we are out of focus.  I am so thankful for these two people, my family.

If you celebrated Thanksgiving, how was your holiday?  Did you make anything spectacular?  Did you travel near or far?  But most importantly, did you spend it with the ones you love?  I hope you all did dear readers.


Freshly Cleaned & Organized

With the holidays quickly approaching I am reminded that this is the season to be thankful for the many amazing things I have.  I am very fortunate and lucky in so many ways.  Of course I usually am thinking about the future, how I can change things or what things I need in order to make me happy.  I know it's important to put those thoughts on the back burner right now and focus on what I do have that I need to appreciate more.  One of those things, what I want to focus on today, is my rather large creative studio space.  Not all creatives get such a big space to work in and so often I take advantage of it.  Usually my studio is a disaster zone and nothing is organized.  Often I can't even find the items that I need (even though I know I have them somewhere).  It is such a waste of space (and frustrating) and I am definitely embarrassed by its inhabitability.  I tend to make a mess in other rooms because I can't actually work in the space I am given.  Well it got to the point of ridiculousness and so my Friday and Saturday consisted of a major overhaul, a cleaning and organizing of my studio.  

There are just a few loose ends I need to put away now but for the most part it was successful and I now have a functioning space again.  It sure feels good to see it all clean and I know I can actually work in there and find everything.  What a difference!  I am most thankful that I can appreciate the space fully.  Here are a few peeks into my new and freshly cleaned space (complete with cute posing dog):

I'm happy I could take a moment to reflect on how important things like this are in my life.  They are so easy to forget and undervalue but this large, well-lit space allows me so much creative freedom that I have to try and remember.  The holidays are such a crazy time and I have a handful of projects in the works that it will be really nice to have my studio organized and functioning.  The way it was before was just adding to the stress and anxiety.  But that is behind me now and I have a cheerful and inspiring space again.

What are the things in your life that you need to be more thankful for?  Take a moment, think of those things, and give them some much deserved love.  Most of us have so much to appreciate.  Happy Monday friends!