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Hunting for my Brother's Birthday Gift

My brother's birthday is just around the corner (I can't believe it's July already!) so that means I need to do some gift searching.  Boys can be tricky to shop for but David (my brother) is a musician (Mojo Stone and what I wrote about him here) so I can always fall back on something music related.  David has a few posters from the numerous concerts he has attended and he is starting to get a good collection.  One of my favorites is a poster he got at a Vampire Weekend concert that we went to together.  We stayed after the concert and were able to get three out of the four members to sign it too (all but the main singer).  Side note: Vampire Weekend are super nice guys!  So his collection of music posters got me inspired while searching for his birthday present.  On my quest to find music posters I found this...

The Small Stakes

This small design studio, based in Oakland, CA, is the brainchild of Jason Munn and he is basically a genius.  He has designed tons of posters for tons of bands and his work is just magnificent.  Each poster is such a work of art and a total reflection of the band that it represents.  He has a great online gallery of his work and everyone should be privy to it.  He seems to really understand the bands that he works for which then allows him to create something so personal.  He got started designing posters for shows at a small venue in Berkeley and there he became familiar with bands like Brother Danielson, Why?, Animal Collective, Damien Jurado, and Rob Crowe.  He now has designed posters for She & Him, Modest Mouse, The Decemberists, Sonic Youth, Grizzly Bear, Andrew Bird, and Death Cab for Cutie (to name a few).  His work is actually a part of the permanent collection at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art so that clearly shows how great his stuff is.  I am such a fan and I definitely would not mind hanging his work up on my walls.  I know David would appreciate Munn's work because an image is such a critical element for a band or musician.  I feel like these posters convey so much about each of the bands and the image totally draws you in.  I look at these and totally want to listen to the music.  Don't you?

Photos: The Small Stakes


Now the big question is: which one(s) do I get David? 

Another gift I plan on giving him is this letterpress print from Hijirik Studio.

So here's the story behind this print.  David actually knows I have this for him and he has seen it.  I bought this over a year ago along with a "Live What You Love" print for myself.  This print was supposed to be his birthday present last year but both prints got put into storage and lost for awhile.  I recently got them back and showed David what I had been talking about for a year.  He loved it.  So now as a totally belated gift, I will frame the print and give it to him this year as his first real piece of artwork for his new apartment.  What a great sister I am...I'm only one year late.  I am also excited to frame and hang up my own print from Hijirik.  I am such a fan of this letterpress studio.  She has some new prints in her shop that are these lace hearts and they are quite lovely.  I may need to purchase one of those too!