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Featured: The Knotty Bride DIY : Tissue Paper Fringe Chandelier

Happy Monday friends!  Now who's weekend went by WAY too quickly?  I'm not the only one right?  To be perfectly honest, my weekend was a little backwards.  On Friday I lazed around a bit and relaxed after having a very busy week.  But to make up for it, I turned Saturday into a working day and completed a DIY (which you will see this week) and crafted something for a client.  I must admit that I love the flexibility that comes with having your own business.  When I was in architecture school, I very much created my own schedule.  Some kids worked better in the middle of the night and they would stay up late in studio slaving away on their projects.  Now sometimes I couldn't avoid an "all-nighter" either but typically I liked waking up early and starting fresh after getting a few hours of sleep.  I worked better this way.  And still today I like having the option to make my schedule work best for me.  Like this weekend for example.  On Friday I just needed to veg for a day.  I didn't want to wait until Saturday, I wanted to relax then.  So I did!  And it was glorious.  

Today I want to share a DIY that I did for The Knotty Bride awhile back.  It was Easter inspired but it would work great for wedding or party decor at any time of year.

I have been seeing a lot of work inspired by fringe recently and I wanted to create my own version of a fringe chandelier...sort of like a piñata but without the violent whacking with a baseball bat.  This project is easy to recreate and it does not require any special crafting skills...just gluing and fringing ability (which is easy once you purchase fringe scissors).  

Fringe scissors are kind of my favorite thing right now.  I'm trying to experiment with them and see all that I can do.  Fringe is a lot like confetti, it's just fun!  

So what do you think of this fringe DIY?  I recommend making one {or two!} of them up for your next fiesta.  To see the full tutorial head on over to The Knotty Bride and start fringing!

Have a great week everyone!