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Washington Park in Denver, Colorado

Happy Friday everyone! For my American readers, did you all have a nice Fourth of July holiday? I had a long day at work so by the time I got home, ate some dinner and watched a few fireworks I was ready to call it a night (and then wake up super early the next day). So mine wasn't too eventful. I hope you all had a safe and fun day.

I want to share a few of my Colorado vacation pictures today. Summer is synonymous with time spent in the park and outdoor picnics. While in Denver we visited a few parks because we had Scout with us and she limited what we could do indoors. Scout appreciated romping around outside and getting out of the car (we spent a lot of hours in the car). Denver was very hot while we were there so we gravitated toward shaded spots on the lawn. A favorite destination was Washington Park (or Wash Park as the locals call it), recommended by my Denver friend Nic. The neighborhood is just what I enjoy: old homes with lots of detail, big overgrown trees lining the streets, big sidewalks and plenty of photo opportunities. 

This old high school was right across the street from the park. It was beautiful, looking so collegiate with the ivy climbing up the brick walls. No high schools look like this is Southern California. Since we don't have any extreme weather, our schools are really spread out with multiple buildings and a lot of outdoor areas. To me, this is a school out of the movies. On the right, is a wrought-iron gate in the Washington Park neighborhood. Look at all of those green trees!

Just one of the many old homes I feel in love with here. Even in the middle of the day on a Friday, this felt like a lively community. So many people were at the park, most of them walking, jogging, rollerbladding and biking. The people of Denver are very healthy. Even in the minimal time we spent there, I saw this to be the case.

There were two small lakes in the park and ducks and geese were cooling off and sleeping in the shade.

It is a pretty picturesque spot.

Scout has obviously seen birds before but this might have been her first encounter with ducks. She was very intrigued...but from a safe distance of course. I wouldn't mind having this park as my view everyday. What a lovely park to walk in and get inspired.

Scout had the whole backseat to stretch out in during this road trip. She does great in the car but after a few hours she would get antsy. And she was quite content when we got home. She missed looking out her windows at our yard with all the lizards and birds. 

I'm so glad my friend Nic recommended Washington Park. Have you ever visited? Have you ever been to Denver? How did you like it?

Have a great weekend!


New Month, Back to Blogging

Hello friends who I haven't talked to in forever. Yes it has been a long bout of silence here on the blog. I hate posting inconsistently but it was really nice to vacation and set my computer aside. We all deserve a little technology break to rest and refuel our creative juices. Of course a technology break still means the iPhone and camera are by my side but I am proud to say I used the internet quite minimally. Do you allow yourself to get away when you're on vacation?

So our vacation consisted of a trip to Denver, Colorado. My Mom and I drove up there to see my brother and his band perform in downtown Denver. We spread the trek out over a couple of days to minimize hours in the car, stopping in St. George, Utah and Grand Junction, Colorado as well. We passed through some truly beautiful country. And such an eclectic mix too. Utah has some spectacular rock formations and Colorado has an impressive drive through huge mountains. I had never been to either of these states so I really appreciated broadening my view of our vast country. Have you ever been out that way?

Here is a sneak preview of my trip with a lot more pictures to come. I actually took more film shots than digital ones so I'll need to wait a bit to get those developed. But I'll be sporadically recounting the trip through my images in the weeks to come.

Somewhere in Nevada I believe before reaching our first stop in St. George.

At a look out point in Utah on day two of travel.

Besides vacation pictures, I have DIY projects and other photos to share. This week may be back to the grindstone with work but I am glad to get back on track with blogging. I missed it. Have a good Monday night! 


New Discovery: Wayfare Magazine

Happy Monday friends! Did you all have a nice weekend? I must admit something here today. My wanderlust is a bit out of control. I am constantly dreaming about new places, mainly returning to Italy (where I lived for half a year) and taking up residence in European cities that I fell in love with on that trip. And you know what doesn't help? Sites like Pinterest and other cool blogs where people share their expat adventures. Yep, those only fuel my fire. Oh yes and I watch House Hunters International like it's my religion. Am I alone in this? I am slight crazed, or passionate as I like to think of it, but I am so inspired by those who wander and discover and live this passion. I hope that one day my life will reflect this but until then, a girl can dream.

This weekend I discovered a new e-mag called Wayfare Magazine which is going to be a great new source of travel inspiration for me. It is a beautiful publication and I devoured its pages, soaking up every picture and all the information. 

I love the mission that Wayfare has for itself which states,

'We recognize that travel is not defined by how many miles you cover. It’s about finding inspiration along the way and celebrating the everyday moments. It’s about the spirit of discovery.'

For me that mission could not have been more clear after reading their pilot edition. As a travel magazine you may expect large pictures of exotic far away places. And you definitely get that with Wayfare (gorgeous pictures in fact) but you also get a lot more. The talented team behind the magazine also wants to highlight the journey, the small moments, the people behind our travels. 

We travel not just to see pretty things but to also to interact and experience adventure with others. The strongest memories from my travels are not those singular moments with me and a place. They are about how I experienced that place with my friends. That interaction can make a place even more meaningful. And I think that is why Wayfare struck such a cord with me. The magazine did such a great job of capturing that.

Nothing was expected either and Wayfare emphasized places like Burundi, Africa, Oregon and Ontario, Canada as well as more mainstream attractions like Paris, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Large or small, the locales featured were enjoyable to read about.

Have you checked out Wayfare Magazine yet? What do you think? I highly recommend it for you travel enthusiasts out there. It will have you planning your next big trip. I know I've started to plan mine already.

Do you agree that the moments spent with loved ones and the interactions with a local culture are sometimes more memorable than the actual destination itself? What are your strongest travel memories? 

*images are screenshots from Wayfare Magazine