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What I Am Passionate About...

Each capture is a snapshot into someone else’s world. And it’s powerful, to hold the very things in your hands that someone else once cherished. Moments, people, great loves, celebrations, the little pieces that make up someone’s life. The privilege of granting you access into these lives is not one that should be taken lightly. Or at least I don’t think it is. You become a keeper of these moments, even though they were not originally yours, and as keeper your responsibility is consideration. Who were these people? Where was this landscape? Why was this moment so special to someone? Because the people of the past are just like you...they were people. They had a home, they loved someone, they had friends, they had favorite things to do on weekends. To me, these old photographs are a reminder that life is simple and the things that are truly important are universal to us all. So I take a minute to stop and consider the lady in the floral dress or the picturesque lake that someone captured so pristinely. They will live on a bit through me and as I consider them, hopefully it will remind me to take better notice of those around me in the present. 

The Blogging Your Way Bootcamp e-course presented me with the question: What are you passionate about? I decided to tackle the question in a post and share one of my many passions. Photographs are some of my most cherished possessions including vintage ones of people I don't know and places I've never been. I scrounge antique stores for them. I dig out old family albums for them. They inspire me. They make me think about the past and history and how things from long ago can still be relevant in my life, in everyone's lives. What are you passionate about? Does history inspire your creative spirit just like me? Do you also collect old photographs of people you don't know and places you've never been?


Styling Vignettes: Garden Roses

Even though we're moving into summer, flowers are very much in bloom here in Southern California. I still see a lot of varieties on my daily walks. We have a few flowering plants in our own garden but nothing too extensive, and most of them were planted by the previous owners. Our garden additions have mostly been succulents for their easy maintenance (our track record with flowers isn't the greatest). We do have a large rose bush in our backyard, it sits right outside my window actually. I like it when it grows wildly and doesn't get trimmed. Blush pink and magenta buds bloom all over it. We occasionally snip a few and bring them inside. Last month I collected a few of these springtime roses and had to document their beauty before putting them in a vase.

This vintage wood caddy was something I found while antiquing and I used it as a display piece for my craft fair last year (that seems like ages ago now). Normally it is in my studio holding crafting supplies but it seemed like the perfect flower carry-all. I love the wood tones mixed with the pink and green hues in these shots.

I hope this provides you with a little inspiration on this Wednesday. Have a lovely day!


Houzz Feature: Vintage Tart Tin Hanging Lamp DIY

Happy Thursday readers! So today I have another DIY to share. I created this for Houzz and it got featured on the homepage yesterday. This is the first lighting project I have ever attempted so I am proud of my efforts into something new. No scary wiring is involved though (this DIY is intended for anyone to do) and you can pick up a cord and socket kit from Home Depot. This project also repurposes vintage tart tins, infusing new life into something old and discarded. I bought a bunch of tart tins at an antique store awhile ago (they were very inexpensive) and have been waiting for an idea to present itself.

These are mini lamps actually, tart tins are quite small, but you could replicate this project with pie or cake pans for something a bit larger. These are the perfect size to read by at night, they put out just enough light. The colorful cords are just plain cords wrapped in electrical tape. I never thought much about electrical tape before but a trip to the hardware store proved to me that it is actually quite handy. Not only does it come in a bunch of bright colors but I could imagine using it for packaging projects as well.

See how to make your own mini lamp on Houzz:

Whip Up a Lighting Fixture From a Tart Tin 

Have you attempted any lighting projects yourself? Have you DIY-ed any lamps out of old materials like in this project? How did it go?


Houzz Feature: Retro-Style Hanging Map DIY

I am so excited to finally share this DIY with you readers. I created this project for Houzz but knew you guys would like it because of the vintage style and travel theme. This paper project is a great weekend craft and an easy way to spruce up your walls with some handmade artwork quickly and cheaply. I was inspired by those retro school maps, the ones that used to hang above the chalkboard of classrooms. You still see them occasionally but they are definitely a product of a bygone era. I love travel themed decor, especially when someone personalizes it to their own adventures, and this map is definitely something you could make to reflect a special trip.

Check out the materials list and directions for making your own retro-inspired map. You only need a handful of items and then you are only a few steps away from displaying your new creation on your walls.

School Yourself in Making a Retro-Style Hanging Map

Do you like travel-themed decor? Do you display special mementos from your own journeys? I like having my collected things out since it reminds me of good times with friends and family and of unique moments in lovely places. To me, things like this make your space feel like home.

Enjoy the DIY! I hope it encourages you to get crafty.  


Houzz Feature: Vintage Pillowcase Cushions DIY

I'm blogging a bit late again today although not nearly as late as yesterday. My blogging will probably take a hit this week since I have a handful of projects I am getting together plus my part-time Anthro job which is getting busier and busier plus the added fun of taxes. They have been put off far too long and now the time has come to tackle them. Joy. But that is life and once I get going it probably won't even be that bad. 

Today I have some exciting news to share. If you follow along here you know I have been contributing a monthly ideabook to Houzz, a design inspiration and home improvement website. I have had a lot of fun collaborating with their team so I was thrilled when they asked if I wanted to write more frequently. I am getting into the routine of writing two ideabooks per week where one of the two will be devoted to DIYs. I will be be showing Houzz readers how to make decor items and small-scale home improvements. It feels great to be coming up with regular content and I'm so glad I can write and offer advice to a whole new set of readers. I will be sharing my ideabooks here as well so you can see what I'm working on too. Today I want to share my first DIY, a vintage pillowcase cushion project.

I designed these cushions to serve as extra pillows, floor seating or even mini tabletops. You make them by repurposing old pillowcases which I find so often discarded at antique stores and usually priced pretty cheap.

Vintage linens can often have fun and funky colors which make this project all the better. I love adding hints of vintage style throughout my space and these cushions are the perfect little touch. I'm using them in my studio now and they are quite comfy.

Visit Houzz to see the whole project:

Vintage Pillowcase Cushions DIY

I am so excited about this collaboration! I'm planning a lot of neat features in the weeks to come. Visit my Houzz profile to see all of my ideabooks and search the site to get inspiration for your next home improvement project. There is so much to see and the search features are really great. It is easy to refine your search and find exactly what you're looking for. Enjoy browsing and I hope you like my first DIY project.