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New Discovery: Wayfare Magazine

Happy Monday friends! Did you all have a nice weekend? I must admit something here today. My wanderlust is a bit out of control. I am constantly dreaming about new places, mainly returning to Italy (where I lived for half a year) and taking up residence in European cities that I fell in love with on that trip. And you know what doesn't help? Sites like Pinterest and other cool blogs where people share their expat adventures. Yep, those only fuel my fire. Oh yes and I watch House Hunters International like it's my religion. Am I alone in this? I am slight crazed, or passionate as I like to think of it, but I am so inspired by those who wander and discover and live this passion. I hope that one day my life will reflect this but until then, a girl can dream.

This weekend I discovered a new e-mag called Wayfare Magazine which is going to be a great new source of travel inspiration for me. It is a beautiful publication and I devoured its pages, soaking up every picture and all the information. 

I love the mission that Wayfare has for itself which states,

'We recognize that travel is not defined by how many miles you cover. It’s about finding inspiration along the way and celebrating the everyday moments. It’s about the spirit of discovery.'

For me that mission could not have been more clear after reading their pilot edition. As a travel magazine you may expect large pictures of exotic far away places. And you definitely get that with Wayfare (gorgeous pictures in fact) but you also get a lot more. The talented team behind the magazine also wants to highlight the journey, the small moments, the people behind our travels. 

We travel not just to see pretty things but to also to interact and experience adventure with others. The strongest memories from my travels are not those singular moments with me and a place. They are about how I experienced that place with my friends. That interaction can make a place even more meaningful. And I think that is why Wayfare struck such a cord with me. The magazine did such a great job of capturing that.

Nothing was expected either and Wayfare emphasized places like Burundi, Africa, Oregon and Ontario, Canada as well as more mainstream attractions like Paris, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Large or small, the locales featured were enjoyable to read about.

Have you checked out Wayfare Magazine yet? What do you think? I highly recommend it for you travel enthusiasts out there. It will have you planning your next big trip. I know I've started to plan mine already.

Do you agree that the moments spent with loved ones and the interactions with a local culture are sometimes more memorable than the actual destination itself? What are your strongest travel memories? 

*images are screenshots from Wayfare Magazine


Ferrara, Italy

Hi friends! How is everyone's Monday going so far? Today I have some photographic inspiration to share with you, some of my own photographs that I took a few years ago. When I was living in Italy and going to school there I was based in Como but being in Italy you have to travel around to experience as much of the insanely beautiful country as you can. Today I'll share a few of my pictures from Ferrara a small, medieval town in Emilia-Romagna (close to the Veneto). 

I spent most of my weekend editing these images and compiling them into a Blurb book. This will be my second book with Blurb. I just loved seeing my Amsterdam pictures bound together so I'm on a role now with my second one. Hopefully a third, fourth, fifth will all come soon after too. For years these images lived on my external harddrive but I wasn't able to appreciate them. Now these books can sit on my shelf and I can open them up whenever I need a pick-me-up. 

Ferrara is the perfect, quaint Italian town. The historic center is easily walkable and bicycles are everywhere (it's the Amsterdam of Italy!). There is fantastic Renaissance architecture, as well as even older buildings. Cars are not allowed into certain parts of the center so it is quiet and very pedestrian friendly. It is not a main stop on Italian tours but I am so glad that we stopped there. 

We were part of the bike culture and rented our own. Hours of entertainment ensued.

The old city walls are now converted into a raised walkways for bikers and pedestrians. You can see up over the city and get away from cars. Such a nice spot. I wish my walking route looked like this every night. 

And yes, that is me on a zipline having the time of my life. We found this children's park on the edge of the city with this mini zipline and an oversized slide. Good thing there weren't any kids around because these twenty-somethings sure got a lot of use out of these toys. 

Aw, these pictures make me happy. A good way to start off a Monday. Has anyone ever been to Ferrara? What spot are you dreaming about this week?


Beauty Through My iPhone

This morning I was sipping my chai tea and reading my recently acquired Anthology Magazine (Fall issue: Going Global), getting all kinds of inspiration from the beautiful photographs and stories.  Since this particular issue had an international feel to it, with stories about Stockholm, Buenos Aires, and Amsterdam (to name a few), I got a major case of wanderlust as I flipped each page.  I wanted to jump right into each and every picture, transporting myself to far away lands.  When I finally tore myself away from the pages I looked out the window and realized it was a beautiful day outside here in my own part of the world.  It is a crisp fall day, perfectly clear and sunny and despite the beauty in the magazine's pages, there was no reason why I couldn't be enjoying my own surroundings.  So I grabbed Scout (my dog) and we headed downtown for a walk.  

Sometimes we can get too caught up in pretty images online or the idea of escaping somewhere that we forget to take in where we are currently.  Beauty truly can be found everywhere and it's nice to remind ourselves to enjoy the present.  We took a long walk and it was lovely.  I saw all kinds of interesting things and Scout, of course, had a blast.  I still long to visit those far away places but since I'm not going anywhere today I may as well enjoy the place I'm at now.  To help me focus on the beauty around me, I challenged myself to snap 10 pictures with my iPhone highlighting different things I found interesting.  Here is what I found... 

Maybe you too have been missing out on the beautiful things that surround you lately.  Challenge yourself to a similar activity and go out and find some local inspiration.  Not only will you be getting exercise but you'll be rediscovering the beauty that is in your home.  Have fun! 

Polaroid frames courtesy of Fuzzimo }


Serious Wanderlust

Do any of you follow Jose Villa and Joel Serrato on Twitter?  You must remedy this if you don't so head over to Twitter this second to start getting their amazing updates (they both share all kinds of fun iPhone pics...like seriously, even Jose's iPhone images are gorgeous and frame-worthy!).  The level of talent here is just mind-blowing and they are both a constant inspiration to me with their pictures and films.  But other than the fact that they're crazy-amazingly talented artists, I have been particularly interested in their tweets as of late because they happen to be in Paris and the French countryside for a wedding.  Each picture they share is prettier than the last and some of their shots around Paris made my heart ache.

Like seriously, it ached!  I fell in love with Paris when I visited while studying abroad and have officially deemed it as the "best city on Earth."  I realize this is a lofty statement to make, considering I haven't been to all the cities on Earth, but I still think it's pretty accurate.  There is just something about Paris.  And it's not even the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Élysées, or any of the other typical monuments that distinguish the city.  Even if you took away those things, Paris would still have my heart.  The energy, the light, the food, the architecture, the people...these are the things that make it amazing and unforgettable.  When I think back to my time there, my fondest memories are not necessarily from seeing Notre Dame or visiting the Musée d'Orsay (although those were great experiences).  The memories I treasure most are from strolling along the Seine looking at the pop-up shops that set up there, perusing the flea market "Les Puces," smelling the fresh bread in the morning air from the neighborhood bakery, and laying out on the grass and basking in the sun at the Place des Vosges.  For me, it's not about the tourist attractions as much as it is being in the city and experiencing its energy.

So if it wasn't obvious already, I had a serious case of wanderlust this weekend thanks to Jose and Joel.  I still haven't recovered.  Paris is definitely on my mind and I can't help but dream about my next visit (the ultimate dream is to live there someday!).

All the pictures were taken by me in 2008 when I visited.  I think Ernest Hemingway said it best:

"If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for all of Paris is a moveable feast."