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Sneak Peeks of the May Wedding

Hi friends! Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. I was hard at work on wedding details and paper goods that I designed and am currently in the process of putting together. I am in 'crunch time' because the wedding is coming up so scheduling in a post wasn't in the cards unfortunately. But I did manage to snap a few pictures of some work-in-progress photos to share with you all today. Things are looking really good and I cannot wait to deliver this all to the bride. These will be such sweet, handmade touches on her big day.

My house is a sea of pink right now. But isn't it fun?! On the right is some stamped muslin that is going on the programs. I'm adding the little pink x's in the corners for a bit of that homespun, rustic style. On the right are the completed pennant flags. It is hard to resist waving these guys around.

The pennants are strips of muslin. Some are dip-dyed ombré pink and others are just plain. And all have the pink 'Hooray!' stamped on them. The guests will get to proudly wave these after the ceremony when the bride and groom walk back up the aisle. What a photo opp! I cannot wait to see that shot.

And finally I'm in the process of finishing up the calligraphy on the place cards. More pretty pink! I'm creating a hanging display for all these cards. I think it will be unexpected and just a beautiful detail at the wedding. 

More and more gets completed everyday so expect a few more sneak peeks from this wedding. How are you liking things so far?

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Houzz March Ideabook: Watercolors in the Home

On this lovely morning I'd like to share my March ideabook that I put together for Houzz. Being spring, I am so inspired by colors right now and I wanted this curated gallery to be a reflection of that. If you follow along here regularly you also know that I have been doing a lot of watercolors lately, using it personally as well as in a few projects for clients. I decided to go on a search for homegoods that were not only colorful but also evocative of watercolors, brush strokes, and paint washes.

handpainted light blue wash pillow { ABC Home }  

watercolor paints { photo by me }

I found some gorgeous products from both handmade, independent artisans as well as big brand shops. I think all of the items have great textural qualities and would be a perfect infusion of color into any home. If you are a fan of watercolor, might I recommend these twenty finds:


You can visit my Houzz profile at Lauren Elise Crafted to see more of my ideabooks. Houzz is an amazing resource for those wanting to gather home inspiration for remodels or projects. Not only can you search products like the ones I've featured here but also thousands of pictures of real homes in different cities and different styles. It is visual cataloging, similar to Pinterest, but the searching is so much more specific and defined. So check it out, sign up, and start creating your own galleries for your upcoming home projects. 

I hope you enjoyed the color inspiration today. Happy Wednesday!


My Week Through Instagram: Week Thirteen

Happy weekend everyone! Are you having a nice few days? My weekend is mostly full of working but that's ok since next weekend should be fun and more relaxing for me. My brother and his girlfriend have a few days off school so they'll be visiting the family and spending time with me then. It will be a nice long weekend and I'm looking forward to it but I have plenty to accomplish between now and then. Last week was week thirteen of 2012. Here is my recap through my Instagram feed.

Sunday: I spent Sunday working on a few watercolor projects in the studio. One project is place cards for a wedding which I  wrote a recap on here.

Monday: I got this awesome {and super cheap!} red coat at work and it goes perfectly with my vintage and thrifted polka dot skirt from Paris. It's my most French outfit and I love it for that very reason!

Tuesday: On a walk I spotted this gigantic bougainvillea plant. It was all in bloom and the most beautiful thing to see on the side of the road. It was like bougainvillea on steroids.

Wednesday: I started putting together this tutorial on dying muslin fabric using watercolor paints. I used the fabric to make ombré pennant party flags and I shared the DIY with you all on Friday.

Thursday: Loads of oranges. We always have bunches of citrus at our home. We participate in this co-op thing where we get two bundles of local oranges each week. It's supporting local and the oranges are always super yummy.

Friday: Friday was a less-than inspiring day and this snapshot of my mini scissors was all I could muster.

Saturday: Yesterday I finally got to wear this beautiful blue and yellow floral dress again. I wore it to work and paired it with my favorite blazer. Some snaps on the dress had fallen off and it took me forever to finally sew them back on and make it wearable again. The color is just so vibrant!

So that was my week thirteen. What did yours look like?

Follow me on instagram if you like. My username is laurenelisecrafted. Or see all of my pictures on the computer through Followgram.


Ombré Pennant Flag DIY

Happy Friday blog friends! Are we all excited for the weekend? The last one before April comes along. To kick off this lovely Friday I have a party DIY to share (the end of the week feels like a party so it's appropriate). I'm going to show you an easy way to dye an ombré effect on muslin which you can then transform into pennant flags. Pick spring time hues to make Easter party decor or match wedding or party colors and make up an extra treat for guests. Flags are fun to wave around and kids especially enjoy them. And they make for some fun pictures!

When coloring fabric you officially should use fabric dye but I'm going to make it even easier...and cheaper. Actually all the materials in this project are very inexpensive. This is what you need: muslin, scissors, a pencil and ruler, BBQ skewers, ribbons or twine, a mason jar, water, watercolor paints, and a brush. 

Fill some water in a mason jar and start mixing some of your watercolors in until you get the right hue. Usually you would use this water to clean the brush and then dump down the sink but for this project, it becomes our dye. Cut out fabric strips from your muslin. I cut mine about 12" x 2" but any size works and being super exact isn't even necessary. The fabric edges fray a bit and I think this just adds to the charm. Then dip your strips into the mason jars and submerge part of the fabric in the dye. Let them sit for awhile. This time might vary depending on how deep of hue you desire.

Remove the strips from the mason jar and lay them flat on a protected surface. The color is fairly light so I brushed some of the pigment directly onto the bottom of the strips. This gives it the deep color. I brushed the color along the strip to spread it out and give it the effect of ombré. Then let it dry. I let mine sit overnight.

I bought BBQ skewers from the grocery store and then secured the fabric strips to the skewers with the ribbon. Tie in a double knot. The ribbon allows you to bring in a contrasting color which makes it more fun. Now all that's left is to fly your flags proudly!

Using official fabric dyes works too and will provide a more even wash. I discovered this idea by experimenting and at the time, I didn't have any dye on hand. I figure a lot of us have watercolors or can easily obtain them from grocery stores or office supply stores (if I craft store isn't near). You can come up with some great ideas when you improvise.

With Easter drawing near, are you planning on DIYing any decor elements? Would little flags be something fun you'd consider adding to your Easter table?

Have a great weekend everyone and happy crafting!


Pink Ombré Watercolor Placecards

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I am sharing a few behind-the-scenes shots of some placecards I'm making for an upcoming wedding. I did a lot of work on them this weekend and took a few pictures thinking you might all like to see what I have going on in my studio. This is step one of the process for these placecards. I am doing a light pink wash, an ombré effect over the entire card. The pink is super light and sometimes hard to see in these pictures. But it looks beautiful in person and I'm happy with how the color turned out.

I completed a bunch but I still have more to finish up this week (it's a big wedding). It is actually a peaceful activity and I'm looking forward to spending an afternoon washing away. The next step in the process will be for me to do the names and table numbers in calligraphy script. The lettering will be written in a darker pink and I'll share more of that when I get to that step. The final result, with all of these cards together, will be really lovely I think. It feels so ethereal and feminine already.

Here is a bunch of them laying out to dry on my studio floor.

All dry and stacked together. Each card is different and I love the subtle hue variations.

What projects do you have going on right now? Anyone else doing any watercoloring?