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Envision Creativity

Today I had to share a new wedding industry resource that my friends Aleah and Nick Valley put together.  They created the Envision Creativity Daily, a newspaper-style blog with content being fueled by the tweets of industry peers.  

This is a great way to see what everyone is saying but simple because it is all in one place.  I follow many of these talented people but aren't always able to catch every tweet, retweet, and link.  This way, I am sure to catch everything important.  We can't be expected to sit in front of Twitter all day, reading everyone's updates.  Creating a paper like this allows you to not miss out on the news, while still having a life! 

I had never seen or heard of these newspaper-style blogs before but after seeing this one, I realize what a valuable resource this can be for this industry or any other.  Thanks Aleah and Nick for introducing it to me and probably many others.  These two are always coming up with amazing ideas...I don't know how they find the time but I'm glad they do.  They are helping to create a better wedding industry world.

Be sure to check back tomorrow.  I have a beautiful roundup of inspirational images to share.  Hint: red, white, and blue!             


Checking in to The Bride Suite

Before the holiday, I had the distinct pleasure of attending my first ever wedding industry party!  Yes, let me repeat that...my FIRST wedding industry party!  I was crazy excited and just so honored that the wonderful ladies from The Bride Suite (Laurie, Jen, & Brittany) invited me to be a part of their fun event.  The Bride Suite is the new blog from Exquisite Weddings magazine and the Suite (and sweet!) gals were hosting this event to celebrate the blog's launch.  I originally learned about The Bride Suite through Aleah and Nick of Valley & Co who I have collaborated with on a few DIY projects and who are contributors to the new blog.  Definitely one of the best parts of the night was getting to then meet Aleah and Nick who I have chatted with through Twitter and emails numerous times.  They were just as lovely in person as they are online, just so welcoming and friendly.  But lucky me, I got to meet and chat with a bunch of other talented people so I was constantly in good company, in a beautiful setting (The Lodge at Torrey Pines in La Jolla), and with yummy food (although I didn't get to eat much because I was talking the entire time)!  

I got to meet the talented graphic designer Lauren from Lauren M Design who was responsible for the invitations that night.  She did a fabulous job with them!  The party had a travel theme and the invitations tied in perfectly.  I loved the play on words "Check into The Bride Suite," like checking into a hotel and checking out the blog.  I chatted with Lauren and Erika (the super talented designer behind Delphine Press) for awhile and I enjoyed it so much.  Both ladies have been in the industry for a few years and I really appreciated hearing their opinions and sharing ideas.  I look up to people like them, ladies who have started their own creative businesses and it was a great opportunity for me to meet them.  

To go with the travel theme, there were suitcase favors that each guest was able to take home.  I was so surprised when I opened it up the next day to discover all the little fun goodies.  

Aren't the suitcases cute?  They would work perfectly for a travel theme wedding as guest favors or bridesmaid/groomsmen favors.  All of the stickers were a nice touch too...cute detail!

One of the goodies was a pretty piece of stationary from Noon, a jewelry and paper goods boutique in the San Diego area.  I like the design of the flower and the colors.  I may add it to my art collection and hang it on my wall in a collage.  

Couture Events gave us "Keep Calm and Carry On" tote bags that are so, so awesome!  I will display mine prominently considering it is adorable and my studio is in need of some cute organization.  I got to meet Krystel, the owner of Couture Events, and she was so fun and a pleasure to meet.  The work on her website is beautiful so clearly she is one talented lady.

I cannot thank Laurie, Jen, and Brittany enough for inviting me to their event.  I had so much fun and particularly loved getting to know them.  Definitely check out their blog The Bride Suite as it is filled with beautiful photographs, inspiration, and advice.  See photos from the fun photobooth at the event here.  Sadly, I ran out of time to do the photobooth because I was busy talking to everyone so my smiling face is not there but clearly, everyone else had a blast.  

Happy Tuesday everyone!