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Easter Hike

Happy mid-week everyone! Southern California went from having perfect, clear weather this weekend to being cloudy and rainy today. Fluctuations like this are business as usual here but at least the holiday was spared from the gloominess. On Sunday my family went on a hike in the local mountains to soak up the sun's warm rays and to spend our Easter outdoors in nature. Outings like this call for a camera of some sort but I didn't feel like lugging around my dSLR, especially since we had Scout along for the fun. It's hard to be dog wrangler plus family photographer at the same time. So I opted for my more compact Fuji Instax camera which gives me instant, tangible pictures.

I'm in the last set of pictures on the left with Scout. Can you see me? I am very camouflaged.

It was a really fun hike and I'm glad I have these little photos to remind me of the trip. Scout especially loved splashing in the water and cooling down in the stream. She usually dislikes water but for whatever reason, being out in nature changed her mind. Whenever our family gets together I feel like we always go on long walks or hikes. Does your family do that? A family that walks together, stays together maybe.

How was your Easter weekend? Did anyone else go hiking? 


Happy Easter!

Hi friends! It's almost time for the Easter weekend here. Are you getting ready for it? What are your plans? Our family is doing a large feast tomorrow night and celebrating with my brother and his girlfriend who will be home from school for a few days. The three of us will also be working on a mini photoshoot which has me super excited. I'm in the process of making things and pulling props together today. I can't wait to share it here. My brother will even be modeling for us. Should be fun!

Are you crafting anything for the weekend? Since I'm busy with the shoot I don't have much planned. But I found these cute little chicks stuffed away in my studio that just might make an appearance somewhere.

They are quite cute!

Have a great Easter weekend everyone and I'll see you back here next week with some fun posts and DIY projects.  


Font Love, Vol. XXVIII: Hlmt Rounded

Happy Friday blog friends! It's been a busy week here and so I decided to do a quick Font Friday post because it's been awhile since I shared a type favorite. Also I sadly don't have time to post something more extensive today. I apologize and will make up for it next week. Promise!

I just discovered this sweet hand-drawn font by Heather T. on DaFont called Hlmt Rounded. It's a great freebie, skinny text (my favorite) and very legible. Check it out. What do you think?

My favorite detail, by far, is the lowercase 't.' Isn't that great?! Hlmt Rounded is just a basic sans serif but I think it is good to always have a few of these in your arsenal. I have a few favorites and I swap them out occasionally to graphically change up the look. This one is a new favorite and you'll be seeing it more around here now.

And I'll leave you with a pretty bit of inspiration to start your weekend. I love this quote by Roald Dahl. What a nice reminder to cherish those 'unlikely places' in life. I definitely don't do it enough. Hopefully we can all remember this and enjoy the little things this weekend.

Happy Friday!


Teaching Myself Crochet

Happy Monday everyone! Did you all have a nice weekend? Here was my Sunday summed up: sleeping in, crochet, getting hailed on while taking a walk, more crochet, a glass of wine, and the Lakers game. It was pretty perfect after a few late nights. It has been a goal of mine for awhile now to teach myself crochet. I am so inspired by the beautiful handiwork I see online and I figured it was about time that I learned this skill. It hasn't been easy going at it alone but after watching a few YouTube videos, dissecting some diagrams on websites, and reading tutorials I think I have finally gotten comfortable with the chain stitch and single crochet stitch. Next I would like to add a few more stitches to my repertoire and possibly try and follow a pattern.

Oh my, I'm so proud of my little creation. It's quite cute! I definitely labored to get to this point though. Yesterday I finally had a major breakthrough and it all started to make sense. And then I busted out single stitches like crazy.

Has anyone else tried to teach themselves crochet? It's hard! Originally I bought this crochet kit which included a little booklet with instructions and diagrams. It was helpful to an extent but when you are truly new to something, the wording and terms just don't make sense. I got frustrated a lot because I felt like the instructions would skip certain steps. Now that I have figured it out, I look back on those instructions and totally 'get it' but before it was like trying to decipher a foreign language. If you're learning like me, I'd definitely recommend videos. It helps to see and hear the steps. I really liked Hectanooga1's crochet videos. She has a ton of tutorials but also just basic stitch how-tos.

Are you currently struggling to learn a new craft technique? It can be a frustrating process but with YouTube and so many helpful and informative blogs, it makes learning a new art much easier. Don't you agree?

Good luck with whatever you're working on!


Font Love, Vol. XXVII: Learning Curve

Happy Friday everyone! Feels good doesn't it? I decided to make it a Font Friday and share one of my all-time, free favorites. I've been using this font for awhile so I'm not sure why I'm only posting about it now. Better late than never I guess. This freebie is called Learning Curve and it comes in a regular and a dashed version. It is a take on traditional, handwritten cursive but it feels more modern. Unlike some cursive scripts, Learning Curve is very legible. I like pairing it with skinny sans serif fonts like Quicksand. It is always a go-to when I want a little flair but not too much.


Learning Curve was designed by Blue Vinyl Fonts. The designer Jess Latham is also responsible for another one of my favorites Print Clearly which I use all the time. I think both are a great duo for any designer to have in their arsenal of fonts.

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I hope everyone has a great weekend. What are your plans? I have some family out for a few days so that should keep me pretty occupied. Looking forward to catching up and sharing family meals with loved ones that I don't see too often. Hopefully I can get a few fun side projects done too.