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What I Want...Friday January 6th

Happy Friday blog friends! We made it through the first week in January. It can be hard getting back into the swing of things after the holidays but I am feeling pretty inspired right now and looking forward to 2012. How about you?

Today I wanted to do a 'what I want Friday' post and share some of the things I am dreaming about for my weekend. If you've read any of these posts before you know that sometimes my dreams are quite realistic while other times they are quite imaginary (but all the more fun). Hey, a girl can dream right?

What I want to { drink } :: margaritas!

You see, while most places are experiencing winter now, Southern California is going through a heat stroke. It has been in the mid-80s the last few days, feeling much more like early summer than January. It's super dry, hot, and clear and this combination just makes me want to sip margaritas in the shade. Are margaritas ever a bad idea? I don't think so. 

image credit: Calgary Foodies

Where I want to { go } :: Palm Springs

Ok, this kind of goes along with the first one. It would be ideal to sip margaritas in the shade while palm trees swayed in the wind. Palm Springs isn't too far from where I live and it's fun to take day trips there. Now is the perfect time of year to visit too because the temperature hasn't reached the 100s yet. If I don't make it there this weekend, I should go soon.

image credit: me!

What I want to { do } :: cozy up and watch movies and read books

This definitely isn't my room but doesn't it look like such a cozy little nook, perfect for reading. This is slightly contradictory to the last one but I think it's normal to want to go out but also stay in at the same time. (right?) To me the perfect lazy day would be reading, without interruptions and without feeling guilty that I should be doing something productive. 

image credit: picture from Elle Interiör via Emmas Designblogg, styled by Katarina Grundströmer and Lisa Kerstinsdotter, photography by Magnus Selander

What I want to { read } :: The Woman in White

I am already reading this classic mystery by Wilkie Collins, I'm about half-way through, and it's fantastic. I am very fond of mysteries and this is one of the best I've ever read. I am seriously on-the-edge-of-my-seat whenever I read it and I just can't get through the pages quick enough. I desperately want to know what happens so if I could spend all my time finishing up, I would be one happy girl. I highly recommend this book.

image credit: Penguin Books

What I want to { watch } :: William Powell & Myrna Loy movies

The Turner Classic Movies (TCM) channel has been recently airing a lot of William Powell movies and I have become quite fond of him. But my favorites have to be the ones I've seen with his main leading lady, Myrna Loy. They did 14 movies together (a record). Back in the day people thought they were an actual couple because they were so convincing on screen and I can see why. I feel like they were a couple too. They were a part of The Thin Man movies which are mysteries (a theme I guess) but ones that are humorous and light hearted. There is something about the dialogue in old movies that is so captivating, something that modern movies usually lack. I actually have Libeled Lady ready to watch so that is definitely one thing I'm looking forward to this weekend. 

image credit: Film Noir Photos 

What are your big plans for the weekend? What are you dreaming about instead? 


What I Want...Friday November 11th

Happy Friday all!  I haven't done a 'What I Want...' post in awhile so I thought I would bring it back today and share some of the things I am dreaming about for this weekend.  But before I get into that, I just wanted to say congratulations to Dominique who won our Font Friday Skunkling giveaway!  Enjoy Skunkling, it's such a great font.  Also if any of you are interested in free holiday printables featuring Skunkling, you can check out my design here and the other freebies from my friends here:

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So what are you dreaming about for the weekend?  I am wondering how mine is going to play out.  I know that I have some Anthropologie work but the Rose Bowl Flea Market is this Sunday so maybe I should go and officially complete one of my Twelve by 2012 goals.  While I ponder about my next few days, here is what I am dreaming about...

What I want to { eat } :: apple pie

Photo credit: Sprinkle Bakes

It is finally starting to feel like fall in Southern California and that means I'm craving apple pie, the go-to fall staple.  Now these are apple tarts but basically anything with apple, cinnamon, and a crust sounds scrumptious to me.  Don't those big granules of sugar look amazing?!  One of my 12 goals for this year is to bake my own apple pie and I am searching for a recipe.  I will probably bake my version for our Thanksgiving dinner which I will be sharing with my immediate family and aunt, uncle, and cousin.  Do you know of a perfect apple pie recipe?  Throw me any hints if you have them.

What I want to { buy } :: typewriter ribbon

Photo credit: Me!

I have had my cute little grey typewriter for awhile now and most of the keys are functioning ( a few stick sadly) but ever since purchasing it I have wanted to find some typewriter ribbon.  I think it would be so fun to type up some holiday cards and use it for packaging this year.  Some TLC definitely needs to go into my typewriter before I can use it but I hope to spend some quality time with it soon.  There is something so nostalgic and wonderful about it.  

What I want to { read } :: Uppercase Magazine 

Photo credit: Janine Vangool of Uppercase via Inward Facing Girl

I got this large package in the mail the other day and I was so perplexed at first.  Who is sending me something this large?  Wait, I don't remember ordering anything?  And to my surprise issue #11 was packaged inside.  I have done a quick scan of Uppercase's inspiring pages but have yet to really sit down and read it thoroughly.  I definitely am going to carve away some time this weekend to reading about fellow creatives and their beautiful work.  Uppercase is such a great publication, I definitely recommend it.

What I want to { do } :: package things with goodies from Present & Correct

Photo credit: Present & Correct, Old Gummed Labels

Do you know of Present & Correct?  This virtual shop is based in London and if you visit their site, packaging goodness awaits you.  Their items are inspired by vintage school supplies, stationary, and desktop items.  Some items actually are vintage with a limited supply while others just give a nod to good vintage design.  Their product styling and photography is perfect and each and every item is something I want to own.  The graphic designers who run the shop go on sourcing trips a few times a year to find the original products that they offer.  This packaging heaven gets me so excited about the holidays and the idea of wrapping up presents for friends and family.  

So what are your plans and dreams for the weekend?  Wherever you are, I hope you stay warm and snuggly if it's cold and enjoy these lovely November days.  Happy Friday!


What I Want...Thursday, April 28th

If you've been following my blog for awhile, you may remember the 'What I Want Friday' posts that were a regular feature here many months ago.  Basically I shared what I was currently swooning over, the places I was dying to go to, the things I was wanting to make, the food I was wanting to eat, etc.  They were fun and a chance for me to write a personal post without it revolving around my dog.  I shared these things on Fridays because they were my dream wishes for the upcoming weekend.  Since my Fridays are dedicated to fonts, the personal Friday posts got put on the back-burner...until now!  I am bringing back the 'What I Want' posts but now they will show up on Thursdays.  So here are the things I am loving right now and my thoughts on how I would {ideally} spend my weekend.

What I want to { do } :: organize a pretty & inspirational studio space

photos: Holly Becker's workspace via Decor8 

When I think of inspiring spaces, Decor8 always comes to mind so of course I am in love with this image of Holly Becker's office.  That huge picture board is pretty much office perfection and it is great how the whites and neutrals really allow the colors to pop.  I am in the midst of a studio rearranging and it has been a pretty slow process.  I get overwhelmed quickly because I have so much stuff and trying to find homes for everything is tough.  How do you guys do on big projects like this?  Usually I'm all amped about it and I do a bunch of work in the beginning but once I get frustrated things slow down and the project gets drug out.  Right now my studio is in the 'disaster phase' and it is driving me crazy.  This weekend I plan to devote some time to it and I will channel my inner Holly to come up with a space like this, simple.  I probably won't finish this weekend but the goal is to make some progress.

What I want to { craft } :: a coffee table made of wood pallets

photo: Happy Serendipity via Papernstitch

Crafting this coffee table goes along with the organizing that I'm planning for this weekend.  I would like to make a tiny sitting area in my studio so that I can relax between projects and read or look up inspiration.  I found this table DIY on Papernstitch and I think the industrial feel of it would be perfect in my space.  The cheap price tag of the project also intrigues me and it would be fun to make something at a large scale like this again (I haven't done it since college).  I need to go on a hunt for wood pallets because you can sometimes find them thrown out behind grocery stores or stores that sell large items like furniture.  Maybe Home Depot would have them...hmm...need to start looking.

Where I want to { go } :: Los Angeles flower market

photo: Jacqueline Jaszka via Love Your Chaos  

I actually will be going to the flower market soon to get ideas for a bride's wedding but I wish the LA market was closer so that I could wander over on random days and browse for fun.  I do enjoy having fresh flowers to brighten up my workspace but there are not many options where I live.  Occasionally I will buy bundles from Trader Joe's but I usually don't like bouquets that have been pre-arranged.  This bouquet above is so beautiful and I wish I could have those blooms on my desk right now...in my perfectly cleaned and organized studio.  Such a fantasy!  Also if you like pretty, pretty pictures, check out this photographer's blog A Happy Day...lovely work!

What I want to { buy } :: glitter heels

photos: Zara

I'm not quite sure why I'm super obsessed with glitter pumps but I am.  This Zara version is pretty ideal for me too because the price tag is not astronomical and the heel height is not sky-high.  Paired with a simple outfit of blacks, whites, or neutrals these shoes would be a fun stand-out piece.  Fortunately this year, I have a few good reasons to splurge on some fun heels (normally I never spend money on heels) so keeping my fingers crossed that these babies or something similar will find their way to my closet and onto my feet.  

What I want to { eat } :: s'mores cakelettes

photo: Desserts for Breakfast

If these cakelettes are even half as good as they look, it would be a success!  I mean s'mores are amazing and cake is pretty amazing so a s'mores cake should be fan-freakin'-tastic!  I was looking at the recipe and it is a little challenging, especially for someone like me who is master chef skills deprived, but I think the struggle would be worth it.  These are lovely photos too and the styling is perfect and simple.  The mini cake stand is too cute!  Yummers!

So what are you craving and dreaming about for your weekend?  


What I Want...Friday, October 29th

Ya it's Friday my friends! 

I know that most of you are excited because it is Halloween this weekend and you're planning on dressing up and getting into the spooky spirit of this holiday.  And to that I would have to say...good for you!  You see, Halloween is not my holiday.  I liked it as a kid (I guess) but now, as an adult, I just don't see the point much.  I know that many would consider this sacrilege and maybe you're right but to each their own.  My favorite holiday is probably Thanksgiving just because it is all about family and food and being thankful for what we have.  But ghosts, witches, black cats...meh.  Clearly, I'm not feelin' it.  So instead of Halloween, I choose these 'what i want' finds:

What I want to { do } :: take photographs with my new Polaroid camera

Last week I finally purchased a Polaroid camera off of Etsy.  I have been meaning to buy one for awhile but for whatever reason (usually money) this purchase was put on the back burner.  Now I just need some film and my new photo explorations can begin.  I can't wait!  I have been wanting to decorate my room with some Polaroids (hence this DIY here) and now I can finally do it!  I bought the camera from Shalet at Peculiar Momma.  Definitely check out her little shop, it is wonderful and she is the sweetest!  Not only does she have some other great vintage cameras but you can also find some really awesome treasures.  But my favorite has to be the vintage books.  I am such a fan of old books and their binding so naturally I would be drawn to these items in her shop.  Wanting these French and Italian cookbooks right now.  I also commend Shalet on her great shop photography.  Seriously, if you have good photographs, it makes people want to buy your items even more!  I always sways my opinion.  Hence my desire to buy everything from Peculiar Momma!

photo: Peculiar Momma (check out her blog too!) 


Where I want to { dwell } :: in a Modern Shed home

After perusing the most recent issue of Dwell, I discovered this ad for prefab homes called Modern Shed.  I have always liked the idea of prefab and the opportunity to create cheaper housing for people.  But a lot of "prefab" homes aren't all that cheap and I don't always love their aesthetic.  But I really like this design by Modern Shed.  Of course these structures aren't really sheds at all, they are spaces built with the intention of being lived in.  They are insulated and totally livable.  The example in the picture is larger but some of the designs are as small as 8'x10'.  These smaller sizes can become a home office or studio space and are a lot easier to install/build than a traditional home remodel or add-on.  I really like the message that the owners of Modern Shed are trying to convey with their homes: simplify life.  We really don't need to live in McMansions.  I totally stand behind this and want to apply this philosophy to my own life (yes, I need to get rid of a few things).  When home buying is in my horizon (it feels like that will be eons from now), I will definitely consider Modern Shed as an option. 

photo: Modern Shed


Who I want to { hug } :: Mondo from Project Runway

This is a totally new and random category for 'what i want fridays' but if any of you watched the season finale of Project Runway last night then you'll probably agree with me.  Mondo deserves a hug!  Why?  Because he totally should have won last night.  And not only was he the CLEAR winner, but he also seems like the cutest, sweetest guy ever!  I love his designs!  Yes, his prints are crazy and his colors are bold but amazingly, he makes it work (as Tim Gunn would say).  I don't know much about high fashion but I think things coming down the runway should be a little crazy and over-the-top.  These designs should spark our imaginations and take us into a dream-like fantasy land, showing us things we've never seen before.  I think Mondo's collection did that.  Gretchen, who won, has a nice collection with very wearable pieces but to me, all her stuff looks like it belongs at Urban Outfitters.  I'm disappointed with the final outcome, hence I want to give Mondo a huge hug and tell him he's amazing and that I would definitely like to rock some of his outfits!

photo: Mondo Guerra on Zimbio


What I want to { read } :: Mr & Mrs Globe Trot blog

Green Wedding Shoes featured the wedding of two photographers earlier this week.  It was a beautiful wedding and I loved everything about their day.  But now I'm even more interested in the travel blog that they are keeping.  You see, after they got married in September, they set off on a 6 month honeymoon where they will get to see the world (Eastern & Western Europe) and experience it together.  Holy cow!  This is the best idea EVER and I totally want to steal it.  After having traveled around Europe myself with my friends, I think it would be so great to make all of these fantastic memories with your new spouse.  I don't even know these people and yet I am so excited for them.  How fun!  And since they are photographers, the photos on the blog are beautiful.  I want to take some time this weekend to really read through the posts and devour all of the pictures.  Basically, to live vicariously through them, yes.  

photo: Mr and Mrs Globe Trot 


What I want to { obsess over } :: the Lakers

It's that time of year again kids!!  Yep, the basketball season has officially started and I am now back into Lakers mode.  See Kobe's face in the picture above...ya, that's how I feel now that basketball is back on.  I missed it for those few months.  Football = ugh!  Baseball = double ugh!  Hockey = who the heck watches that?  Basketball is my thing err, should I say, the Lakers are my thing!  I love this team and the energy that surrounds it.  And the fact that we're back-to-back champions, ya, that doesn't hurt either.  This season will be great...I can feel it!  So I am preparing myself for the months of crazy ahead, many moments of me yelling at the TV screen (they can't hear you, you know?), me adorning myself in purple and yellow on game days, and me scheduling my life around the games.  Oh yes, and me religiously hating on the Miami Heat (or more specifically Lebron James).  

photo: LA Times Sports


What I Want...Friday, October 8th

I can't believe it is October already...time flies! 

And on this lovely October morning I give to you another installment of 'What I Want Fridays.'  I have a busy day ahead of me so let's cut the formalities and get to the good stuff!


What I want to { do } :: paint my nails

I love painted fingernails like the above picture (so cute) but I am the type that NEVER paints my own nails.  The lasted time I had a manicure was forever ago.  I'm not quite sure why this phenomenon exists.  Clearly if I like painted nails than I should do it sometimes, right?  Wrong!  Part of the reason why I avoid it may have to do with the fact that (being right-handed) I can make my left hand look pretty good but then my right hand always looks like crap.  And I'm sort of a perfectionist so maybe I just can't emotionally deal with one hand looking better than the other.  Who knows?  But I would like to force myself to paint my nails sometime soon because I think I would really like the result.  I'd probably go with a really light, pastel pink.  That seems safe enough for me...I don't want to start off too bold.  I've seen grey fingernail polish recently and that looks pretty cool but I might save that for next time and ease myself into this whole fingernail polish thing. 

Photo: Wayside Violet via Lovely Clusters


What I want to { buy } :: pumpkins for decorating

It has actually started to feel like fall here in Southern California and it has gotten me in the mood for all the things associated with the season...especially pumpkins (and pumpkin-flavored things, mainly pumpkin pie!).  I have always loved pumpkins (carved, uncarved, I don't discriminate) and their decorating potential is pretty endless.  I loved this white mantel above and how the fall colors really pop out at you.  I also like that the colors are a bit muted, not so orangey.  By painting your pumpkins, you are capturing their essence but still keeping them within your desired color scheme.  If you head over to the fall issue of Sweet Paul online magazine, you'll see some great pumpkin decorating ideas!

Photo: melissann


Where I want to { go } :: Bonn, Germany

My friend Tamra is studying abroad right now and living and going to school in Bonn.  I have been keeping in touch with her through Facebook and I am always so excited to see her pictures and hear about her adventures.  I went abroad and lived in Italy in 2008 and it was the best experience of my life so I was stoked when I found out that Tamra would be traveling through Europe and having a similar experience.  I am also incredibly jealous because I wish I could be there with her.  Europe is just the most amazing place.  I loved every second of my time there and I can't wait to go back (hopefully soon).  If I had all the money in the world, I would bee-bop on over to Bonn and Tamra and I could chill in this lovely German square, people watch, catch up, and enjoy life together.  I guess she'll just have to enjoy Bonn without me (which I'm sure she's doing anyway).  Miss you Tamra!

Photo: Gonzatravel 


What I want to { eat } :: salt water taffy

For a little photoshoot I did last week, I picked up some salt water taffy from Trader Joe's and now I'm kind of obsessed and craving more.  Yes, TJ's does have salt water taffy although their flavors are limited.  The pack only includes fruit flavors, like strawberry banana, raspberry, etc.  It is good but I'm slightly disappointed.  I want some flavor variety like chocolate, vanilla, carmel, and rootbeer.  I'm not a big fan of fruit-flavored candies.  The best place to get salt water taffy is probably Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.  When I have visited before, the trip has definitely included a stop at a taffy store to purchase a big bag of my favorites.  I'm not sure exactly what taffy is and its nutritional value is slim-to-none (it can't be good to have something that sticky in your body) but it is still a fun treat to get occasionally.  The colors are just glorious!  

Photo: Weddingbee 


What I want to { hear } :: Mumford & Sons

Ok, lets be real for a minute...I am so, so, SO obsessed with this band right now.  I didn't even know about them a week ago but now I have been enlightened, have purchased their album, and have been listening non-stop.  They are from England (swoon!), hence they have British accents (double swoon!), and have the most awesome sound that I have heard in awhile (ultimate swoon!).  But aside from their beyond-great music, I am loving their whole look.  Seriously, whoever they have styling them and their music videos, major props to those people.  Their video for 'Little Lion Man' is perfection to me.  It is so simple yet so beautiful and powerful.  I love all the hanging lights!  I was watching some youtube videos of the band being interviewed and I basically have the biggest crush on the lead singer...ya, he's pretty much adorable.  And his name is Marcus Mumford!  Of course they are a newer band but it doesn't seem like celebrity has gotten to them...they seem very humble and totally about the music and being artists, which is great (keep it that way guys).  So yes, I'm basically in love and listening to their stuff over and over again (totally annoying but I don't care).  Feast your eyes on this video...it is AMAZEBALLS (to borrow a word commonly used by Alison of The Knotty Bride)!


The banjo and stand-up bass make me so happy!  Now that's banjo done right!!

My brother is going to try and see them live (and free) on Jimmy Kimmel.  He's obsessed with them too, although he probably wouldn't be saying things like 'the lead singer is adorable.' 

Photo: Mumford and Sons