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Pinterest Picks, Vol. VI Shop Love

Hi readers! I am blogging two days in a row now so I am a bit excited. Tomorrow I plan to blog too and go for three days in a row. I haven't had that kind of consistency in a few weeks. Eek! It's the little things.

Today I have a roundup of some recent pins for another installment Pinterest Picks. This time I've created a theme of 'shop love' and all these pictures are snapshots into the world of small, independent boutique stores. Small shops, especially local ones, have such charm and can hold so much more meaning than big chains. The shops I highlighted for today all have a beautiful and simple aesthetic which is so pleasing to me. Simple design, neutral colors, unique details. We'll start off with a shop in Barcelona:

Cup & Cake

Barcelona, Spain

This bakery looks like the perfect retreat since the interior is so light and airy. The wood floors and counter tops are the perfect compliment to the white and neutral color palette. But my favorite detail just might be that outdoor window seat with the pillows. They have created a peaceful oasis in the middle of lively and spirited Barcelona.

Mungo & Maud

London, England

image via Remodelista

When I first pinned this image, I just noticed the beautiful bowls at the bottom and assumed it was a pottery shop. But then the dog bone-stamped bags confused me and called for further investigation. Mungo and Maud appears to be the most hip, chic dog supply store out there. The contents may be for pets but the environment catches the attention of the owners. It appears the tabletops and shelving are made from reclaimed wood and those imperfections give it a hint of rustic charm.

Pizzeria Farina

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

image via Scout Magazine

It is hard to go wrong with kraft paper, especially one that is conveniently hanging from a rolling dispenser. I have seen this detail as a menu in a few restaurants now but it has yet to get old. It seems so ingenious to me. The handwriting is personal and the opportunity to switch out the menu easily when it changes is just practical. I also like the hanging crates on the wall of Pizzeria Farina which appear to hold glasses and jars of sauce.

Makr Carry Goods

Winter Park, Florida, USA

image via Grain and Gram

I just discovered these beautiful and simple products by Makr but am even more captivated by the brand now that I've seen their amazing workspace. It looks like such a collaborative environment with big, open tables where people are shown working together. And just a wealth of inspiration, shelves and pictures frames appear to be full of curiosities. 

Do you have any local shops that inspire you? I must say I wish these four were in my neighborhood. I would be a regular.