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Whisker Graphics May DIY

Hello dear readers! Another month passed means another Whisker Graphics DIY. If you don't know, I create a monthly DIY project for the WG blog using their fabulous products which includes the amazing Divine Twine and Bitty Bags (the shop is filled with other great paper goods too so be sure to check out all that it has to offer). Their products are a go-to for cute packaging and I use Whisker Graphics constantly for personal and work projects. But for these monthly DIYs I like to envision their products in different ways, sort of rethink their traditional uses. For May, I transformed a Bitty Bag into a piece of home decor. It is super simple and it only takes a few materials.

Remember the green bottle from my Mother's Day polka dot vase? It is a recycled apple cider bottle. I recommend any repurposed glass bottle for this project, just anything you can give new life to.

So how does it go from Bitty Bag to flower? I cut the bag into strips and then fringed the pieces. Then I just rolled up the fringe to get a sort of paper pom. Fluff up the fringe and it looks like a full flower in bloom. Use hot glue to secure as you go.

I found a dried branch outside, placed it in the bottle and then glued the flowers to the branch with hot glue. The whole process goes very quickly and you can finish the entire project in under an hour. A super simple weekend craft.

I love this minimalist arrangement and the defined shape of the curving branch. And since there is no upkeep, it is quite the ideal floral arrangement.

Bitty Bags come in a handful of colors so you could match any color scheme that you have in your home. Compliment the colors of the flower with the color of the bottle. You could even spray paint the bottle a certain hue to get a matching look. Visit the Whisker Graphics blog to see other DIYs by the design team and other examples of WG products. I hope you enjoyed this simple project. Happy crafting!


Styling Vignettes: Yellow Wildflowers

Happy Monday and new week to you all! Today kicks off a busy few days for me as I get moving on this big wedding deadline I have coming up. I'll be sharing some more sneak peeks this week of all the wedding details I've designed but I occasionally snap photos and post them on Instagram so you can follow along there too. Everything is soft pink with burlap details, quite feminine and romantic. Although I will be busy, the work is quite enjoyable so I think it will feel less like work and more like play. Well, hopefully at least.

I want to kick off this Monday with something cheerful and beautiful and since it is spring, this floral inspiration is just the thing. Flowers seem to be everywhere right now so on a recent walk, I started collecting some of the pieces that really spoke to me. Mustard flowers and yellow wildflowers are springing up all over the place in Southern California so I let those blooms be the focus to my assortment.

I paired the yellow with grey and nude tones that take a backseat to the flowers while still providing a great textural quality to the collection. I love the prickly looking stem on the far left. 

I found all these pieces along the side of the road and some are probably considered weeds. But even weeds, these accidents of the plant world so to speak, can have such impressive little qualities. Like the grey plant with those cottony poofs? It reminds me of some wacky Dr. Seuss tree. And the big, yellow bloom is almost like a mini sunflower.

Although I usually walk for exercise, I love taking leisurely strolls and finding the time to appreciate some of these small but lovely details. They are all around. Like most busy people, I don't always notice but when I do it is worth the extra time.

What little things are you noticing and appreciating this spring?