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Ball Mason Jar Wrapping Paper

With copies of Mason Jar Crafts officially being mailed out now, this week marks the start of a lot of promotions, giveaways, and features to help promote the book and get people exciting to start crafting with canning jars. I have been hard at work helping to plan a lot of special features across a variety of blogs. Along with that I have been putting together new content to share with everyone, specifically brand new DIYs that are inspired by Mason jars. These DIYs are meant to give everyone a feel for the 30 projects that I created in my book. 

Today on Paper Pastries, Margaret invited me over to share this wrapping paper DIY that pays homage to the classic Ball label. Ball and Kerr are two logos that are still printed on Mason jars today. Both have that timeless appeal and I wanted to let that part of the jar really shine. I carved my own custom stamp from a template (which I provide over on Paper Pastries) which will allow me to stamp a variety of materials over and over again. I would recommend simple kraft paper or masking paper (like I used in this example) for an easy option. And a few simple adornments, like washi tape and twine, are all you really need to complete this look.


Photography and Styling: Lauren Donaldson  /  Camera: Nikon D40x


Wrapped Up With Love

After months of work, putting in love, energy and dedication, I have finally seen my first book and held it in my hands. Flipping through its pages has been such a surreal experience but a moment I will always remember. It all feels real now, like I actually have a book, that I am actually a published author. The official release date isn't until July 2nd but I'm busy sending out pre-release copies to friends and family. Being a big fan of pretty packages, I knew I had to go all out on wrapping up these copies. I used a few go-to favorite supplies, like kraft paper and cotton twine, but I also incorporated stamped tags with the Ball logo and rosemary sprigs from my garden. I find a few personal touches really make all the difference. I share a few more pictures and thoughts about my book over on my blog Cottage Journal.

If anyone is still interested in a free, pre-release copy, check out this post with a few of the details. You can leave your email in the comments below and I'll get in touch about the opportunity. I still have some copies to share.


Summer Moments

Summer is definitely upon us now and in Southern California the temperatures are rising. I share some of my thoughts about special summer moments over on my new blog Cottage Journal. Visit there to see more.


In One Week

A lot can be accomplished in one week; not even a week, in just a few days! On Tuesday I announced the release of my very first craft book and since then I have received the most supportive, positive, and heartfelt responses. I have been blown away by everyone's kindness. My appreciation for each and every email, Facebook 'like,' and comment is hard to express. Thank you, all of you.

I truly believe that, for me, the best part of this book will be giving it to others so that they can enjoy it, get inspired, and craft something special for themselves. So far, copies will be going out all over the country and the world. In just a few days, my book has reached a lot of people! The maps above highlight the general areas where special, pre-release copies will be headed in just a week or two.

If you're interested in receiving a free, pre-release copy, check out this post for the details and comment with your email so I can get in touch. There are a few spots left for this opportunity. Mason Jar Crafts is also available for pre-order on Amazon andBarnes & Noble

I go into this holiday weekend feeling very blessed and grateful. Thank you!


A Free Copy of Mason Jar Crafts

It has been a long time since my last post here on the blog. I have tried to get back into blogging this year in a new space but I have good reason for being preoccupied these last many months. I have been writing a book, a craft book in fact, my very first solo project in the world of publishing. I couldn't be more excited! In February I announced on Instagram that I had finished the photography and written content for my book. Now it is soon to be released. I cannot believe it will soon be here.

In collaboration with my wonderful publisher Ulysses Press, we have put together Mason Jar Crafts, 30+ unique DIY projects all inspired by the classic and timeless style of the beloved Mason jar. I have always enjoyed working with Mason jars and they have made quite a few appearances here on this blog. There are endless possibilities to crafting with them and I see my book as a jumping-off point for crafters who want to infuse this charming jar into their homes and events. 

These are a few sneak peeks of some of my favorite projects.

But here is the fun part...you have the opportunity to receive a free copy of my book before it is made available to the public! That's right! Blog and social media friends can get their own personal copy that will hopefully ignite their own passion for Mason jars. To receive a copy, you will need to commit to posting an honest review on either the Amazon or Barnes & Noble website but that's all. Once again, honest reviews are expected but reviews can be anonymous. I am confident that the book has one-of-a-kind content that will spark creativity and I am hoping to spread the word about this project that I have worked so hard on.

If you would like to receive a free copy or if you would like more information about this opportunity, leave your email in the comment section below. I will email you back to discuss the details. I appreciate your support and am so excited that I can offer my followers and friends a chance to see what I've put together. I am very proud of my work and think you all will love it. Thanks!