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Twelve by 2012 Recap & Some New Goals

Some of you may remember that in October I participated in Oh, Hello Friend's project of goals called Twelve by 2012. It was a great project and I'm glad I did it. By making my goals public and posting them here I held myself more accountable for completing them. I couldn't totally embarrass myself and not complete any of them. I wouldn't be able to show my face here again. So I kept the goals in mind and got to work.

Side note: It's so good to set deadlines sometimes isn't it? When you don't, things can just drag on forever (for no real reason). Why do we let ourselves do this? Then you feel guilty because it's taken you so long to complete something that should have taken you 4 seconds. And then the guilt forces you to push it back even more. Does anyone else fall victim to this? I occasionally do it, not proud to admit. 

But back to my twelve goals, I did alright completing them. I definitely didn't finish all twelve but I'm proud of the ones that I did accomplish. Here's my finished checklist (complete with some fudging and cheating):

My List of Twelve before 2012: 

1} Make a business proposal/strategy for my new Lauren Elise Crafted ideas  still finishing up a bit but definitely started so I'm going to consider it completed for the sake of this list

2} Take someone special on a picnic

3} Make a Blurb book...finally!  completed on November 28th

4} Make ribollita soup from scratch

5} Visit with my friend Edward  completed on December 24th - actually I saw him and my two other good friends Pat (both are named Pat)

6} Take a weekend trip to Sacramento to see a friend

7} Throw a holiday party for crafty, local friends

8} Perfect my stuffed animal idea & get better at stitching

9} Go vintage shopping in LA with David (my brother)  ok, we didn't go vintage shopping in LA, just locally but the whole point is to spend time with David and I did that

10} Make apple pie from scratch  completed on November 24th

11} Crochet something even if it's small  I didn't crochet anything but I used my weave & loom kit and made a few small squares - not quite the same thing but kind of so we're going to count it

12} Go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market  completed on December 11th

So I completed 7 out of my 12, more than 50%! Hopefully I can complete a few more of these in the next few months because I still want to do them. Did anyone else participate in Twelve by 2012? How did you do on your list?

Since I enjoyed this project so much, I decided to continue it into the new year. I didn't want to post goals for the full year, it's just too far ahead in the future to map out and hold myself accountable so I decided to set a deadline three months from now, which is about the same amount of time I had for the last list. So I am now announcing my Thirteen in 3 list which I will be striving to complete in January, February, and March. Here is what I hope to accomplish:

So there is my list of 13. As you'll notice, the crochet thing is still on there (my aunt promised to show me some techniques) and I also included the party with local friends. These were just too important not to include in this second list. Hopefully I can accomplish them this second time around. I'll be updating the list periodically and letting you guys know how I'm doing (remember, hold me accountable). I'd love to get a better completion percentage than last time.

If you'd like to play along and create your own list of 13, go right ahead! If you do, let me know and comment below with a link to your post. I'd love to see what other people are planning in the new year. Here is a little badge if you want to include it on your blog. I'll have mine up in the right-hand column.



How ever many goals you have for 2012, good luck completing them!  

Update: If you're thinking of starting your own 13 in 3 or similar goal list but don't have a blog, here's what I recommend: make yourself accountable by sharing your list with others. When I set a goal in my mind but just leave it there and don't share it, I usually tend to forget about it or it gets pushed aside by other more pressing matters. I do so much better when others know what I am working towards. It actually becomes real when you tell someone. So share your hopes with your family, your spouse, your kids, your best friends, your coworkers...anyone. Make a list and post it on your refrigerator or in another highly visible part of your home. Not only will you see the list and be reminded of what you're working towards but so will your loved ones and hopefully they will provide encouragement along the way. 

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    Lauren Elise Crafted - Blog - Twelve by 2012 Recap & Some New Goals
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    Lauren Elise Crafted - Blog - Twelve by 2012 Recap & Some New Goals
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    Lauren Elise Crafted - Blog - Twelve by 2012 Recap & Some New Goals
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    Lauren Elise Crafted - Blog - Twelve by 2012 Recap & Some New Goals

Reader Comments (3)

It was so hard for me to get into the 12 by 2012 because I had so much going on at the end of the year, but I think I'm definitely going to do this since my general goals are a lot more focused this year. Great post! :)

January 4, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterbobbi

Your goals are totally productive but also very cute and balanced by fun things! I made a list earlier this week to accomplish one goal each month this year but all fun and selfish things. I'm tempted to make a list of more short term and productivity-oriented goals along with you and your 13 in 3. I can't wait to see how they come along!

January 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMary from O+A

Thanks Bobbi and Mary for the comments! I wish you both the best of luck in starting your own set of goals.

January 5, 2012 | Registered CommenterLauren Elise

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