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A Catalyst

Sometimes when you fall out of routine and slowly loosen up on your responsibilities, it is just easier to stay in that new state. No routine, no obligations, sounds pretty carefree, right? Not necessarily. I fell out of routine with this blog during the summer and the hardest part was doing what I'm doing now...simply writing. When I created that new world for myself, a world in which I didn't need to blog everyday or check in with comments or tweet to followers, I slowly was amassing this mountain of a roadblock between the problem (more about that in a minute) and the solution (dealing with the problem by posting). At first it felt good to not have that responsibility but quickly that morphed into feeling crummy about myself (I'm lazy, I have nothing good to say, What else are you really doing that is so important?) Not blogging wasn't really the answer and I didn't feel great about it but it was still the easier path, the road of least resistance. How many of you are familiar with this road? I'm not proud to admit it but this lack of action has been my way of dealing with some issues in the past. What I can be proud of, is that today I'm changing that by showing up here.

So what is this mountain-sized problem that I was faced with this summer, that I am still facing now? Inspiration, motivation and passion! I fell out of love with my blog this summer and it became something I was forcing myself to do. I started my blog at a very impressionable time in my life and I have changed so much since then. My goals as a creative soul, as a human being, as a maturing adult are growing and adjusting and that means this blog is going to grow with me and become something different. I think during this summer I was a little scared to change it and also confused about how I was exactly going to change it. Why alter something unless you have a crazy, new, amazing idea right? Wrong. I post here to help myself grow, to help identify my inspirations, to act as a visual storyboard for the creativity brewing within. If this is a dormant space, I too feel a bit dormant.

For weeks I have been meaning to blog, to get back into that old routine. I just needed a catalyst. I knew that once I started sharing again, my problem would slowly start to work itself out naturally. This week I started a blogging e-course to help reinvigorate my creative soul. Holly Becker, the writer behind one of my favorite sites Decor8 also teaches a blogging bootcamp called Blogging Your Way and I have always been intrigued when I heard it mentioned across the blogosphere. A few weeks ago a reminder for her latest course showed up in my inbox and I jumped on the opportunity. It was the sign I needed. Let's get back into this! It was my catalyst and I'm hoping that the work I put in here will be a discovery into my new inspirations, motivations and passions. Lauren Elise Crafted may change a bit in this process but after writing this post, that change is no longer worrisome to me. My blog should reflect me. Moving forward, the road isn't exactly clear but I must say I'm excited for the journey. If you choose to tag along, I hope we can share and encourage each other.

The images are a few shots I took this morning of my desk. I recently reorganized my room and am in the process of hanging artwork and surrounding myself with my most treasured items. The goal is to keep the things I love nearby so that I can draw inspiration from them when I'm feeling unmotivated.

P.S. Thank you for bearing with me. I know this was a long post but it feels good to be open and honest.


Mood Board Inspiration

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I want to share a blog post that really struck a cord with me personally and that got me inspired as a creative. Last week the lovely Holly of Decor8 talked about the practice of making physical mood boards in her post Mood Board Books to Inspire. Like a journal of sorts, Holly has been creating these inspiration boards since she was a kid, collecting little odds and ends that struck her fancy and then arranging them into physical, tangible boards. She described using them for not only work purposes but for personal reasons as well and a board might capture her specific feelings at a certain point in her life. Not only were these boards providing her with inspiration in the present but she could open old books and be inspired by past collages as well. What a lovely thought! Her words inspired me to act and create my own board.

I have been working with this cerulean blue color this week and this beautiful hue has made such an impression. I think of Mediterranean waters and Greek islands when I see it. As I was working away I noticed other treasured items around my studio that all felt like they belonged together. I started compiling them on my desktop. I remembered Holly's words and felt good infusing new life into these pieces. Not all are necessarily worth keeping (some might even be considered trash) but for whatever reason I kept them because they spoke to me. Instead of stuffing things into drawers, I like the much more creative alternative of mood boards.

Holly then went on to say, "I believe that the more you either write down or visually share with yourself and/or others, the more you capture your imagination in a sense and freeze it,  perhaps it helps put you on your way to gaining a bit more clarity as you make your way through life." I thought that was so beautifully put and I definitely agree. My dreams don't always feel real until I verbally express them to myself or my loved ones and I think making these mood boards is a great exercise in getting better at expressing one's creativity. I get a lot of ideas but many don't get translated to paper and I quickly forget. If I could have flushed out these ideas and started to physically represent them, who knows how much they could have inspired me.

I definitely recommend reading Holly's post and looking at her beautiful boards because she has shared quite a few pictures. As a creative person I think it will give you just the right amount of encouragement. It has for me. Obviously tools like Pinterest allow us to make mood boards efficiently and quickly all the time but there is something so great about tangible items. They have a texture and spirit to them that can't be conveyed over the internet. 

Holly challenged her readers to make more of these personal boards over the next year and see if they help in gaining a better sense of self. I am looking forward to taking up this challenge but more importantly learning how to better articulate my ideas by visually describing them. 

Do you create mood or color boards like this? For you, what is the most effective process for expressing your ideas? 


LA Weekend + Birthday Picnic

Hi everyone!  A new week is here and for me, after such a lovely weekend, I am ready to tackle my to-do list.  I must admit that my weekend seeped into Friday and Monday a bit (hence no blog post yesterday) but it's hard to complain about that.  When you're in good company, your obligations and work don't seem to matter as much.  Sometimes you have to enjoy those moments and not think about looming deadlines.  Of course when I do come back to reality and have all this work piled up, I think "Crap, why didn't I do this earlier?!"

Something exciting that I did on Friday was to attend the Decorate Book Tour, hosted by Anthropologie for Holly Becker's new book.  Holly is such a fabulous blogger and her design and style are such an inspiration to me.  Meeting her was the ultimate!  She is so sweet and humble and even though I probably came across as a star-struck bumbling idiot, I hope I was able to convey what a role model she is for me in her work.  Be sure to peruse Decor8, Holly's blog, because it is really something.  Pretty things fill up every post.  Here are a few pictures from the event:

Super pretty Anthropologie window display.  Visiting each Anthro is always a new experience since every store is designed differently.  This event was held at The Grove in Los Angeles.  

There's Holly...signing away!

The rest of my Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were spent with my brother David and my bestie Elysse.  On Saturday night, Elysse and I attended one of my brother's band's gigs and it was amazing...such a great show!  My brother and his fellow band mates perform so well live, they absolutely blow me away with their talent.  I am one proud sister!

And on Sunday Elysse and I prepared for her birthday picnic, a celebration she hosted at Barnsdall Park (such an awesome LA park, I feel like it's a well kept secret) with a bunch of close friends and yummy food.  

I contributed some festive bunting for the event.  In my opinion, bunting always makes things a bit more special.  

The delicious spread!  Everyone brought such tasty goodies and there were even a bunch of leftovers (they are dangerously sitting in my refrigerator right now).  It was definitely hot but we set up in the shade and enjoyed Capri Suns and some wine and champagne.  It was just so enjoyable and the heat didn't even matter.  

Me and the birthday girl, who looked lovely!  Ya, we're both 25 now!

The two pictures above are from Elysse.

Elysse opening my present.  Also, the store-bought red velvet cupcakes that I contributed which looked pretty but were actually gross.  I wish I could have made something from scratch but it was just so stinking hot and we didn't want to turn on the oven and make it even worse.  Capri Sun and plastic wine bottle in the background (yep, we're classy like that).  

I embroidered this bunting gift for Elysse.  I did it in her colors and everything (blues and purples) to go with her decor.  I love that Elysse appreciates my handmade gifts because I truly love making them for special people.  

The view from the park was stunning.  The Griffith Observatory is on the right and the Hollywood sign is on the left.  It really was a beautiful day and it is just so neat to look over LA like this.  Perfect picnic location.

So Happy Birthday Elysse!  I'm so glad that I could celebrate with you and feast on sugary delights.  Here's to a new fabulous year!  


What I Want...Thursday, April 28th

If you've been following my blog for awhile, you may remember the 'What I Want Friday' posts that were a regular feature here many months ago.  Basically I shared what I was currently swooning over, the places I was dying to go to, the things I was wanting to make, the food I was wanting to eat, etc.  They were fun and a chance for me to write a personal post without it revolving around my dog.  I shared these things on Fridays because they were my dream wishes for the upcoming weekend.  Since my Fridays are dedicated to fonts, the personal Friday posts got put on the back-burner...until now!  I am bringing back the 'What I Want' posts but now they will show up on Thursdays.  So here are the things I am loving right now and my thoughts on how I would {ideally} spend my weekend.

What I want to { do } :: organize a pretty & inspirational studio space

photos: Holly Becker's workspace via Decor8 

When I think of inspiring spaces, Decor8 always comes to mind so of course I am in love with this image of Holly Becker's office.  That huge picture board is pretty much office perfection and it is great how the whites and neutrals really allow the colors to pop.  I am in the midst of a studio rearranging and it has been a pretty slow process.  I get overwhelmed quickly because I have so much stuff and trying to find homes for everything is tough.  How do you guys do on big projects like this?  Usually I'm all amped about it and I do a bunch of work in the beginning but once I get frustrated things slow down and the project gets drug out.  Right now my studio is in the 'disaster phase' and it is driving me crazy.  This weekend I plan to devote some time to it and I will channel my inner Holly to come up with a space like this, simple.  I probably won't finish this weekend but the goal is to make some progress.

What I want to { craft } :: a coffee table made of wood pallets

photo: Happy Serendipity via Papernstitch

Crafting this coffee table goes along with the organizing that I'm planning for this weekend.  I would like to make a tiny sitting area in my studio so that I can relax between projects and read or look up inspiration.  I found this table DIY on Papernstitch and I think the industrial feel of it would be perfect in my space.  The cheap price tag of the project also intrigues me and it would be fun to make something at a large scale like this again (I haven't done it since college).  I need to go on a hunt for wood pallets because you can sometimes find them thrown out behind grocery stores or stores that sell large items like furniture.  Maybe Home Depot would have them...hmm...need to start looking.

Where I want to { go } :: Los Angeles flower market

photo: Jacqueline Jaszka via Love Your Chaos  

I actually will be going to the flower market soon to get ideas for a bride's wedding but I wish the LA market was closer so that I could wander over on random days and browse for fun.  I do enjoy having fresh flowers to brighten up my workspace but there are not many options where I live.  Occasionally I will buy bundles from Trader Joe's but I usually don't like bouquets that have been pre-arranged.  This bouquet above is so beautiful and I wish I could have those blooms on my desk right now...in my perfectly cleaned and organized studio.  Such a fantasy!  Also if you like pretty, pretty pictures, check out this photographer's blog A Happy Day...lovely work!

What I want to { buy } :: glitter heels

photos: Zara

I'm not quite sure why I'm super obsessed with glitter pumps but I am.  This Zara version is pretty ideal for me too because the price tag is not astronomical and the heel height is not sky-high.  Paired with a simple outfit of blacks, whites, or neutrals these shoes would be a fun stand-out piece.  Fortunately this year, I have a few good reasons to splurge on some fun heels (normally I never spend money on heels) so keeping my fingers crossed that these babies or something similar will find their way to my closet and onto my feet.  

What I want to { eat } :: s'mores cakelettes

photo: Desserts for Breakfast

If these cakelettes are even half as good as they look, it would be a success!  I mean s'mores are amazing and cake is pretty amazing so a s'mores cake should be fan-freakin'-tastic!  I was looking at the recipe and it is a little challenging, especially for someone like me who is master chef skills deprived, but I think the struggle would be worth it.  These are lovely photos too and the styling is perfect and simple.  The mini cake stand is too cute!  Yummers!

So what are you craving and dreaming about for your weekend?