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Rose Bowl Flea Market: Goal Achieved

About a month ago I was so excited to discover that my birthday fell on a weekend that would not only include Renegade LA but also the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I have been wanting to visit the flea market for sometime now and some of you may remember that it was one of my Twelve by 2012 goals to visit before the new year. When my friend Elysse and I planned out the weekend we decided a trip to Pasadena couldn't be left out. And lucky enough, we got my brother to tag along too which was a perfect birthday present because I love spending time with him.

All three of us were Rose Bowl newbies so we weren't sure what to expect on Sunday. I have heard many great things, especially about how large it is but nothing could have prepared us. The fair is huge! We covered a lot and as we were getting ready to leave, I think we naively assumed we had seen most of it...so, so wrong. It seemed to stretch on forever and there were a lot of areas we completely missed or just quickly ran through. I'm not sure if one could actually see the entire thing in one day. But what we did see was so amazing, such a visual delight with so many curious knick knacks and collectibles. There was a lot of junk but also some fantastic finds.

This booth was a favorite, stocked with beautiful vintage glass bottles. They had them separated by color and they just shimmered in the sunlight. $3 per bottle is a pretty good price too. I find that in antique stores, little glass vials like this can get quite expensive ($10, sometimes $15 each). I want to know the stories behind each bottle, don't you? Where did they come from? How old are they? What was in them?

Rugs were big, I saw a lot of them. When I get serious about finding myself a rug for my room I may need to go back and seriously look at prices. Rugs can be so expensive.

There were a lot of vintage military booths selling things like these old metal ammo cases. I like the wood chests...they would make for some good storage. Cool brother on the right.

Industrial stamps with wood handles.

Any booth with cameras was a must-stop for David and me. This one was definitely a delight.

More old cameras of course. Also, neat vintage matchboxes. Sometimes the graphic design on these is really great.

A booth of vintage fabrics and sewing odds and ends.

And we couldn't end the weekend without some official documentation of our smiling faces. Elysse with her purchases...she found the most cool stuff including a $10 working typewriter. It was originally $15 but she got the price down. Way to heckle Elysse!

David and me. Look at that sweet old camera he has. He got that beauty for $35 a few weeks ago. I have camera envy.

Oh yes, and proof of the documentation that was going on. Thank you Elysse for the picture.

I gave each of them their own little portrait that I took with my Fujifilm Instax Camera. A nice reminder of the day I think. 

I am proud that I have completed 3 of my 12 goals. That doesn't sound too great but I think I'll be completing a few more soon. I probably won't finish all 12 but the whole point is to encourage and I may not have done some of these things without this encouragement. So I'm happy with the progress so far. Are you doing Twelve by 2012? How is your progress?


LA Weekend + Birthday Picnic

Hi everyone!  A new week is here and for me, after such a lovely weekend, I am ready to tackle my to-do list.  I must admit that my weekend seeped into Friday and Monday a bit (hence no blog post yesterday) but it's hard to complain about that.  When you're in good company, your obligations and work don't seem to matter as much.  Sometimes you have to enjoy those moments and not think about looming deadlines.  Of course when I do come back to reality and have all this work piled up, I think "Crap, why didn't I do this earlier?!"

Something exciting that I did on Friday was to attend the Decorate Book Tour, hosted by Anthropologie for Holly Becker's new book.  Holly is such a fabulous blogger and her design and style are such an inspiration to me.  Meeting her was the ultimate!  She is so sweet and humble and even though I probably came across as a star-struck bumbling idiot, I hope I was able to convey what a role model she is for me in her work.  Be sure to peruse Decor8, Holly's blog, because it is really something.  Pretty things fill up every post.  Here are a few pictures from the event:

Super pretty Anthropologie window display.  Visiting each Anthro is always a new experience since every store is designed differently.  This event was held at The Grove in Los Angeles.  

There's Holly...signing away!

The rest of my Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were spent with my brother David and my bestie Elysse.  On Saturday night, Elysse and I attended one of my brother's band's gigs and it was amazing...such a great show!  My brother and his fellow band mates perform so well live, they absolutely blow me away with their talent.  I am one proud sister!

And on Sunday Elysse and I prepared for her birthday picnic, a celebration she hosted at Barnsdall Park (such an awesome LA park, I feel like it's a well kept secret) with a bunch of close friends and yummy food.  

I contributed some festive bunting for the event.  In my opinion, bunting always makes things a bit more special.  

The delicious spread!  Everyone brought such tasty goodies and there were even a bunch of leftovers (they are dangerously sitting in my refrigerator right now).  It was definitely hot but we set up in the shade and enjoyed Capri Suns and some wine and champagne.  It was just so enjoyable and the heat didn't even matter.  

Me and the birthday girl, who looked lovely!  Ya, we're both 25 now!

The two pictures above are from Elysse.

Elysse opening my present.  Also, the store-bought red velvet cupcakes that I contributed which looked pretty but were actually gross.  I wish I could have made something from scratch but it was just so stinking hot and we didn't want to turn on the oven and make it even worse.  Capri Sun and plastic wine bottle in the background (yep, we're classy like that).  

I embroidered this bunting gift for Elysse.  I did it in her colors and everything (blues and purples) to go with her decor.  I love that Elysse appreciates my handmade gifts because I truly love making them for special people.  

The view from the park was stunning.  The Griffith Observatory is on the right and the Hollywood sign is on the left.  It really was a beautiful day and it is just so neat to look over LA like this.  Perfect picnic location.

So Happy Birthday Elysse!  I'm so glad that I could celebrate with you and feast on sugary delights.  Here's to a new fabulous year!  


PS, I Love You

After this weekend, that title definitely stands for: Palm Springs, I love you! 

I spent my Saturday and Sunday in the desert with my best friend Elysse.  Awhile back I decided that a girl's weekend in PS would be a great holiday gift for my bestie as well as a relaxing mini trip for me!  And since we stayed at The Ace Hotel, it also meant that I got to stay somewhere that I have been ogling for awhile.  The hotel was absolutely awesome, I totally dug the vibe there, but the best part was definitely catching up (in person) with one of my fav people EVER!

Here is a little photo-diary of my trip:

Wind turbines on the drive in.  This is when you know you've arrived!

My babies!  I brought these little succulents along for the ride (I did a little mini photoshoot with them for a DIY project coming up so they weren't totally random).  I kept calling them "my babies."  Doesn't everyone bring along their own decor to their hotels?  They should, all the cool kids are doing it!

I love the vibe at The Ace, including the interior design and signage.  

The lobby has this crazy, cool nautical robe display.  It is very picture-worthy (hence the pictures).

It looks so desolate in this picture but really there was a bumpin' pool party going on behind me.  I was lucky to snap this when people weren't out-and-about.

These bushes/flowers are spectacular!  Their color is absolutely gorgeous.  Love the grey + yellow color scheme.  I took a bunch of pictures of these plants.  I really want to know what they are...I want to fill my yard with them.

To me, the desert is all about earth tones and textures and this picture sums all that up for me.  

A girl's weekend would not be complete without a fruity-girly drink!  Yummy strawberry margarita.

Such a cool sign.  Iconic and totally picture-worthy.

Some of the suites at The Ace have private balconies with fireplaces but they also have communal fires which is awesome for girls on a budget.  After drinks in the Amigo Room, we warmed up by the fire.

Another shot of the cool lobby + cool man!

On Sunday we had brunch at Pinocchio's.  They had fun, fringe umbrellas which I definitely appreciated.

The scene of the crime...yes, I crafted in my hotel room.  Doesn't everyone?


So that was my weekend in pictures.  I have other ones that I haven't gone through or processed yet and I may put those up sometime soon as well.  Also, Elysse has behind-the-scenes pics that I may share too.  It was amazingly fun and relaxing and I loved every minute of it.  

What did you do this last weekend?  Anything fun?  I must admit that we booked this trip and didn't even realize it was the Super Bowl until a few days before leaving.  Clearly my priorities are not football.  My priorities are basically everything but football.  I imagine that many of you were doing Super Bowl related things.  Anything fun? 

Also, if for whatever reason, you want to see more of my pictures, you can see my set on Flickr.


Renegade Craft Fair, Holiday Version

As an extra little birthday treat, I got to spend part of my Sunday at the Renegade Craft Fair in LA.  I had my first Renegade experience in July and was thrilled when I discovered that there would be a holiday version and that it was around my birthday!  Renegade and Etsy have single-handedly elevated the meaning of "craft fair" for me and I love supporting independent artists and craftsman.  There are so many unique things out there and I love that Renegade/Etsy have provided an outlet for this type of work.  I went with the intention of finding a few Christmas gifts, considering I'm running a bit behind on the holiday shopping, and I did walk away with a few gifts (there were more gifts for me though!).  

The day was lovely!  My Mom and best friend Elysse are mostly to thank for this because they were great company.  Thank you both for coming and sharing the day with me.

Tomorrow I will share pictures of some of my goodies but today I have a few pictures of the fair itself.  The weather was absolutely amazing on Sunday, in the 80s I believe, and it was the perfect day to be outside (ok, maybe a little too hot).  I absolutely love the location of this park in LA, you get a great view of downtown which you will see in the pictures.  Here is my Renegade experience in photos:

They had tents this time around which I'm sure they brought in just in case it rained.  But it was nice to walk around in the shade a bit. 

I finally got to eat at a food truck!  The food truck phenomenon became a big deal once I had moved out of LA so I have missed out on this whole dining-experience-on-wheels.  After shopping, we had a delicious falafel wrap dinner from Louks.  I was actually very excited to eat this 'street food' and fortunately, it didn't disappoint.

Ok, this vendor is super cool!  The company is called Ex Libris Anonymous and they take old books and recycle the hardbound covers into notebooks.  So there are blank pages for you to fill out inside each of these.  This is a great way to give new life to old books that have probably long been forgotten.  These would make great gifts for a writer or just someone who likes to have notebooks lying around everywhere (aka me!).

Inside of the tents, Christmas lights and decorations had been hung.  I was kind of obsessed with them, hence the numerous pictures to follow.  I liked the holiday ambiance they created.  You can never go wrong hanging up some string lights...they make me happy!  

This is my last picture of the lights, I promise!

Ya, sock monkeys!  

Oops, sorry friends, I lied...here is another Christmas lights picture.  I told you, obsessed.

I like the movement in this picture.  I can feel the hustle and bustle of everyone looking around and discovering new surprises.  

And then it started to get dark and the lights really became magical!  At this point, the fair was closing and we were resting and feasting on falafel.  

Even darker.

Downtown looked even more lovely after the sun had set.  Downtown lights versus Renegade lights.

And this shot was taken when we were finally leaving.  Some of the skyscrapers had red and green lights for Christmas...so festive!

And here is one of me and Elysse!  Last time we saw each other we didn't even take a picture together so I was determined to get one this time.  Of course I forgot until it was super dark and then we had to use yucky flash.  Oh well, still cute!  Thank you bestie for sharing the day with me!

I almost forgot to mention...I picked up something super cute for my little giveaway!  One lucky reader will get a special treat so be sure to enter by leaving a comment on the giveaway post.  I will announce the winner tomorrow so comment sometime today if you haven't done so already.  I have loved reading everyone's responses to what their favorite birthday gift was.  Thank you everyone for sharing with me!

Happy Tuesday!         


Oak Glen Excursion

Hi friends! 

I am back from blog hiatus today and have a lovely post filled with all kinds of fun pictures for you.  I also have posts lined up for the rest of the week so be sure to check them out.  Lately I have been bad about blogging but the last few weeks have been busy ones for me so I have had to be a bit neglectful (not by choice of course...if I could throw loveliness at you everyday despite my schedule I totally would).  

Today I am going to recap on my fun Sunday excursion to Oak Glen, which is apple country here in Southern California.  Last year, my bestie Elysse and I headed up there for apple pie and other apple-related shenanigans and we decided to do a repeat this year (the only difference this time was the added company of Elysse's friend Mr. Tea - she picked that nickname and I rather like it so he will be referred to that from here on out).  Although there is not that much to do up in Oak Glen (especially for adults who are no longer intrigued by fake gun shows, wild west costumes, and petting zoos), I like the mountain woodsy atmosphere and with all the fall foliage, it definitely felt like autumn had arrived.  But for the most part, I go for the great company (thanks Elysse and Mr Tea!!) and the apple pie!  Last year, we got pie from Los Rios but on Sunday we decided to be adventurous and try something else in hopes of finding the best pie Oak Glen has to offer.  We chose Law's and were very happy with our choice.  The pie was really good, so good in fact that Mr. Tea and I both bought whole pies to bring home to share with others.  Here are some pie pictures:

Pie must be accompanied by ice cream.

Quickly devoured!

And the Law's sign...it is very retro but I like that about it.

Another stop on our journey was Snow Line Orchard for apple cider donuts.  Now these little donuts have kind of been a big deal to Elysse and I and we have been talking about them for awhile.  See Elysse's in-depth analysis on the apple cider donuts here.  The donuts were really good, mostly because they were super fresh (we watched them being made) and because they were covered in cinnamon and sugar (never a bad thing in my book).  There was a line out the door to get the donuts (like the country bumpkin version of Sprinkles) which we of course waited in.  Along with some cold apple cider, it was a tasty treat and we all enjoyed it.  The only downside was that Elysse wanted the donuts to taste more appley.

Cutey Elysse with the pie and then the show stopper...the apple cider (mini) donuts!

I do love them...they are delicious!

Old apple farm signage.  

The donut line...it had shrunk by the time I took this picture.

So that was our little excursion, or snack trek as Elysse would call it.  It wasn't too eventful but the company and food were great so I couldn't ask for more.  Maybe this will be a yearly jaunt that Elysse and I make and one day down the road we will be the hipster families sitting at the picnic benches with our flock of children (last year we enjoyed observing a group of families just like this and wondered if it was a sign of our futures).  

Here are some more images that capture our pleasant afternoon:

Chilled apple cider, yum!  After getting this shot I was scolded by the teenager working the cash register for taking pictures inside.  Yes, because clearly this picture is giving all of their secrets away.  How ever will they stay in business now that this picture is loose in the blogosphere?

I wanted to include these last two pictures for a couple of reasons.  One, I like all of the fall leaves and being able to see the seasons changing.  But the real reason for including them is because the picture on the right totally reminds me of Lord of the Rings.  I feel like that path exists in the Shire, no?  To me it has the same feeling as the road the hobbits are traveling on in the first movie when the ringwraiths are after them.  In that scene Frodo stares down a tree-lined path and it seems like the path is converging around him.  Ok, nerd enough for you?

Do you have any fall activities that you like doing?  Any places you escape to?  Have you tried delicious apple cider donuts?