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The Best Illustration EVER

Hi friends! Just a quick post today since I'm busy trying to get a couple things done this week. I wanted to share a couple of finds from my Renegade visit in December. I mostly bought paper products this time around, including the two lovelies I'm going to share today from talented local illustrator Nan Lawson. Her style is so quirky and fun and I definitely recommend checking out her Etsy shop stocked full of her unique prints. There are a couple others I have my eye on too...I just don't think I can live without them. But among Nan's large collection of illustrations, I found the absolute best print I have EVER seen. And I bought it. And it makes me so happy.

Now to some of you this may just be a man with a mustache eating bacon and eggs. But to me this man is Ron Swanson, the meat-loving parks department director in the show Parks and Recreation. This show is a favorite of mine (I never miss it) and Ron has to be one of the best comedic characters ever written. His dry sense of humor is quite perfect. Does anyone else watch Parks and Rec? Does anyone else love Ron Swanson as much as me?

I was overjoyed to see that Nan commemorated Ron in such a great way, with his bacon and eggs. She has done other movie and tv show characters also, like Harry Potter characters, Harold & Maude, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, and others that you can find in her shop.  

On a different note, I also found this print from Nan which is much more sweet and girly...

She draws all of her people with rosy cheeks which I think is adorable. Even Ron Swanson got rosy cheeks. 

Just a few pictures today friends. Happy Wednesday!


Etsy Finds 05.03.11

Hi friends and happy Tuesday!  Today I want to share some recent Etsy finds that have caught my eye and been added to my favorites folder.  Sharing the items that I find inspiring is so much more fun than hoarding them away in a folder and hopefully I can introduce you to new artists and artwork and increase your love for handmade goodies in the process.  There is so much talent on Etsy and like my other love Pinterest, I use Etsy as a tool for not only buying gifts but for finding pretty images that spark my own creativity.  So without further ado, here are a few items that I am loving right now.

Lots and lots of pretty things, no?  And the colors are definitely a spring palette that I am drawn towards right now.  

The first shop is vesselsandwares by artist Jeanette Zeis.  If you love little cupcake stands, well look no further.  This shop is full of beautiful ceramics that have amazingly intricate details and even more awesome colors.  Lots of pastels...perfect for spring!  If you are planning a wedding, I highly recommend a few of these stands for your dessert table.  Or use them as a decor element to display some of your favorite knickknacks.  I could not resist Jeanette's work (she is a great Etsy seller to deal with too) and purchased my own mini stand a few weeks ago.  I will be unveiling its beauty soon in a photoshoot but until then I love having it on display.

handmade item pictured: 10" ruffle cake stand

Hideminy is another fabulous ceramics shop with intricate, lovely details.  Her work looks so light and delicate with the lace patterns on them.  We usually associate lace with the past, a vintage detail that was loved by our grandmas.  I love lace but usually it lacks that modern feel.  These porcelain dishes feel very modern but still have that old-time detailing which handmade lovers can really appreciate.  

handmade item pictured: porcelain lace cup  

And now for some dreamy photography, something that is easily found in a place for twiggs's shop.  This talented photographer hails from Lisbon, Portugal and she has a great blog where she shares more about her adventures and pretty pictures.  Her work includes up-close detail shots like the one pictured here as well as romantic European scenes.  All of her photographs makes me want to pack up my bags and head off to Europe on an adventure.  Beauty really lies in the details and her flower shots remind me of that.

handmade item pictured: Softness 5x5 photograph

Next I want to share the inspirational work of a talented children's book illustrator Sarah Jane.  Her shop Sarah Jane Studios is filled with little prints that are really precious and that capture the beauty of childhood.  She did a series of "Children Around the World" where she highlighted 12 major cities, including Amsterdam, Paris, London, and Tokyo.  I absolutely love the Amsterdam print with the bike, the cheerful colors and simple design.  Although Sarah sticks to children's books, her work would make wonderful wedding invitations and paper goods, similar in style to Anna Bond's work.

handmade item pictured: Amsterdam fine art print  


Treasured Editions makes some of the prettiest paper flowers I have ever seen.  Wait, they might actually be THE prettiest.  The artist Wanda, puts so much detail into these crepe paper creations.  They are hand painted even!  I really am in awe of their beauty and think this is a perfect option for the bride wanting faux flowers.  And after the wedding these flowers can adorn your home for an extended period of time.  

handmade item pictured: vintage-inspired crepe paper flowers

Last, but certainly not least, are Katie Daisy's illustrations in her shop The Wheat Field.  These prints are perfect for spring with bright colors and floral motifs.  And a lot of her work has fun, inspirational sayings on them like the print pictured.  These illustrations make for perfect birthday or house warming gifts because everything is so cheerful!

handmade item pictured: Wander poster

What did you think of my roundup today?  Are you feeling inspired and eager to create?  I know I am...I'm off to go make up some handmade goodies now.  Bye friends!