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My Week Through Instagram: Week Five

Happy Saturday friends! How is your weekend treating you? I just had a yummy margarita after a productive day so things are looking good here. We just finished week five in 2012! Can you believe it? I say bring on February. Here is what week five looked like for me.

Sunday: So many trees near my house are in bloom. I think they're beautiful but I'm worried that they are blooming too soon. I mean it's technically still winter. 

Monday: Blue skies, puffy clouds, palm trees...it doesn't get anymore Southern California than that.

Tuesday: While styling for a DIY project, I incorporated this dried baby's breath. I feel like I want to experiment with dried flowers more often now.

Wednesday: I put together these simple wood hearts for some packaging inspiration. Sometimes you just need a few elements to make something beautiful.

Thursday: I got to create another 'I Carry Your Heart' embroidery hoop for a special Etsy customer.

Friday: Using mini envelopes for a Valentines DIY. Mini envelopes are really the best!

Saturday: I was putting together a Valentine's project today and I needed to find heart lollipops. It took me awhile to find these but they were worth the wait. Pink + cute sayings! Find them at Target.

What did your week look like?

Follow me on instagram if you like. My username is laurenelisecrafted. Or see all of my pictures on the computer through Followgram. Happy weekend! 


Whisker Graphics January DIY: Watercolor Valentine's Cards

Happy Friday everyone! Another week in January has rushed by. Once again this morning I am glued to my Twitter feed watching the Alt Summit updates. Has anyone else been following along? I have pages of notes so far and all kinds of good advice. How great is it to not even attend the conference but still get all this fabulous inspiration? Way to be all over Twitter Alt people!

Today I am sharing a second Whisker Graphics DIY. Yesterday I shared my pompom flower tutorial which is quite possibly the easiest project I have ever shared here. It takes all of five minutes and you need four materials to make it work. Check that one out if you are undertaking any packaging soon.

Since January is rushing by and Valentine's Day is just around the corner I decided to make up a quick card concept that also incorporated watercolors (something I'm currently pretty into). These cards would be a great alternative to store-bought Valentine's for the kid's school parties. But also feminine and sophisticated for adults too.

All you need for this project is watercolor paper, watercolor paints & paintbrush, scissors, small Bitty Bags (I used the notebook & grid varieties), some Divine Twine, and a letter stamp kit and pad. You can freehand cut a heart or you can use this heart template I made up. 

After cutting the hearts out of watercolor paper, I painted them with a light wash of red paint, doing an ombre effect of light to dark (practice on scrap paper beforehand). I let the cards dry before stamping them with cute messages. You could fill out a personal message on the back if you so desired. I then packaged them in a Bitty Bag and tied with a bit of twine. The heart confetti is an option too. 

What are you doing for your Valentine's cards this year? Do you even make them usually? I have to admit I haven't made them since becoming an adult but these sweet watercolor versions inspire me to write up a few to send to my closest loved ones. Everyone likes to hear that someone is thinking about them and loves them. 

To see this post on Whisker Graphics and to check out other great DIY projects, visit the Whisker Graphics blog. Have a great weekend everyone!


Whisker Graphics December DIY...a little late

Happy Thursday friends! I am back blogging today. Yesterday I took the day off to go on strike to protest the internet censorship bills SOPA and PIPA. Apparently it was a huge success and thousands of people got involved. What an awesome community! If you want to learn more and educate yourself on all the buzz check out the Stop American Censorship website.

This post is going up a bit late today. I have been glued to my computer watching the Twitter feed for Alt Summit. Alt is a design bloggers conference that they hold in Salt Lake City every year. I was glued to my computer last year too, trying to live vicariously through everyone's tweets. Sadly I've missed it this year and once again I'm at home, watching Twitter...hopefully 2013 will be different. If you're any kind of blogger looking for business and blogging advice, follow the stream. All kinds of great tidbits are popping up there.

Today I want to highlight my Whisker Graphics December DIY. I was a bad blogger in December and I just couldn't get the project done in time with all the work I had to do. But to make up for it, I've done two projects for January. I'll share the second project tomorrow but for today, let me show you how to make an easy paper pompom flower.

Yes, I know you can go out and buy gift toppers but what's the fun in that? This one is homemade and it's super easy. I made the flowers out of Whisker Graphics Bitty Bags which are a waxy, glassine material. I used one bag, some scissors, a pencil, and double stick tape to make the flower. That's all you need!

Cut four circles out of the Bitty Bags. My circles were about 3.5" in diameter but different sizes would work too. Mark a smaller circle in the middle, like what is shown above. Then fringe the edges. Cut little strips from the outer circle to the inner circle, leaving the center as is. 

Then just put double stick tape in the centers and press all four circles together. And finally, fluff up the fringe to give it volume and make it flower-like. Stick it to a present, add some twine, and then gift to a friend. Easiest ever gift wrapping...and it was all made by you!

I used a few of the Bitty Bag colors to demonstrate different looks for the pompom. I think I'll need to try this technique with tissue paper next and see how that looks. Maybe even wrapping paper? I like the look of patterned paper to give the pompom some variety and not just a single, solid color.

This might become a go-to wrapping technique for me simply because it is so easy. All you really need are a few adornments and you're good to go. Packaging doesn't need to be hard to be cute and special. What are your favorite packaging techniques? Are they quick and easy like this idea? What are your favorite materials? 

I'll post the link to the Whisker Graphics post when it goes live.


Lovely Package Gift Exchange

Happy Monday all! To start the week off right I have some more lovely packaging to share. At the end of last year I participated in Danni of Oh, Hello Friend's Lovely Package Gift Exchange. The gift exchange is such a fun idea (maybe I'll start a Crafted one this year...hmm, what do you think?) because it can connect creative bloggers from around the country. It helps introduce you to new friends and new blogs and it just helps foster this community of like-minded individuals. Now who doesn't want to be a part of a community like that? You don't need to be close in proximity to feel connected to people (thank you internet) and that's exactly why I wanted to participate myself. 

I was paired with the lovely France of Banana Fish Studio (check out her blog and say hi) and I was so happy to get to know her and send her pretty presents. She also spoiled me and sent a gift box full of treasures that I opened like a giddy school girl on Christmas Day. Thank you France so much for your thoughtful gifts. Before I sent off my presents I snapped some pictures (literally the last pictures before my camera went kaput) since the whole point of this gift exchange was to highlight the packaging. Here is what I wrapped up special for the exchange:

In emails France mentioned that she liked crochet. Now I can't actually crochet myself (hopefully I'll learn soon) but I found this beautiful vintage one in a local antique store. It was too pretty not to highlight.

When I utilize my striped bags from Whisker Graphics there isn't too much more I have to do. The bags are so cute on their own that all I need to add is some twine and a tag. Super simple packaging done right!

Fun details - stamps, gold paper clips, washi tape, glassine bags...

I found these vintage tart tins while antique shopping and filled one up with small goodies and sealed it with a clear plastic bag and some bakers twine. The tart tins would be perfect for holding small desk accessories, like paper clips or push pins. Hopefully France can repurpose it into something unique.

I found a mini mustard stapler while antiquing (on the right). Even the staples were mini. I thought it was so perfect, especially for a vintage paper lover like France. I hope she liked it.

Vintage postcard love.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these pretty packages today. I really enjoyed wrapping them up and sending them off to a new blog friend. Have a great week everyone! I have all kinds of great stuff to post in the next few days so check back in. 


DIY New Year's Good Luck Card

Hi everyone and happy Thursday! It's five days into the new year. Are we feeling good? Is 2012 treating us all nicely? So far I'm pretty pumped about it but it might have to do with all the nice weather we're having in Southern California lately. It has been in the mid-80s the last few days, no joke. I feel bad for my friend in New York who has had highs of 26. If I could I would send over some of our heat to the East Coast, we could spare a few degrees.

Today I'm excited to share the first DIY project of 2012! Yipee! I wanted the project to revolve around the new year and since I had good luck symbols on my brain because of my recent Houzz ideabook, I decided to make a little good luck card that you could send out to friends and family. This card is pretty simple and not too labor intensive. Pigs are known as lucky symbols so I incorporated a little gold pig into this card as a fun surprise for the recipients.

Sidenote + update on my Nikon d40x camera (you probably don't care but I'm including it anyway): I mentioned a few days ago that my dSLR was experiencing some technical difficulties and it is now packaged up (wrapped in layer upon layer of bubble wrap) ready to go back to Nikon for servicing. Without it I feel a bit lost but obviously this is a step that needs to be taken if I ever want to use it again. These pictures were taken with my Mom's Canon point and shoot, a nice camera but clearly not quite the quality I'm used to. Thanks Mom for letting me borrow it. So please bare with me while my baby gets fixed.

Alright so back to the DIY. Here are the materials that I used:

* white cardstock * glassine bag (4.5 x 7.25) * gold paper clip * label maker (I found mine on Etsy) + black dymo tape * plastic pig * letter stamp (mine is this one) + stamp pad * scissors * glitter tape (it's this stuff but I got it at Michaels, called Recollections Glitter Tape) * confetti if desired * paper edge rounder punch * small manila tag * jute twine * gold acrylic paint + brush

1. Cut a piece of white cardstock down to size so it fits into the glassine bag.

2. Round the corners with a punch if so desired.

3. Cut a piece of the glitter tape and then notch the ends to get a banner effect.

4. Use the label maker to spell out 'happy new year' on black dymo tape.

5. Notch the ends of the dymo tape as well and then stick to the cardstock, layering over the glitter tape.

6. Spell out 'for good luck' with the custom letter stamp and stamp the message onto the small manila tag.

7. On the back side of the cardstock, fill out your New Year's message to loved ones.

8. Paint the plastic pig with gold acrylic paint. I recommend two coats. Allow dry time between each coat.

9 & 10. Use jute twine to tie the manila tag to the gold pig. Place the pig into the glassine bag along with the cardstock and confetti (if desired).

All packaged up, your good luck card should look something like this:

The confetti makes the package fun and more like a surprise treat for the recipients although I understand the annoyances of cleaning it up. But how can you resist it?!

So what do you think? Would you send out New Year's cards? With the hustle and bustle of the holidays it can be hard to get cards out during those busy months. I like the idea of New Year's cards because they're sort of different and unexpected but also easier on you because you can put them together once the craziness ends. 

I hope you all enjoyed my first DIY of 2012. It felt good to get crafty again and back into the routine. My DIYs got pretty sparse towards the end of the year. I am definitely looking forward to making up some crafty creations to share here and out in the rest of the blogosphere. 

Have a great day!