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Pinterest Picks, Vol. VI Shop Love

Hi readers! I am blogging two days in a row now so I am a bit excited. Tomorrow I plan to blog too and go for three days in a row. I haven't had that kind of consistency in a few weeks. Eek! It's the little things.

Today I have a roundup of some recent pins for another installment Pinterest Picks. This time I've created a theme of 'shop love' and all these pictures are snapshots into the world of small, independent boutique stores. Small shops, especially local ones, have such charm and can hold so much more meaning than big chains. The shops I highlighted for today all have a beautiful and simple aesthetic which is so pleasing to me. Simple design, neutral colors, unique details. We'll start off with a shop in Barcelona:

Cup & Cake

Barcelona, Spain

This bakery looks like the perfect retreat since the interior is so light and airy. The wood floors and counter tops are the perfect compliment to the white and neutral color palette. But my favorite detail just might be that outdoor window seat with the pillows. They have created a peaceful oasis in the middle of lively and spirited Barcelona.

Mungo & Maud

London, England

image via Remodelista

When I first pinned this image, I just noticed the beautiful bowls at the bottom and assumed it was a pottery shop. But then the dog bone-stamped bags confused me and called for further investigation. Mungo and Maud appears to be the most hip, chic dog supply store out there. The contents may be for pets but the environment catches the attention of the owners. It appears the tabletops and shelving are made from reclaimed wood and those imperfections give it a hint of rustic charm.

Pizzeria Farina

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

image via Scout Magazine

It is hard to go wrong with kraft paper, especially one that is conveniently hanging from a rolling dispenser. I have seen this detail as a menu in a few restaurants now but it has yet to get old. It seems so ingenious to me. The handwriting is personal and the opportunity to switch out the menu easily when it changes is just practical. I also like the hanging crates on the wall of Pizzeria Farina which appear to hold glasses and jars of sauce.

Makr Carry Goods

Winter Park, Florida, USA

image via Grain and Gram

I just discovered these beautiful and simple products by Makr but am even more captivated by the brand now that I've seen their amazing workspace. It looks like such a collaborative environment with big, open tables where people are shown working together. And just a wealth of inspiration, shelves and pictures frames appear to be full of curiosities. 

Do you have any local shops that inspire you? I must say I wish these four were in my neighborhood. I would be a regular.


Pinterest Picks, Vol. V

Happy Friday friends! Another week has gone by and once again the weekend is upon us. Do you have any fun plans for the next few days? I am in the process of writing an article for Houzz about gardening and springtime flowers so I have that on the brain. And I have been pinning a lot of floral and plant inspiration over on Pinterest lately so I thought I might share a few DIYs I've discovered around the blogosphere that would make for the perfect weekend project. Just a few ideas to kickstart some creativity this weekend. If you want to get your hands dirty (and I mean literally if you are planting something) you might want to start with these simple techniques.

Mini Jar Terrariums // photography & styling by my friend Jenny of Hank & Hunt // via Hellobee

Dull & Shiny Planter // photography & styling by AshleyAnn Photography // via DesignSponge

Metallic Can Vases // styling by my good friends at Valley & Co. // photography by Elle G. Photography

I especially love the last project because it is so, so easy. Just grab a few cans out of your recycle, dab some paint on them and you have an instant new piece of decor. Isn't it amazing how much of an impact you can make with something so inconsequential? Like something you would normally throw out? We are lucky to have so "much" in our lives. I think, when we can, it is crucial to repurpose.

Have a lovely weekend! 


Pinterest Picks, Vol. IV

Happy new week friends! I know I have a busy one ahead getting caught up on things that I slacked on last week because family was visiting. How about yourself? I thought I would start us off this Monday with some color inspiration that I have been pinning over on Pinterest. Our sunny, clear, shorts-wearing weather has vanished today and it is instead cloudy and windy. The moody weather has encouraged me to create some moody palettes with deeper and richer hues. I tend to gravitate toward light colors, pastels, and neutrals but occasionally you need to throw in something a little more bold. I think these palettes are a nice mix of both.

1 // lovefool416 on Flickr  (this makes me want to drink another cup of morning tea)

2 // Taverne Agency, styling by Sibella Court & photography by Mikkel Vang (both Sibella & Mikkel have amazing portfolios, check them both out for more lovely pictures)

3 // Roost via Anthology Magazine (food stylist and photographer Caitlin creates the most beautiful images and I love how she contrasts light and dark in her shots - the food looks yummy too and you would never guess that her recipes are grain, gluten, sugar, lactose, and starch free)

What colors are inspiring you lately?

If you want to follow my pins and see more of the things that are inspiring me, here is my Pinterest profile and boards. Have a colorful day!


Pinterest Picks, Vol. III

Happy Thursday blog friends! Did everyone enjoy my DIY yesterday? It's kicking off a few more Valentines inspired projects to come so sit tight for those.

Today I wanted to bring back Pinterest Picks since it has been quite awhile since the last one. Pinterest is a daily detour for me. Usually I visit a handful of times a day and get lost for a bit. I wanted to share a few things that I have been pinning lately, mostly to show some of the color palettes that are inspiring me right now. My favorite colors can change daily but there is definitely a spot in my heart for subtle hues and neutrals.

1 // studio juju (lovely modern design)

2 // Country Living, photo credit J. Muckle/Studio D, pinned by Arlene { Emmy Lu Design Studio } (she has some fabulous pins!)

3 // Potter & Butler (beautiful Etsy shop for party goods)

mini rant: So the second image was pinned from a Tumblr and of course, being Tumblr, there is no image credit that can be found. I bet I'm preaching to the choir here but who hasn't been irritated by Tumblr's lack of crediting? It is so frustrating for bloggers who actually want to link properly. Tumblr users need to be more responsible. I think Pinterest users are getting better and usually I can find sources (it might take me awhile but I usually succeed). Lesson: it's important to give credit where credit is due. End rant. Sorry it was on my mind. {update} Thank you so much to my fabulous reader ashtronautk for discovering the original source of the second image!

Alright, back to the pretty color palettes! What colors are you being inspired by lately? I know bright colors are in for spring but these subtle shades seem so timeless to me. And the unexpected pops of color keep it all feeling fresh. 

If you want to follow my pins and see more of the things that are inspiring me, here is my Pinterest profile and boards. Have a colorful day!


Pinterest Picks, Vol. II

Sorry for the lack of blogging this week.  I am busy getting ready for my DIY class this Saturday (you can still sign up to attend...enter the giveaway here!) as well as trying to get regular work done as well.  Time flies!  I was busy on Pinterest the other day looking for some lace inspiration so I decided to do a little roundup here of my favorites.  Lace things are really lovely and they usually have that vintage and feminine touch that I love.  These lacey things are no exception.

source: Oh, Hello Friend :: photography: Christian Cruz & Hope Feathers :: lace decorations: Ruby of Cakies

These lace decorations were just a smidgen of the beauty that was seen throughout Danni (of Oh, Hello Friend) & Nick's wedding.  I am in love with these lace chandeliers.  This would be an easy DIY (just glue ribbons of lace to an embroidery hoop and hang) and an unexpected way to use lace in your party or everyday decor.  The color variation is nice too.  You could tea-stain the lace to get different hues.

found via: Once Wed :: photography: Polly Alexandre

In keeping with the wedding theme, this lace dress is absolutely stunning.  The back is so dramatic, lovely, and delicate.  The dress is by Elie Saab, the Elie Collection, and I must admit that this bride sells this dress for me.  I'm not as impressed with it on the model.  Polly Alexandre's pictures and styling definitely don't hurt either.  These flowy sleeves are really dreamy and anything-but typical, which I really appreciate.

found via: Creature Comforts :: source: Sodapop Design

And now for something DIY and crafty...this doily print bowl is the perfect lacey touch.  Unfortunately I am very unfamiliar with clay-making but projects like this make me want to experiment.  I think you could try a bunch of different items and leave impressions in the clay for different textured looks.  This little bowl would make the perfect handmade gift.

found via: The Art Room Plant :: source: Emilie Faif  

Ok, major swoon-fest happening over here.  How beautiful are these globes?  I envision hanging these above your bed so that every time you wake up you are greeted by these dreamy lace clouds.  This is actually an art installation done by Emilie Faif, a Parisian textile artist.  Check out her portfolio.  I love her installations and that she makes sculptural pieces out of needle and thread.  But wouldn't these globes be amazing for use in a wedding?!

found via: Style Me Pretty :: photography: Michael & Anna Costa :: cake: Sweet & Saucy Shop :: design & styling: Joy De Vivre Wedding Design & Coordination

This cake definitely falls into the category of too-pretty-to-eat.  The lace detailing is so intricate and I cannot even imagine how much time went into it.  I also love that it is yellow.  The Sweet & Saucy Shop always wows me with their cake designs.  I think they are consistently coming up with new ideas that are so original and beautiful.

source: romanticPINK, Lace Princess Sticky Tape

I think this lace tape needs to be my next craft packaging purchase.  This would look perfect on presents wrapped in kraft paper.  Also, this Etsy shop, romanticPINK is filled with all kinds of goodies, basically I'm in craft heaven, so check it out.  

found via: A Desert Fete :: source: Nespoon 

Nespoon is the work of a street artist and this lace doily installation was one that was done at Oak Beach on the Baltic Sea.  I love this project and it really intrigues me but there is something eerie about it too...I think because it reminds me of spider webs.  But I would love to be strolling along the beach and find something like this.  I wish there was more street installation art where I lived but sadly in the suburbs of Southern California, it is not too common.  

I hope you enjoyed my lace inspiration today.  Happy Wednesday!