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Inventory: Custom Letter Stamp Kit

Today I am introducing a new feature to the blog called Inventory where I highlight some of my favorite craft supplies and products...basically the things I cannot live without in my work.  When I search blogs for inspiration I commonly wonder what certain artists or crafters are using to make their creations.  What tools do they find most valuable for their craft?  I also really like studio tours and behind-the-scenes pictures and like seeing the creative spaces of other professionals.  I am inspired by all this so I have decided to share what I have in my inventory of supplies.  I don't believe in keeping my process a secret because nothing I do is completely original...all the crafting techniques I use have been seen before and will be seen again.  So I may as well share and hopefully inspire or encourage some readers in the process.  

As a side note: The items that I will feature here are just my personal preferences and by no means do they represent a perfect item.  Maybe something that works for me won't work for you and your projects.  I recommend trying things out and seeing what supplies you like best.  Message me or leave a comment if you have any questions about anything you see featured.

And as a second side note: I am not being compensated for featuring these items.  My intent for sharing is not for personal reasons (I am not looking to gain anything) but to hopefully help my readers in their creative process.  I have learned a lot from other bloggers who are willing to share and I am wanting to give back and do the same.  

So for my first I-can't-live-without-this item...

The 2000 Plus Custom Stamp Kit!  A few people have actually emailed me asking about which letter stamps I use so I knew I had to officially introduce this baby here on the blog.  It runs around $30 but in my opinion, it is totally worth it.  I have used it countless times for packaging, wedding DIY projects, and even my business cards so to say the least, I've gotten my money's worth.  The one I've linked to is from Staples but I bought mine at Office Depot so I recommend checking around for it and finding the best price.  Here is what is included in the kit:

So you get two sizes of letters.  The small ones are pretty small and even though I have occasionally used them, I use the larger ones more.  You get two wood handles, the larger one giving you up to seven lines of text.  The included tweezers are definitely valuable because the letters are tiny and it helps in arranging them.  Even with the tweezers, the rubber letters can tend to "jump" away from you (I've lost a 'D' and a 'V' sadly) so arranging the text is not the quickest endeavour.  Yes, it takes a little patience but once you have the letters in place you can stamp until your heart is content.  So this kit works great for items you're stamping in bulk, like DIY business cards.  The stamp pad is also included but it isn't anything special.  I prefer Martha Stewart's line of ink pads.

So the slight downside is having to arrange the letters but I think the versatility of this kit makes up for that.  You can essentially say anything you want.  Like all letter kits, it has only so many of each letter so it could get tricky if you are trying to spell out an entire sentence, that has a bunch of 'e's in it for example.  But I haven't encountered too many problems.  I think the kit gives you sufficient vowels and popular letters.  It also comes with numbers and a bunch of symbols, even letters with tildes for Spanish words.  

Are you dying to see this baby in action now?  Here are a handful of examples where I used this stamp kit.  

I stamped the words "cozy" and "yummy" onto this shipping tag for my s'mores kit DIY project that I did for Valley and Co last year.

This is a custom s'mores kit that I am working on right now.  I stamped the couple's names and wedding date.  

Here is another example of stamping on a shipping tag.  This was a DIY project that I did for Postcards & Pretties, a mason jar save the date.  The tag wasn't the main focus of the project but it provided a nice detail for packaging purposes.

And for something a little different, stamping on a spool.  This project has yet to be revealed so this is a mini sneak peek.

I stamped this tag for my brother at Christmas time for some simple present wrapping.

Ok, so clearly I like stamping on shipping tags because here is another example.  This escort card DIY was featured on Emmaline Bride last year.  The dates were done with a date stamp but the names were stamped with this kit. But the dates could easily be stamped with this kit as well.  

I may have stamped a lot of tags but you can use this kit for cards or stamp text onto fabric.  Like I said, it is a very versatile tool and one that I love having in my studio.  

What do you think of this stamp?  Is it something you would use?  Have you found something that works better?  As always, I would love to hear everyone's thoughts.