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Whisker Graphics September DIY

Last week my September DIY for Whisker Graphics was posted and sadly I didn't post about it here on my blog the same day.  But I'm happy to share it with you today and show you how to spruce up some old glass jars using a bit of Divine Twine.

Only a few materials are needed for this project: a glass jar, bakers twine, and hot glue.  I used an old spice jar I found in my cabinet.  The label was being very stubborn and not wanting to come off so I just used the twine to conceal it.  Problem solved!  Periodically place little dabs of hot glue around the bottle and start placing the twine and wrapping as you go.  I used a similar technique for a previous Knotty Bride DIY where I wrapped jute twine around mason jars.  Check out the picture directions in that post for more crafting advice.  

Usually there are some very beautiful things growing in my garden and sometimes it is nice to bring the outdoors in to display.  These little jars are perfect for displaying small buds and any other recent discoveries.  Or you can turn them into individual party favors for your next small, backyard gathering or hand them out to loved ones as "just because" gifts.  

See the full post on the Whisker Graphics blog and be sure to check out the other great DIYs that are shared weekly.  

I hope you enjoyed this DIY tutorial today.  I'll be back next month with another Whisker Graphics project.  Happy Thursday friends! 


Whisker Graphics August DIY

Another month has passed (wow!) and that means another Whisker Graphics DIY that I get to share with you all.  If you haven't heard, I am part of the Whisker Graphics Design Team which shares original DIY ideas twice a week over on the WG blog.  All of us seven ladies are working with the same materials, Divine Twine, Bitty Bags, and the other stickers and digital downloads available in the Whisker Graphics shop.  But despite starting with the same materials, we all come up with such different ways to craft with them.  It is such an inspiring project to be a part of and so I have to give a big shout out to all the other ladies who are involved.  If you're looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out each of their respective blogs:

:: Ashley N. Newell 

:: Ashley Harris

:: Carly Robertson

:: Jenny Dixon

:: Keisha Campbell

:: Michelle Philippi

So for my August project I used just a few materials to make some cute treat or favor bags.  

From Whisker Graphics, I used their Striped Bitty Bags in aqua and pink and also the orange and blueberry Divine Twine.  I filled the bags with treats and then tied them shut with the twine.  Finally I made some fabric buttons with the Dritz button cover kit (I found mine at Joanns) and fabric scraps in complimentary colors.  The buttons are super easy to make and the kit comes with everything you need.  You can glue or double stick tape the buttons onto the bags.  Or glue a pin back to the button so that your guests can wear them as pins once they have enjoyed their treat.

Be sure to check out the Whisker Graphics blog to see this post today.  I will be back next month with another creation.  Any suggestions on what I should make?  Maybe I will do something wedding related for September.  I will definitely be in wedding-mode next month.  I have my friend's wedding where I will be the maid of honor as well as a client's wedding who am helping do different handmade decor elements.  Busy, busy this coming month!

Thanks for stopping by today.  Happy Thursday! 


Whisker Graphics July DIY

Just last week I (excitedly) made the announcement that I was a part of the Whisker Graphics Design Team and would be doing a monthly project over on the Whisker Graphics blog.  Today (even more excited) I get to show you my first DIY that got posted earlier in the day.

I decided to start this thing off using one of my latest craft obsessions, airmail bakers twine.  I have gushed about my love affair with it before and in no way is the love lessening.  It is a packaging essential to me, especially when paired with airmail washi tape (yum!) like I did in this project.  

The inspiration behind this was to encourage all of us (me included) to create our own cards and write more hand-written notes to loved ones.  This DIY is proof that you can make something quickly that is still cute and has great design and you definitely don't need to spend a fortune doing it either.  I made this card in about 10 minutes.  I wanted manila colored paper so I actually just cut up an old filing folder (recycling).  I punched a few indents in the paper with a hole punch and wrapped the twine around.  A rubber stamp set was used to customize the card with a message.  And...that's it!  Fill out the back with a quick note and pop in the mail.  Whoever receives it will feel so special.  

Receiving little notes that let you know someone is thinking about you are so important.  I remember there were a few times when my Mom taped a note to the bathroom mirror or wrote something and left it in my lunch box when I was little.  Those are the best!  Thanks Mom!  Do you leave little notes or messages to loved ones?  If not, hopefully this post will encourage you to make a few cards.  I write this as a reminder mostly for myself...I always intend to write more letters but I get distracted and busy and then I don't do it.  I need to change this.

See my full post up on the Whisker Graphics blog.

Happy Thursday!  


Whisker Graphics Design Team

I am really excited to share with you one of my new ventures today.  In the coming months you will be seeing DIY projects that I am creating exclusively for Whisker Graphics.  Whitney Beard, the creative mastermind behind the oh-so-wonderful Divine Twine, recently contacted me and asked if I wanted to be a part of her Design Team, a group that will be creating inspirational projects with her products.  I am a huge fan of Divine Twine and Bitty Bags and figured it wouldn't be too hard for me to make up some DIYs for Whitney since I use these items so often in my work anyway.  I am always looking for ways to encourage my own creativity and so I jumped at the opportunity to work with Whitney.  I will be joined by six other fabulous ladies who will be helping bring fresh new projects to Whisker Graphics blog readers all month.  Check out the introduction post to see the rest of the team.  

As I said, I use Divine Twine very often in my DIYs and personal work.  It is just simple twine but still so cute and it gives a hint of vintage bakery to your packaging and paper goods.  I have a few colors on hand in my personal collection but hope to acquire a few more because I can't get enough packaging supplies.  Seriously, I think I have a problem.  Anything packaging, I need to have.  You guys understand my addiction right?

So here is a little roundup of some of my past projects that involved Divine Twine to get you pumped for my upcoming projects.  Do you remember these babies?

My first DIY project I ever did.  Vintage postcards with embroidered belly bands...complete with twine!

On the left is some of my twine from my craft class.  On the right, some s'mores favors that I made for a little boy's cowboy birthday party.  Image by Nicole Leone Photography.

My s'mores favors DIY that I created for Valley & Co last year.  A hint of red and white twine there at the bottom.

Inspirational workspace image...I haven't shared this one yet.  Other than the red twine, I also have grey, pink, and most recently the airmail twine.  It's all so yummy!

Are you a big fan of Divine Twine and packaging like me?  Do you have any suggestions for what I should make in the coming months?  Any suggestions are welcome.  What would you like to see?

My first project will be coming soon and I can't wait to share it with you.  Happy Wednesday friends! 

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