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Simple & Rustic Wood Block Candelabra DIY

Today I am excited to share my own take on the classic candelabra in this DIY project that I created specially for Houzz. I transformed a basic wood block from Home Depot into a rich and rustic base that is a display for thin taper candles. I wanted the materiality to be the prominent feature and have the simple, clean lines of the design take a back seat to the striking wood grain which I enhanced with a walnut stain. I love minimalist designs and wanted this candelabra to reflect that. But there is such a beauty in warm hues and I thought the rustic wood adds that aesthetic to this project quite perfectly.

It was such a journey trying to find these long, thin tapers. Online is an easy resource but I was trying to source them locally. I ran around to a handful of different shops but I kept coming up short. Finally I had success at a party supply store called Party City. The candles were actually longer even and I had to chop them down. They were worth the frenzied search though. They look great paired with this walnut-stained block.

See how to make this project on Houzz:

This Modern DIY Candelabra Is the Envy of the Block

I plan to share some family dinners gathered around this candelabra eating out on our deck. A meal by candlelight under a starry sky sounds like a great way to spend summer evenings, don't you think? What are some of the DIYs you have planned for the summer? 


Rustic Woodsy Save the Date

So remember when I created this woodland inspired DIY for The Knotty Bride?  You do!  Well, that forest/mushroom/deer tablescape inspired me to create something else within the rustic, woodland theme.  I settled on save the dates because it is sort of "save the date season" right now with all the summer weddings in the works.  

Bunting + wood details + painted deer = yeah, I'm kind of in love with this!  What I really love about the project, is that when you paint the dark brown acrylic paint on the wood, it almost looks natural, like you etched in the names or burnt them into the wood.  

And yes, I included a little deer again!  The deer-craze continues.  But I definitely don't plan to have more anytime soon so soak up the deer goodness now...you won't appreciate them until they're gone.

See the full tutorial and all of the pictures on The Knotty Bride

Have you been eyeing all of the cute wood pieces, like the birch slices and little stand that I propped the save the date up on?  Wanting to get your hands on those babies and craft some woodsy projects yourself?  I bought these items from The Vermont Branch Company.  They have a fabulous little shop on Etsy filled with all kinds of great woodsy-ness.  They have a bunch of great decor items for weddings so if you're planning a rustic event, be sure and stop by.  They have great prices and their customer services is amazing.  I even asked for a few little adjustments on my order and they were completely willing to make what I wanted.  Buying from a family company like this is so much easier than cutting your own wood slices, right? 

I even bought this little tree that I'm using as decor in my studio:

It makes me happy with its adorableness!

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I hope you all enjoy this crafty DIY.